Chocolate fans rejoice as Cadbury’s bring back fan favourite bar

Cadbury’s has delighted fans after bringing back a fan favourite bar.

The chocolate giant is bring back Creme Egg Bars – despite it only being January.

Foodies spotted the chocolate in UK store B&M, with Instagram account  @dobbins_eats sharing a snap of the bar.

B&M shared the post, adding: ‘We’re just going to present this without comment and let you make your own decisions’, and revealed the 123g bar sells for £1.50.

Hundreds of people shared their excitement, with one person saying they were ‘her favourite’. 

The photo, which first appeared on a food reviewing Instagram page has been reshared to B&M’s Facebook 

Another said she couldn’t wait to try it out’.

Although a different user snarkily joked: ‘Oooh, just in time for the Easter promotions!’

But one user felt guilty about her Cadbury indulgence: ‘I was naughty and had one the other day and it was well good’.

And a different user went as far as describing the snack as ‘one of her favourite chocolates’.

The same bar is also sold at Sainsbury’s, Iceland and Waitrose.

It comes after chocolate fans that had bought Cadbury Heroes said that Twisted chocolate, which is a different-shaped version of a Cadbury Creme Egg, tasted more like strawberry.

One person sent a message straight to the confectioner claiming the Twisted products ‘all strawberry flavoured’.

They asked the chocolate company how this had happened, adding it was ‘disappointing’. MailOnline has contacted Cadbury for comment.

Facebook fans were obsessed with the Cadbury's chocolate

Facebook fans were obsessed with the Cadbury’s chocolate 

 Another X user penned: ‘Why’s it not Twisted and strawberry flavoured instead. They’re vile, help they’re my faves, you’ve ruined Christmas!’

Frustrated, they went on to add: ‘Why the f*** has Cadbury’s changed the Twisted Creme Egg in the box of heroes? It is not the same I’m raging.’

The Heroes selection was first introduced by the company back in September 1999 and has appeared on Christmas tables around the UK ever since.

A box contains mini versions of various Cadbury treats – including the Creme Egg Twisted chocolate.

Just like the original, it is filled with a gooey fondant and is only available in the Heroes selection. Twisted bars were once sold as individual chocolate bars, but were discontinued by Cadbury some years ago.




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