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Every TV Show on Prime Video in March 2024

Since its official launch over a decade ago, Prime Video has consistently been one of the most quality-reliable services in the streaming era. From darkly comedic superhero deconstructions to fluffy sitcoms about aspiring standup comics, Prime has distinguished itself by having a great series for just about everyone.

The new year has largely maintained this quality control; last month alone saw the launch of Donald Glover’s pleasantly surprising reimagining of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And there are plenty of exciting shows, both new and returning, still to come, so we’re looking at the new additions to Prime Video in March 2024.

Invincible – Season 2, Part 2

Streaming Mar. 14

Thanks mostly to The Boys, Prime Video has become known as the unofficial home for more unconventional superhero fare, and fan-favorite Invincible has proven itself yet another welcome addition to that catalog. Based on the comic of the same name by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the series focuses on Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun), the teenage son of a famous superhero (J.K. Simmons) who finally starts to develop powers of his own.

Invincible Season 2 was split into two parts, and the first part, which aired last November, ended on a huge cliffhanger. Mark and his father, Nolan, faced off in a seemingly impossible battle against the brutal Viltrumites, but they were ultimately defeated, and Nolan was captured. In the closing minutes, the Viltrumite leader gives Mark an ultimatum – either fulfill his father’s original mission to conquer Earth or see his entire home planet destroyed. Fans left waiting for more are finally getting another fix very soon. Invincible returns to Prime Video on Mar. 14, with new episodes premiering weekly.

My Undead Yokai Girlfriend

Streaming Mar. 22

The teenage romcom, against all odds, hasn’t exhausted its story possibilities, and the premise for My Undead Yokai Girlfriend promises another clever, unconventional spin on the genre. A lonely college student, Tadashi, falls in love with a fellow student, Izzy, but unfortunate circumstances reveal that the girl has been unknowingly bonded to him through a hex. Gradually, it becomes clear that Izzy has supernatural origins, and she seeks revenge on a family for an incident that occurred over half a century before.

The series will be helmed by Japanese filmmaker Takahiro Miri, best known for adapting several live-action manga adaptations such as My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday, and Your Eyes Tell. Everything exhibited for the show thus far promises a unique blend of romance, action, humor, and horror. If it lives up to the potential of its premise, it’s the kind of series that seemed virtually destined to become a cult favorite. My Undead Yokai Girlfriend premieres Mar. 22.

American Rust: Broken Justice

Streaming Mar. 28

One of Showtime’s most high-profile cancelations of the last decade is returning from the dead, and Prime Video is its new official home. Based on the 2009 novel of the same name, American Rust focused on the conflicted chief of police, Del Harris (Jeff Daniels), in a small Pennsylvania community and his moral dilemma over protecting the son of the woman he loves after he’s accused of murder. Alongside this, the show explored the decline of the town’s middle class due to the loss of manufacturing jobs, proving itself an interrogation of the failures of the American Dream.

The debut season saw a somewhat mixed reception from critics, who felt that the show didn’t take full advantage of its premise and didn’t live up to its promise. The sophomore outing, titled Broken Justice, will tell a completely original story since the first season already covered the entirety of the novel. Del Harris, attempting to rebuild his life after the tragedy that unfolded throughout the first go-around, faces a series of seemingly unrelated killings that he quickly realizes are closely linked to a larger conspiracy.

Not having to be restricted by the source material opens up exciting new creative possibilities, and hopefully, the creative team takes advantage of their second chance to fulfill the show’s promise. American Rust: Broken Justice premieres on Mar. 28, with all ten episodes being released simultaneously.


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The Baxters

Streaming Mar. 28

Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter Family book series has seen millions of copies sold since its inception in 2002. Now, the New York Times best-selling faith-based franchise is once again coming to the small screen in The Baxters, focusing on the adventures of the titular family, namely paternal figures John and Elizabeth Baxter (Ted McGinley, Roma Downey) and their five adult children. The debut season is said to focus on one of the books’ most prominent story arcs, in which daughter Kari (Ali Cobrin) learns that her husband, a college professor, is having an affair with one of his students. With help from her family, Kari is forced to question her faith and face whether her marriage can be saved.

The book series is widely beloved by fans, and coupled with an ensemble cast full of underrated character actors (Josh Plasse of iCarly, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Orel de la Mota from Titans), all signs point to a faithful TV adaptation that should more than satisfy more religiously inclined viewers. Surprisingly, this isn’t the only adaptation of Kingsbury’s work being released this year; her widely beloved novel Someone Like You is hitting the big screen on Apr. 2, so 2024 is likely to be a breakout year for fans of her books. The Baxters begins streaming on Prime Video on Mar. 28.

For a complete list of every TV series coming to Prime Video in March 2024, check the list below:

Mar. 1

  • Lyla in the Loop Season 1

Mar. 14

  • Invincible Season 2 Part 2

Mar. 22

  • My Undead Yokai Girlfriend

Mar. 28

  • Hope on the Street
  • American Rust: Broken Justice
  • The Baxters


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