Big Brother 25 Spoilers Week 10 Nominations

Big Brother 25 Spoilers Week 10 Nominations

In Week 10 of Big Brother 25, the Head of Household (HOH), Bowie Jane, made her nominations for eviction. Bowie Jane nominated two houseguests for eviction: Cirie Fields and Felicia Cannon. This marked the first time Cirie was on the chopping block, while Felicia narrowly avoided eviction the previous week. Bowie Jane’s decision to nominate these two houseguests came after she felt betrayed by them earlier in the game when they kept her in the dark about a previous eviction.

Although it appears that Felicia and Cirie are Bowie’s targets, other houseguests have different ideas about who should be evicted this week. Cameron Hardin suggested backdooring Cory Wurtenberger if they can’t eliminate Felicia, while Cory had his own ideas. The Power of Veto competition and ceremony will determine Bowie’s next move, and this week promises to be filled with excitement as houseguests jockey for their positions in the game. As the game progresses, alliances and strategies continue to shift, making each week unpredictable for both the houseguests and viewers. The live feeds and upcoming episodes will reveal the final outcome of this week’s events in Big Brother 25.

Who is Head of Household this Week on Big Brother 25?

In Week 10 of Big Brother 25, the Head of Household, or HOH, is Bowie Jane. She earned this position by winning a quiz competition called the “Humili-gram,” where she answered all the questions correctly and even triumphed in a tiebreaker against Felicia. This victory marked Bowie Jane’s first HOH win of the season, and it gave her the power to make important decisions in the game.

As the HOH for this week, Bowie Jane has the responsibility of nominating two houseguests for eviction, and her choices were Cirie Fields and Felicia Cannon. This decision came after a series of strategic moves and alliances in the house, making her the center of attention in this critical phase of the game. The outcome of the Power of Veto competition and ceremony will further shape her decisions and determine who ultimately leaves the Big Brother 25 house this week.


What Channel is Big Brother on 2023?

Big Brother in 2023 will be shown on several channels in the UK. You can watch it on ITV1, STV (in Scotland), ITV2, and ITVX. The show will start with a special launch event on Sunday, October 8th, at 9 pm on these channels. This is when you can see the beginning of the new Big Brother season.

After the launch event, you can continue watching Big Brother on ITV2 from Sunday to Friday at 9 pm. They will also have a show called Big Brother: Late & Live that you can tune into. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch Big Brother and follow all the exciting moments in the house on these channels. Discover the world of entertainment like never before with Fresherslive. From captivating celebrity news to insightful film reviews, we’ve got it all. Subscribe today and become a part of our dynamic entertainment community.

Big Brother Overview

Big Brother is a TV show in America that started in the year 2000. It’s based on a Dutch TV show with the same name. The show’s name comes from a character in a famous book called “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell. In Big Brother, a group of people, called “HouseGuests,” lives together in a special house that’s closed off from the outside world.

They do this to win a big cash prize, which is usually $500,000, but it became $750,000 in the 23rd season and beyond. Cameras and microphones are all over the house, so everyone can watch and listen to what the HouseGuests are doing. People get voted out of the house as the show goes on, and the last person left wins.

Big Brother’s first season didn’t do very well, so they changed things for the second season. Now, it’s more about competition and playing games. The show has been running for a long time and is one of the longest-running versions of Big Brother worldwide. There have also been spin-off shows like “Big Brother: Over the Top,” which was the first reality game show on a streaming platform, and “Celebrity Big Brother” that aired in 2018. The show’s been successful, and new seasons keep coming out, with the twenty-fifth season premiering in August 2023.

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