Exploring Conservatism in Today’s World

Exploring Conservatism in Today’s World

What does it mean to be a conservative today

Depending on your political views, conservatism is either a positive or a negative.

Liberals tend to use conservatism as a way to scare voters while the other side promotes its values.

Traditionally, a conservative talkshow focuses on areas where the hosts and guests feel strong action is needed. These areas typically include law enforcement and national defense.

Social conservatives take it a little further with their real clear radio shows. They often use the platform to promote their values which typically align with conservative religious groups.

So, what is conservatism in today’s world and what role does the media play?

Conservatism in Today’s Politics

Traditionally, the Democratic Party supported social causes like healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay while Republicans prefer taking a more conservative approach.

However, what it means to be a conservative has dramatically changed over the decades.

The evolving idea of what it means to be a conservative is dividing the GOP. Elections are often won on a candidate’s conservative values. Some candidates are learning that what plays to the Republican base doesn’t necessarily go over well with national voters.

Does this mean conservative Republicans will change their values? The answer is no, especially with former president Trump’s formidable presence in the party.

So, what are the conservative values playing out on real clear radio shows?

Strong family values are a key component, along with reducing spending, and the current war in Ukraine. Since these are values that are unlikely to change or go away, conservatism will continue to play a role in today’s political world.

The Media and Conservatism 

If you are looking for a conservative talkshow you are not going to have a problem.

A simple Google search will bring up hundreds of shows, radio programs, and podcasts.

Pretty soon you’ll be saying “No, not another politics podcast. Sometimes it seems like a new one is popping up every day.

Everyone from authors, politicians, historians, and former TV talk show hosts has something to say about modern conservatism.

If you are not prepared for the onslaught of information and opinions, it can be a little overwhelming.

However, there is also a benefit to having plenty of options.

Conservatives often complain about favoritism in the media. Liberal causes seem to garner more coverage than conservative ones.

Whether or not mainstream media is purposefully favoring liberals over conservatives, being able to moan Not another politics podcast means conservatism is finally getting the same attention.

How Podcasts are Helping Advance the Conservative Movement

With limited attention from mainstream media, podcasts are often one of the only outlets for conservatives to express their beliefs. The platform also allows them to push their goals forward.

News coverage, and even advertisements, often portray conservatives in a negative light. Instead of emphasizing their belief in traditional family values, conservatives are frequently depicted as a group against the rights of Blacks and the trans community.

Podcasts are giving them a voice and it is something many Americans want to hear.

Listening to podcasts starts conversations between like-minded individuals and those with different societal beliefs. Through conversation, we as Americans can better work together. Perhaps, even begin to heal the divide.

Podcasts Exploring Modern Conservatism

Whether you are a longtime fan of conservative podcasts or just tuning in, here are a few podcasts you may want to check out.

Breaking Battlegrounds takes a hard look at progressive policies. The show examines culture, politics, and policies affecting our daily lives. The hosts also cover Washington D.C. Chuck Warren and Sam Stone are the hosts.

Louder with Crowder is on YouTube with over 5.5 million viewers. Steven Crowder is the show’s creator and host. Louder with Crowder discusses the changes in our cultural, political, and news landscapes. His show is informative and occasionally humorous. Steven Crowder’s unique commentary will keep you talking for hours.

The Megyn Kelly Show is known for eliminating all BS and getting straight to the facts. Listens can catch the popular talk show host on SiriusXM. The Mega Kelly Show frequently showcases some of today’s pivotal political cultural, and legal figures.

Anyone familiar with the online magazine The Federalist will want to tune into The Federalist Radio Hour. The popular radio show brings on experts in a variety of cultural and political topics. Along with the weekly radio show, The Federalist Radio Hour also produces specials and series.

Conservatism today is different from the Regan Era and the best way to stay current is by listening to shows and podcasts.

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