Bill Belichick Out as Patriots Coach Ahead of Epic Apple TV+ All-Access Docuseries, The Dynasty: New England Patriots


  • The New England Patriots’ dominance in football over the past two decades is unprecedented and their reign will always be remembered as one of the greatest in sports history. It’s in our minds today as Bill Belichick leaves the team as head coach.
  • The upcoming docuseries, The Dynasty: New England Patriots, will provide an intimate and comprehensive look at the team’s remarkable 20-year journey, from their unique chemistry to the internal struggles that fueled their success.
  • The Patriots, led by head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, achieved numerous records and accomplishments, including six Super Bowl wins, 19 consecutive winning seasons, and 17 division titles.

It’s the end to the greatest run in the history of sports — just in time for a new documentary event to chronicle it all.

One of the wonderful things about sports, football especially, is that it’s never stagnant. No matter how many stats you read or how many commentators you listen to, it’s truly unpredictable. The NY Jets could start the season in the best position they’ve been in for years, and then have their quarterback suffer an injury that cuts him from the season. The near-immaculate Kansas City Chiefs (6-1) could face the probably paltry Denver Broncos (2-5) with the odds in the Chiefs’ favor and still lose the game by 15 points. The NFL — you never really know, and it isn’t over ’til it’s over. Face it, football is exciting.

In a vacuum, watching the New England Patriots play in 2023 would literally never lead someone to suspect that mere years ago, this team was at the utmost height of the sport, dominating the league for two decades to the extent that the mere invocation of their name would infuriate fans of any other team. For roughly 20 years, the Patriots were the team to beat in the NFL thanks to the once-in-a-lifetime triad of quarterback Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft. The dynasty has certainly been explored in various 30 for 30 type investigations, but there has never been a docuseries as intimate, as behind-the-scenes, as comprehensive as The Dynasty: New England Patriots. It comes at a historic time in the team’s history, as the team’s head coach throughout the 21st century, Bill Belichick, is leaving the team. According to ESPN:

Bill Belichick will no longer serve as New England Patriots coach after a remarkable 24 seasons, saying Thursday that “This is a day of gratitude and celebration.” The decision ends an unmatched run in NFL history that included six Super Bowl titles.

Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft spent a good part of this week periodically meeting and discussing how each side wanted to proceed. From sources familiar with those conversations, there was said to be no conflict, no disagreement, and in the end, productive talks resulted in a mutual decision that left both sides comfortable and at ease.

“This is a move that we mutually agreed that is needed at this time,” Kraft said. “What Bill accomplished, in my opinion, will never be duplicated.”


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Apple TV+ released the trailer for The Dynasty: New England Patriots, the highly anticipated 10-part documentary event from Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Documentaries. You can watch the trailer above, and check out the synopsis and information below:

The limited docuseries showcases the rise of the most dominant sports dynasty of the 21st century, the New England Patriots, and is set to premiere globally on Friday, February 16, 2024. The Dynasty: New England Patriots brings together Brady, Belichick, and Kraft as they give the definitive story of the team’s remarkable reign. The docuseries explores the franchise’s 20-year journey, from the unique chemistry that fueled six Super Bowl wins to the internal strife that sparked a turf war. From the owner’s suite to the locker room, the series reveals an insider’s look at the road to — and cost of — greatness.

The Record-Breaking New England Patriots

Tom Brady in The Dynasty_ New England Patriots
Apple TV+

“Directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Matthew Hamachek (Tiger), The Dynasty: New England Patriots chronicles the rise and historic 20-year run of the Patriots during the Brady-Belichick-Kraft era. The docuseries is based on the critically-acclaimed New York Times bestselling book of the same title by author Jeff Benedict, and goes deeper, drawing on thousands of hours of never-before-seen video footage and audio files from the Patriots organization’s archive. In addition to interviews with past and present Patriots players, coaches and executives, the unparalleled access includes Kraft, Belichick, Brady, and confessionals from league officials and the arch-rivals of this dominant sports dynasty.”

While the NFL landscape is very different from what it looked like 20 years ago, the Patriots’ 21st century reign will always be remembered in the sport. How can it not? Under Belichick and Brady, the team competed in Super Bowls and won a league-record six (tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers). The New England Patriots also accumulated 19 consecutive winning seasons and 17 division titles, played in 13 AFC Championship Games, and became the only undefeated 16-game regular season in 2007 (despite the tragedy of that Super Bowl).

Meanwhile, Brady and Belichick hold the records for the most Super Bowl appearances and wins by a player and head coach, respectively. Belichick also holds the records for the most playoff wins by a head coach (31) and Super Bowl appearances by an individual (12), while Brady holds the quarterback records for career wins (264), regular season wins (230), and playoff wins (34), and the record for Super Bowl MVP awards (five).

So yeah, they were wicked awesome, and The Dynasty: New England Patriots will explore all the trials and tribulations behind this record-setting behemoth. Be on the lookout for when it drops on Apple TV+ on Feb. 16, 2024.


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