Katy Perry’s Trial Takes Shocking Twist With Courtroom Drama

Katy Perry‘s legal battle over a $15 million property with an old man continues with a surprising twist!

The Pop star and her husband, Orlando Bloom, are embroiled in a fiery case against the veteran Carl Westcott over the sale of his Montecito house. In their latest court trial, the drama between the famous couple and the 84-year-old got interrupted by a woman’s stormy entrance.

Woman Barges Into The Courtroom During Katy Perry’s Property Trial 

On Thursday, the legal proceedings in the real estate hearing were suddenly disrupted when an unidentified woman charged into the courtroom like a raging bull. The incident occurred while an expert neurologist took the stand to answer questions about Westcott’s “cognitive capacity.”


Dr. Daniel Franc attended the trial at the request of Perry and Bloom’s business manager, Bernie Gudvi. The neurologist was called to testify whether or not the 84-year-old entrepreneur had been incapable of reasoning in July 2020, when the couple had purchased his Montecito Mansion for $15 million.

The medical practitioner was giving his diagnosis when the unknown woman stormed into the courtroom, according to PEOPLE. Her first attempt to disrupt the legal proceedings was countered by a court clerk, who begged her to calm down and leave.

The woman’s interruption visibly impacted Westcott’s attorney, Andrew Thomas, who immediately requested deputies to be called into the courtroom. While some might have seen the lawyer’s fear as an overreaction, it was the appropriate response as the unidentified woman barged into the courtroom a second time.

Fortunately, deputies arrived on time to remove her before the situation escalated. The woman’s presence boggled the minds of those present, wondering if she had something to do with the property dispute case.

However, the judge stopped these speculations by revealing the lady’s beef was with him. According to the legal umpire, the anonymous woman was displeased with an unrelated case he had presided over.

Woman Weighs In On Her Father-In-Law’s Trial Against Katy Perry

Days before the aggrieved woman interrupted Perry’s legal battle against the octogenarian, the veteran’s daughter-in-law, Kameron Westcott, opened up about her family’s case. The “Real Housewives of Dallas” star stressed that Carl never meant to sell his property to the “Roar” hitmaker.

Kameron Westcott Gives Update On Bed Ridden Father-In-Law's Trial Against Katy Perry
Instagram | Kameron Westcott

In an Instagram Story update, the reality TV personality addressed the real estate dispute trial, which began on September 27. The case revolved around Perry and Bloom’s insistence that the 84-year-old was in the right mental capacity when he agreed to sell his house, while Carl claimed otherwise.

“We’re on trial day two, and I just wanted to explain the obvious. The other side is basically saying he was in the right state of mind to sign the document that he signed. And again, he is 84 years old,” Kameron explained in the video. “At the time, he still had Huntington’s disease, dementia, and within that, you have impulsive behaviors.”

The blonde beauty reaffirmed that her father-in-law never planned to sell the property but unfortunately came to his senses after signing the deal. Kameron claimed Carl’s legal battle against Perry and Bloom was to raise awareness about elderly protection and prevent future victims.

“We’re just here fighting for his justice, and I just hope in the future this doesn’t happen to anybody else’s parents. Just horrible to have to go through this,” the social media influencer lamented.

“We have to protect our elders. We have to be a little more kind to our elders, and it might look like they’re in the right state of mind, but that doesn’t mean they are,” Kameron concluded her post.

Fans Slam Katy Perry As Her Real Estate Case Inspired Elderly Protection Bill

Nevertheless, the drama between the “Wide Awake” songstress and the octogenarian came with an unexpected blessing for the elderly. Following the viral case, efforts to pass the Protecting Elder Realty for Retirement Years Act skyrocketed as people became concerned about the older generations being kicked out of their homes.

SInger Katy Perry at Kimmel

The bill, infamously known as the Katy Perry Act, would address “the risks of elder financial abuse, especially as it relates to property and real estate sales and transfers” if adopted. More information about the Act, according to its website, read:

“The Act establishes a 72-hour cool-down period during which either party involved in a contract for conveyance of a personal residence, in which one party is over the age of 75, can rescind the agreement without penalty.”

Fans positively reacted to the news, with many bashing the “Dark Horse” hitmaker for fighting to buy an unwilling man’s home. “Imagine getting an elder abuse bill named after you,” a social media user quipped. Another critic slammed Perry, writing: “Lmaooo they had to come up with something to stop her.”


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