Is Stan Collymore Gay? Who is Stan Collymore? Age, Height, Nationality and Net Worth

Is Stan Collymore Gay?

Stan Collymore, the former footballer known for his time with Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, and Aston Villa, addressed a homophobic comment on social media with a candid response. Recently sharing videos of his treadmill sessions on X (formerly Twitter) while openly discussing his mental health struggles, the 52-year-old faced abusive and derogatory remarks.

In response to a comment questioning his appearance, Collymore boldly stated, “I’m gay.” This surprising revelation garnered praise for his resilience and straightforward response. Collymore, once a record-breaking transfer to Liverpool, has nearly 900,000 followers on X and has been an advocate for mental health awareness.

His openness about personal challenges, including diagnoses of clinical depression, stress, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder, adds depth to his story beyond his football achievements, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues in the public sphere.

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Who is Stan Collymore?

Stanley Victor Collymore, born on January 22, 1971, is an English football pundit, sport strategist, and former player. He played as a striker from 1990 to 2001, notably for Nottingham Forest and Liverpool, making a high-profile move from the former to the latter in 1995 for a record-breaking £8.5 million. Currently, he holds the position of senior football strategist at Southend United.

Collymore’s journey in football began at Stafford Rangers after being released from Wolves’ academy. He caught the attention of Crystal Palace in 1991 but struggled to secure a first-team spot. Moving to Southend United, he played a pivotal role in saving them from relegation, attracting Nottingham Forest’s interest.

His time at Forest included two prolific seasons with promotion to the Premier League in 1993. Liverpool signed him in 1995, and despite early success, he eventually moved to Aston Villa and faced challenges with form and playing time. His career saw brief resurgences with Leicester City and Real Oviedo, but controversies, including mental health struggles and on-field outbursts, marked his journey. In 2021, he became involved in the management of his former club, Southend United.

Full Name

Stanley Victor Collymore

Date of Birth

22 January 1971


52 years old

Place of Birth

Tittensor, Staffordshire, England




Stan Collymore Age

As of 2024, He is 52 years old. Stanley Victor Collymore, born at Groundslow Hospital in Tittensor, Staffordshire, is the son of a Barbadian father and an English mother. His early connection with football blossomed during childhood, fueled by a passion for Aston Villa.

Initiating his playing journey as a centre forward with Cannock Peelers and Penkridge Juniors, Collymore transitioned into the professional realm by starting as an apprentice with Walsall. Subsequently, he joined Wolverhampton Wanderers, though his time there was short-lived as he was eventually released.

Undeterred, he found his way to Stafford Rangers, a Conference team at the time. This marked a pivotal phase in his early career, where Collymore’s journey from grassroots football to the Conference showcased his determination and laid the foundation for the remarkable football career that would follow.

Stan Collymore Height

Standing at 1.88 meters (approximately 6 feet 2 inches), Stan Collymore, born on January 22, 1971, not only boasted an impressive height but also left a lasting mark on the football landscape. His journey from the grassroots, including playing for Cannock Peelers and Penkridge Juniors, led to a professional career.

After starting as an apprentice with Walsall and Wolverhampton Wanderers, he found his way to Stafford Rangers, showcasing his determination. Collymore’s prolific career as a striker unfolded at Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. His impressive Premier League debut earned him a spot in the England squad for the Umbro Cup in 1995.

Making notable appearances against Japan and Brazil, Collymore’s international career climaxed with a crucial role in England’s 4–0 win over Moldova during 1998 FIFA World Cup qualification. Despite the brevity of his international stint, Collymore’s impact, coupled with his towering height, left an indelible imprint on football history.

Stan Collymore Nationality

Stan Collymore, born at Groundslow Hospital in Tittensor, Staffordshire, holds British nationality. His heritage is a blend of his Barbadian father and English mother. As someone born in England, Collymore is considered British, reflecting the cultural diversity that contributes to the rich tapestry of British society.

This diverse background adds an additional layer to his identity, showcasing the multicultural nature of the United Kingdom. Collymore’s nationality is a reflection of the inclusive and varied ethnic makeup that characterizes many individuals in Britain, contributing to the country’s cultural mosaic.

Stan Collymore Net Worth

Stan Collymore, a retired English football player and pundit, boasts a net worth of $35 million. His playing career spanned from 1990 to 2001, prominently as a centre-forward. Collymore secured the British transfer record with an £8.5 million move from Nottingham Forest to Liverpool in 1995.

He earned three caps with the England national team. Born on January 22, 1971, in Stone, Staffordshire, Collymore, a devoted Aston Villa supporter in his youth, began his professional journey with Crystal Palace at 19. Throughout his career, he featured for various clubs, including Southend United, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Leicester City, and more.

Despite retiring at 30 in 2001 after a brief stint with Real Oviedo, he declined football return offers and managerial positions, opting to explore diverse career opportunities. This decision marked the conclusion of a dynamic football career and the beginning of new ventures for Collymore.

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