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I’ve Been Mistaken For Britney Spears My ‘Whole Life’

Jessica Simpson loves her celebrity twin, Britney Spears, even if fans cannot differentiate between the two women!

The multihyphenate star and the sensational songstress stepped into the spotlight around the same period. While many can quickly tell the women apart, the “I Wanna Love You Forever” hitmaker claims she has been mistaken for the beloved Princess of Pop longer than anyone can imagine.

Jessica Simpson Raves About Her Connection To Britney Spears 

The entertainers have respectively impacted the music industry from a young age, influencing the teen pop era with their award-winning songs and memorable performances. To top it off, the pair are stunning blondes with a knack for writing bombshell memoirs.


Given their similarities, it is no surprise that fans frequently mistake Simpson for Spears, and “The Dukes of Hazzard” star does not mind the confusion. During her recent appearance at the Footwear News Achievement Awards ceremony in New York City, the Texas sensation addressed the duo’s resemblance, saying:

“I mean, that’s my whole life. Not all the time, but I mean, there are similarities, and I think that because we both grew up in the business together, it’s easy to mistake us. Brown eyes, blonde hair, Southern.”

Simpson also connects to Spears through their respective tell-all memoirs, telling ET Online that she understands what it took for the Princess of Pop to drop her latest bombshell bibliography, “The Woman in Me.”

In 2020, the “Take My Breath Away” singer gave fans a refreshingly honest view of herself in the memoir “Open Book” and connected her experience to Spears’ raw narrative about her life. “It’s a hard thing to do, release a memoir,” Simpson admitted. “It’s very vulnerable.”

Although the mother of three confessed that she has not read her celebrity twin’s memoir, the “Irresistible” songstress declared she “definitely will pick it up” because “I wanna hear what she has to say.”

Simpson dished out more praises for Spears, before noting she did not consume any content that was not good for her “soul.” In the media personality’s words, “I have been in work mode of writing, which I haven’t done in so long. I don’t tend to listen or read or do anything other than what my soul needs in that moment.”

While the “That ’70s Show” actress prepares to read the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree’s memoir, she must be careful signing autographs in the street. A month before supporting the “Toxic” hitmaker’s book, Simpson had a hilarious run-in with a Spears fan.

Britney Spears

The singer shared the story on her Instagram page, uploading a picture of herself and her daughter posing with their mouth agape. The entertainer explained their shocked expressions in her caption, writing: “The face when someone in the parking lot at the mall asks for your autograph, but expects you to sign it Britney Spears.”

The revelation sparked interesting reactions from the “A Public Affair” artist fans, with someone asking, “Is that shade?” While another user replied, “It’s definitely not shade. I’d say it’s a compliment. They’re both drop-dead gorgeous.”

A third argued that Simpson and Spears could easily be mistaken for each other, given their similar time in the spotlight. “It’s just that they’re both blonde pop singers around the same time. So I’m sure the person was just confused,” the individual penned.

Jessica Simpson Marked A Huge Sobriety Milestone With A Then-And-Now Post

Weeks before raving about her connection with the “Oops!…I Did It Again” singer, the Texas native celebrated six years of sobriety on her Instagram Story. Simpson shared a throwback post from November 1, 2021, that compared her past self from the same date in 2017.

The then-and-now post addressed the entertainer’s inspiring journey, with the throwback picture marking the 43-year-old’s fourth sobriety anniversary. As the Jessica Simpson fashion designer marked her sixth year of an alcohol-free life, she reflected on the woman she used to be in 2017.

“This person in the early morning of Nov 1, 2017, is an unrecognizable version of myself. I had so much self-discovery to unlock and explore,” Simpson penned.

“I knew in this very moment I would allow myself to take back my light, show victory over my internal battle of self-respect, and brave this world with piercing clarity,” the mother of three continued, adding that to accomplish those goals, she “needed to stop drinking alcohol.”


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