iPhone 15: What colors does it come in?

iPhone 15: What colors does it come in?

Before the unique color variants of the previous iPhone generations, as the launch event for the new iPhone approaches, iFans eagerly anticipate the next iPhone 15 generation with even more new and unique color options. According to updates on the website newphone15.com, Apple will introduce new colors such as pink, blue, orange, and more for the upcoming iPhone models. Let’s explore how many colors are predicted to be available on the iPhone 15 in the following article.

1. TOP 5 colors can appear on the iPhone 15

There have been many speculations about the available colors for the standard iPhone 15. The updated information on the newphone15.com website indicates that the iPhone 15 Standard will have 4 new colors: Picton blue, light blue, pink, and orange, in addition to the 6 colors carried over from the previous generation, including white, black, blue, purple, red, and green.

According to the predictions gathered from newphone15.com, 9to5Mac (updated on March 23, 2023), and Pocket-lint (updated on March 13, 2023), Apple will launch the standard iPhone 15 with 2 new trial colors: Picton Blue (code #4DB1E2) and Telemagenta (code #CE3C6C). Techz Le, a technology news site on March 24, 2023, also confirmed that the iPhone 15 will have Light Blue and Pink colors.

Previously, newphone15.com had shared images of the standard iPhone 15 in Little Orange color. These images were revealed by Tech Street, a specialized tech information source on Twitter. Generally, these are all vibrant colors suitable for iFans who love novelty and creativity.

Moreover, newphone15.com stated that white and black are two basic colors that are always available on iPhone launches, so it is highly likely that these two colors will also appear on the standard iPhone 15. Additionally, colors like blue, green, purple, and red will also be launched, but it is not yet clear if their shades will be similar to the previous version or not. Regarding the color blue and green, newphone15.com has published an article predicting the various shades of these colors on the iPhone 15, which you can refer to at this link: https://newphone15.com/tin-cong-nghe/iphone-15-mau-xanh.html.

2. Where to get the latest news about the standard iPhone 15?

In this era of explosive information technology, it is not difficult to find a multitude of articles about the iPhone 15 on the internet. However, not every news site delivers credible, accurate, and in-depth news from prominent technology analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo, Jon Prosser, Mark Gurman, and Jeff Pu. Among them, newphone15.com stands out as a leading website that provides fast and accurate news updates personalised iphone case.

In addition to color predictions for the standard iPhone 15, readers can also search for and read other information about this phone, such as the chipset, camera specifications, prices in Vietnam or the international market, and more. Moreover, predictions about other products in the iPhone 15 Series are also swiftly updated on the newphone15.com website. To find out more about the iPhone 15 Series, visit https://newphone15.com/iphone-15-series.

newphone15.com was established by a dedicated editorial team, always considering readers’ desires as their own to provide the latest news surrounding the iPhone 15 product line. The articles on newphone15.com are not only well-edited in terms of content but are also designed to make it easy for readers to grasp information. For these reasons, please visit the newphone15.com website to keep yourself informed about color predictions for the standard iPhone 15 and other news related to all iPhone 15 Series versions.

Through the article, iFans have obtained preliminary information about the expected colors that will appear on the standard iPhone 15. However, to be certain about this information, you should follow official announcements from Apple and the newphone15.com website to stay updated on the latest news about the iPhone 15 and other Series versions. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below each article on the website, and the editorial team will provide you with the best support.


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