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Larsa and Alexia Fight Backstge

We are back for the Real Housewives of Miami reunion, and the ladies are sitting pretty in their Crowns, Trains, and Capes to hash out their season 6 drama. Let’s dive right into it…

Andy Cohen visits some of the ladies backstage and while speaking to Larsa and Marcus, Marcus is upset the ladies continue to bring up his dad and proceeds to diss them by claiming, “These women wouldn’t be able to do the dishes in our house, let alone trying to bring themselves in this conversation … Some people just need to stay in their lane.” What does this even mean???! Stay in your lane Nepo Baby Marcus!

The ladies kick off the taping with shots of Tequila, except for the pregnant Dr. Nicole Martin, who drinks water in a shot glass as they all toast to peace. Hahaha, can these women be peaceful?

Larsa is asked if she’s wearing her promise ring from Marcus, and she reveals they’ve found their potential wedding band, are looking to buy a home together, and are also commingling funds. Chile, this is too much, LOL. This was merely a few weeks before their brief split.

Now Andy brings up claims about Larsa having sex 5 times a day with Marcus, and she claims her family is uncomfortable with the sex talk as the cast insists they don’t believe it. She proceeds to shade them as ‘dry,’ and says she’s hurt that Kiki shaded her welcome party for Marcus after he was out for 5 days and calls her a horrible friend as Kiki reminds her that she said in her confessional that she has to find a man if she wants to have nights out. 🙄

Guerdy weighs in on the overall sentiments and accuses Larsa of playing checkers, and every little thing has a consequence with her as Larsa talks over her and denies her claims. Kiki tells Larsa she isn’t supposed to throw her friend away because she met a new d**k. Ouch, Ms. Barth! 🤣 🤣 🤣

The conversation moves to Andy asking the ladies if they believe Marcus’ dad, Michael Jordan, was joking about his comment in which he said he disapproved of his son’s relationship with Larsa, and Lisa thinks he is.

Julia brings up an analogy about dating Chrissie Evert’s daughter, to which Marcus retorts: “That’s not even close.”

On a lighter note, the ladies are thrilled that Michael Jordan watches the show. Moreover, Larsa hints that her costars will not be invited to her wedding because she only wants to surround herself with people who are genuinely happy for her. So, the ladies are not??

Marysol is asked if she takes offense to Julia, exposing her as the pot-stirrer of the group even though she never did anything to her, and Marysol says Adriana is in Julia’s ears. Adriana chimes in and says there’s cyberbullying in the group and shows messages from a fan who’s been allegedly asked by Marysol to bully her and calls out Marysol for wishing her dead. Marysol denies being a pot-stirrer and admits she repeats rumors, and Alexia steps in to defend her bestie. Adriana accuses Marysol of using her cousin to spy on the cast and gives instances as Marysol says she’s making things up. However, most of the ladies think Marysol would hire a PI to dig up dirt on the cast.

Dr. Nicole points out that although Julia is a pot-stirrer as well, she repeats rumors, speaks the truth, and holds people accountable, unlike Marysol, who spreads baseless rumors and never takes accountability.

Andy shifts to Alexia, the Cuban doll, and she shares an update on Frankie and the emotional conversation she had with Peter about being his brother’s guardian. Let’s Look back to Alexia’s Nuevos Horizontes party, She explains that Todd didn’t attend her party despite his support because of what Adriana had said, and she slams Adriana as a bi**h and warns her to stop making rumors and lies about people. She then brings up Adriana’s comment in an article where she accused her of making transphobic statements, refusing her apology after comments on Frankie, and making assumptions about her finances and marital problems as they go at each other’s jugular. (When will these women ever see eye-to-eye?)

Dr. Nicole calls out double standards with Alexia and tells her she can dish it but can’t take it. (Can we all agree on this?) Alexia claims she and Todd share the same checking account and denies having financial problems. Corny Adriana gets up and recites a poem to Alexia…is she now a poet too? Larsa shares that she doesn’t like when Alexia says she’s the only one in the group that does something, and she fires back with the “that doesn’t lie line.” Andy is all of us right now laughing hysterically in his chair as these grown women argue about who the liar is and what not. Julia and Kiki start to kiss to get the ladies’ attention amid their unnecessary yelling.

In the spirit of truth-telling, Guerdy says Larsa is the biggest pot-stirrer and accuses her of holding people hostage and prompts Nicole to share a story that Alexia had told her of how Larsa allegedly claimed that people were doing drugs at Alexia’s wedding and threatened to expose the news to the press if Alexia doesn’t have her back.

It’s break time and Larsa is hanging with Marcus in her dressing room, she denies Alexia’s story and Alexia comes into her room and tries to greet Marcus and be friendly just minutes after talking s**t about Larsa. Larsa confronts her about the story and insists she had nothing to do with the story, and Alexia interjects as they argue on.

The drama continues next week, until then, stay tuned and keep up with us.



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