Cillian Murphy Will Be Back ‘In a Surprising Way’ According to EP


  • Cillian Murphy returns in
    28 Years Later
    with a character twist, along with an all-star cast under Danny Boyle’s direction.
  • Tom Rothman hints at Murphy’s role evolving in unexpected ways, contributing to a planned trilogy that is expected to excite fans.
  • The film will continue the successful storyline while drawing inspiration from past cinematic masterpieces like Kes, maintaining a consistent narrative.

Nearly three decades after the success of 28 Days Later, the horror franchise is gearing up for an explosive return with 28 Years Later. The film’s executive producer Tom Rothman confirmed Cillian Murphy‘s return with a twist to his character.

Rothman’s remarks, shared during an interview with Deadline, hinted at Murphy’s character evolving in unexpected ways. After being asked about the acclaimed actor’s participation, the exec said:

Yes, but in a surprising way and in a way that grows, let me put it that way.

28 Years Later will be under Danny Boyle’s guidance, with a script penned by Alex Garland. The upcoming film is being set as the beginning of a trilogy. Beyond the confirmation of Murphy’s return, details about his role remain scarce. He will be joined by a stellar cast, including Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes. The film’s plot details are under wraps.

Rothman expressed enthusiasm not only for Murphy’s return but also for the broader project, drawing comparisons to other films where renowned directors have ventured into mainstream genres to remarkable effect. He cited the synergy of Edgar Wright with “Baby Driver” as an example of how a distinctive directorial style can enhance a commercially viable genre.

This is Danny at his best, combined with a very commercial genre, like we had with Edgar Wright and Baby Driver.
Sometimes when you put a real signature director into a commercial arena, it elevates it. So we have that Darren Aronofsky’s next film with Austin Butler, which is Darren’s most commercial entry ever. And he and Austin are very, very fired up about it. It’s called Caught Stealing, based on a cool book, an action thriller with a signature director to elevate it.”

Rothman’s comments suggest a mix of continuity and fresh narrative twists, setting the stage for a resurgence of the cult classic. 28 Days Later was celebrated for reinvigorating the zombie genre, depicting the societal collapse following the accidental release of a virulent pathogen. Its impact was profound, influencing a myriad of zombie-themed media and redefining horror tropes for a new generation.

28 Days Later

Release Date
October 31, 2002

Alex Palmer , Bindu De Stoppani , Jukka Hiltunen , David Schneider , Cillian Murphy , Toby Sedgwick


Your days are numbered…

28 Year Later Trilogy Writer Draws Inspiration from Unexpected Source

Alex Garland, director of Civil War, will be writing the script for not just 28 Years Later, but the entire trilogy. Fans can expect a more thematic series with consistent narrative with this move. In an interview, Garland has openly shared that the film Kes, a classic from British cinema, has heavily influenced his latest work in 28 Years Later. His reverence for Kes illustrates how past cinematic masterpieces continue to inspire contemporary filmmakers.


How 28 Days Later Brought Zombie Movies Back to Life

28 Days Later was a groundbreaking horror film from 2002 that brought a tired and limping genre back to life.

“In the film scripts I delivered to Danny [Boyle], what I did was ripped off this film called Kes. Very unexpected thing to rip off in a zombie movie . I think the script I delivered and Kes both focused around the experience of a young lad to the extent it’s tonal. Those are the most obvious ways, but there are some slightly more subtle things to do with landscape as well. And sort of, humans and nature.”

In his own words, Garland sees a kinship between the plight of a young boy in Kes and the narrative he has crafted for the new zombie saga, though with unique twists particularly in how he uses the setting to weave natural elements into the storyline.

28 Years Later
is slated for a June release next year.


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