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Disney’s Wish Trailer Shatters Frozen 2’s Decade-Long Viewership Record


  • Disney’s latest cinematic offering, Wish, has garnered immense excitement, breaking viewership records with a staggering 66.5 million views on various platforms.
  • Wish intertwines animation and a compelling narrative, following the audacious 17-year-old Asha and her celestial companion, Star, on a thrilling quest against the formidable King Magnifico.
  • Wish‘s blend of traditional and cutting-edge animation techniques reflects Disney’s commitment to pioneering creativity and expression, solidifying its position as a beacon of imagination and innovation in the industry.

In the ever-evolving world of animation and cinematic storytelling, a fresh, invigorating breeze wafts in as Disney’s latest cinematic offering, Wish, carves a significant mark. The film’s trailer, released on September 27, has not only stirred boundless excitement but also smashed viewership records, amassing a staggering 66.5 million views across various platforms. This remarkable achievement has set a new milestone, making it Disney’s most viewed trailer since Frozen II, becoming the most viewed trailer of the decade for the esteemed franchise’s animated releases.

Wish beautifully intertwines the allure of animation with a compelling narrative. This enchanting odyssey unravels around the audacious 17-year-old Asha, whose voice is brought to life by the talented Ariana DeBose. In the serene Kingdom of Rosas, as an enigmatic threat looms, Asha’s fervent wish to the cosmos intertwines her destiny with a celestial being, Star. Together, they embark on a thrilling quest against the formidable King Magnifico, voiced by Chris Pine, weaving a tale of bravery, community, and the transcendent power of connection and hope.

Leading Wish to its hopeful success are Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the innovative forces celebrated for their substantial input in the Frozen series. Amid a backdrop of recent less impactful Disney projects, the unprecedented excitement for “Wish sets it on a promising pedestal, indicating a vibrant revival and a beacon of boundless imagination and innovation.

The visual panorama of Wish harmoniously blends traditional animation with cutting-edge 3D computer-generated animation, a bold venture in the modern era of stylized animation. This splendid amalgamation mirrors the recent successful explorations of animated films, aligning Wish with a burgeoning trend and reinforcing Disney’s steadfast commitment to pioneering creativity and expression.

Watch the Wish trailer below:

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Nostalgia Meets Innovation: Disney’s Cinematic Continuation with Wish and Once Upon a Studio


The cinematic universe of Disney continues its majestic expansion beyond Wish. In a touching tribute to its illustrious legacy, a short film, Once Upon a Studio, is in the creative crucible, poised to celebrate the iconic characters that have captivated hearts worldwide. In a delightful intersection of classic and contemporary, a live-action rendition of Bambi is also in the ambitious pipeline of forthcoming Disney projects.

Gearing up to enchant viewers worldwide, Wish will hit the theaters on November 22, fueling the mounting anticipation for a fresh episode in Disney’s storied journey. Accompanied by the debut of Once Upon a Studio, the cinematic celebration promises a grand confluence of nostalgia, innovation, and an unwavering celebration of storytelling, reinforcing Disney’s unyielding position as a beacon of imagination, inspiration, and indelible impact on generations.

Wish stands as a monumental emblem of Disney’s enduring charm and progressive exploration in the realm of animation and cinematic narrative. Its record-breaking trailer, pioneering animation techniques, and a compelling narrative underscore a renewed era of cinematic brilliance and emotional resonance. As the world prepares to embark on this enchanting journey with Asha and Star, the stars above shimmer with anticipation, mirroring the global excitement for a new Disney classic in the making. Expanding without halt, the dynamic world of Disney reinforces its timeless attraction, initiating a new epoch abundant in creative magnificence and cherished cinematic journeys.


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