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Is Lethal Company Ultrawide Compatible? Check Here

Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a co-op horror game released on October 24, 2023, where players work as contracted scavengers for the Company, collecting scrap from abandoned moons to meet profit quotas. Available in Early Access, the game supports up to 4 players and features seven planets, nine creatures, and eight tools for exploration.

The developer, Zeekerss, plans to expand the game’s content and improve its design during the Early Access phase, aiming for infinite replayability. Player feedback is encouraged through Discord and Patreon, influencing the game’s direction. Priced at ₹480, the game has a mature content warning due to realistic character deaths. The Autumnal Update was released on November 11, 2023, showcasing ongoing development efforts.

Is Lethal Company Ultrawide Compatible?

Unfortunately, Lethal Company doesn’t currently support ultrawide monitors. So, if you’re hoping for a wider gaming experience on those big screens, you might be out of luck. As of now, players using ultrawide displays are stuck with those familiar black bars on the sides of their screens, limiting the view to that of a standard monitor.

While there are mods floating around that claim to provide ultrawide support, feedback from the gaming community suggests that they might not be working well with the latest versions of Lethal Company. Given that the game is developed by a single person, official ultrawide support might take some time to become a reality. Until then, players may need to rely on patience and maybe a bit of creativity to enhance their gaming experience.


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Lethal Company Gameplay 

In Lethal Company, you and your friends team up as workers for the Company, venturing into abandoned moons to gather scrap and meet profit goals. Released in October 2023, the game allows up to four players to explore seven different planets, encountering nine unique creatures and using eight tools for the job.

With a focus on online co-op and a sci-fi horror setting, players can customize their ships, scan alien creatures, and uncover journal entries from a previous crew. The game’s night cycle adds an extra layer of challenge, requiring communication to ensure everyone makes it back to the ship safely with their loot before dangers escalate. As an Early Access title, the developer, Zeekerss, aims to incorporate player feedback to enhance the game’s features and plans to make it “infinitely replayable” with more content and improved balance. 

Lethal Company Overview




Lethal Company


Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access





Release Date

October 24, 2023

Early Access Release Date

October 24, 2023


Co-op horror, online co-op, sci-fi setting

Lethal Company Trailer

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