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Is Justified Coming Back in 2024? Justified Plot, Cast, and More

Is Justified Coming Back In 2024?

No, “Justified: City Primeval” is not confirmed to be coming back in 2024. The decision about whether the show will return for another season is still up in the air. The show wrapped up its first season recently, leaving fans wondering about its future.

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While there’s hope for a potential second season, nothing has been officially announced yet. The creators of the show have expressed their readiness to continue if given the opportunity, but it ultimately depends on FX, the network that aired the series.

The original series, “Justified,” received critical acclaim during its run from 2010 to 2015. “Justified: City Primeval,” a revival of sorts, introduced new storylines and characters while maintaining the essence of the original show.

Fans will have to wait for further updates from FX or the show’s creators to know if “Justified: City Primeval” will indeed return for another season in 2024 or beyond. Until then, they can revisit the existing episodes and enjoy the storylines introduced in the first season.

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About Justified

“Justified” is a television series that follows the adventures of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens as he navigates the criminal underworld of his hometown in Harlan, Kentucky. Played by Timothy Olyphant, Raylan is known for his distinctive cowboy hat and his unorthodox approach to law enforcement. The show explores themes of justice, family loyalty, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

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Set against the backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains, “Justified” features a rich cast of characters, including Raylan’s childhood friends and foes, as well as various criminals and law enforcement officials. Throughout the series, Raylan contends with old grudges, personal demons, and the complexities of his relationships, particularly with his ex-wife Winona Hawkins and his nemesis Boyd Crowder.

Boyd Crowder, portrayed by Walton Goggins, is Raylan’s former coal-mining colleague turned criminal mastermind. Their dynamic rivalry drives much of the show’s narrative, as Boyd’s schemes often clash with Raylan’s pursuit of justice. The series explores Boyd’s journey from a white supremacist to a born-again Christian and his subsequent attempts to control Harlan’s criminal underground.

With its blend of gritty drama, sharp dialogue, and compelling characters, “Justified” captivated audiences and critics alike during its six-season run. The show received praise for its authentic portrayal of rural America, nuanced performances, and intricate storytelling. Ultimately, “Justified” remains a standout example of modern television storytelling, offering viewers an engaging and thought-provoking exploration of crime, morality, and the human condition.

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Justified Cast



Timothy Olyphant

Raylan Givens

Nick Searcy

Art Mullen

Jacob Pitts

Tim Gutterson

Erica Tazel

Rachel Brooks

Joelle Carter

Ava Crowder

Walton Goggins

Boyd Crowder

Jere Burns

Wynn Duffy

David Meunier

Johnny Crowder

Raymond J. Barry

Arlo Givens

Margo Martindale

Mags Bennett

Natalie Zea

Winona Hawkins

Rick Gomez

David Vasquez

Jeremy Davies

Dickie Bennett

Mykelti Williamson

Ellstin Limehouse

Neal McDonough

Robert Quarles

Jim Beaver

Shelby Parlow/Drew Thompson

Abby Miller

Ellen May

Alicia Witt

Wendy Crowe

Michael Rapaport

Darryl Crowe Jr.

A. J. Buckley

Danny Crowe

Sam Elliott

Avery Markham

Justified Plot

“Justified” is a TV show about Raylan Givens, a Deputy U.S. Marshal who returns to his hometown in Kentucky. Raylan, played by Timothy Olyphant, faces various challenges as he deals with the criminal elements in Harlan County. Throughout the series, Raylan confronts old acquaintances and adversaries from his past, including his childhood friend Boyd Crowder, portrayed by Walton Goggins. As Raylan navigates the complexities of his job, he also grapples with personal issues and relationships, such as his ex-wife Winona Hawkins, played by Natalie Zea.

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The show explores themes of justice, loyalty, and redemption against the backdrop of rural Kentucky. Raylan often finds himself torn between his duty as a lawman and his connections to the people and places of his upbringing. His interactions with criminals, fellow marshals, and residents of Harlan County reveal the complexities of his character and the world he inhabits. As the series progresses, Raylan’s confrontations with various adversaries, including drug dealers, organized crime figures, and corrupt officials, lead to intense and often violent showdowns.

Throughout its six seasons, “Justified” features compelling storylines that intertwine Raylan’s professional and personal life. The show is known for its sharp dialogue, memorable characters, and gritty depiction of rural America. As Raylan navigates the challenges of law enforcement in Harlan County, he must also confront his own demons and reconcile his past with his present. With its blend of action, drama, and dark humor, “Justified” offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the world of crime and justice in the American South.

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