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How to Raise Gear Power in Nightingale? Gear Score in Nightingale

Gear Score in Nightingale

In Nightingale, your gear score is really important for survival and facing tougher enemies. It’s like a measure of how strong your equipment is. To boost your gear score, you need to pay attention to the gear you’re wearing. There are different pieces of gear that contribute to your overall score.

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First off, you have your main weapon or tool. This is what you use to fight and gather resources. Then, there’s headgear, which protects your head from damage. Your coat or gear provides additional defense, while your backpack, cloak, or poncho gives you extra storage space and sometimes special abilities.

You also have your shirt, pants, gloves, and boots. Each of these items plays a part in determining your gear score. The better quality and higher level your gear is, the higher your gear score will be. It’s important to upgrade your equipment whenever possible to increase your gear score.

As you explore Nightingale and face different challenges, you’ll encounter tougher enemies like Apex creatures. To stand a chance against them, you’ll need a good gear score. So, always keep an eye on your gear and strive to improve it to increase your chances of survival and success in Nightingale’s ever-changing world.

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How to Raise Gear Power in Nightingale?

To enhance your gear power in Nightingale, start by crafting new gear items that will get you on your way. After this initial crafting phase, you’ll have an opportunity to significantly boost your gear score. Obtain the Simple Upgrade Bench blueprint from the Essence Traders, which you can purchase. Once you have the blueprint, gather the required materials: four Lumber, two Ingot, and three Twine. Place the completed Simple Upgrade Bench in a secure location at your base.

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Now, interact with the Simple Upgrade Bench, and a menu will appear, allowing you to choose the gear item you want to improve. Depending on the item, you’ll need a certain amount of Essence, which will enhance its attributes and stats. The rarity of the item will also increase, and starting from the uncommon tier, infusion slots will become available for more potent buffs.

As you continue to craft new gear and enhance them using the Simple Upgrade Bench, your gear score will gradually rise. This increase in gear score enables you to take on tougher challenges and quests in Nightingale, unlocking more opportunities and adventures in the game world. Keep refining and upgrading your gear to become more formidable in your journey.


“Nightingale” is an engaging survival video game created by Inflexion Games. The game officially entered early access on February 20, 2024, providing players with an opportunity to experience its unique features and adventures. Set in a gaslamp fantasy world during the Victorian era, players find themselves navigating through a challenging environment where survival is key.

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The game not only captures the essence of survival but also adds a touch of light role-playing elements, offering players quests to undertake. This adds an extra layer of depth to the gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the captivating world of “Nightingale.” The Victorian-era setting adds a distinct flavor to the game, creating a rich atmosphere that enhances the overall gameplay.

As players venture through the gaslamp fantasy world, they must overcome obstacles, make strategic decisions, and face various challenges to stay alive. With its early access release, players can explore the game’s potential and contribute to its development, making it a collaborative journey in the world of “Nightingale.”

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Nightingale Gameplay 

In the game “Nightingale,” players embark on a thrilling adventure in a faerie realm after a disaster strikes Earth. The game’s setting is a Victorian-era gaslamp fantasy world with aesthetics reminiscent of steampunk, creating a unique and visually appealing environment. As a survival game, players must focus on essentials like finding food, resting to regain stamina, and gathering resources for crafting tools.

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From crafting a simple bedroll for a quick rest to crafting umbrellas that let players glide like Mary Poppins, there’s a range of creative possibilities. While some creatures are peaceful unless provoked, players can engage in combat using melee weapons or firearms, exploring dungeons and participating in raid-style battles. Adding a touch of literary flair, players can encounter famous characters like Victor Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde, who offer quests.

Non-player characters can be recruited to aid in fights and resource gathering. Players can customize their experience by traveling between different realms hosted on dedicated servers, each representing diverse biomes like deserts, woodlands, and swamps. This cooperative game supports single-player mode or can be enjoyed with up to six players, offering both first-person and third-person views for an immersive and diverse gaming experience in the fantastical world of “Nightingale.”

Nightingale Overview 


Inflexion Games


Inflexion Games


Unreal Engine 5



Release Date

February 20, 2024




Single-player, multiplayer

Nightingale Trailer 

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