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Lords of the Fallen Bows, How to Bow Only in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen Bows

In Lords of the Fallen, Bows are a type of ranged weapon that provides players with the ability to engage in long-range combat. These Bows offer precision and accuracy, making them essential for targeting enemies from a distance. It’s important to note that all Bows in the game have a stability rating of 8%, which affects their accuracy and precision. Additionally, Bows do not have rune slots, meaning that players cannot further customize or enhance these weapons beyond their base stats. Despite their limitations in customization, Bows can be a valuable choice for players who prefer to keep their distance and eliminate foes with well-aimed shots.

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How to Bow Only in Lords of the Fallen?

If you want to use a bow a lot in “Lords of the Fallen,” here’s what you should do: First, find a bow by looking around in the game world, defeating enemies to get one, or finishing special missions. Try to find unique bows like the Assassin’s Bow. Once you have a bow, use it well by aiming at enemies using the lock-on feature to make sure your shots hit.

Try different ways of shooting your bow to do more damage. And don’t forget to keep an eye on how many arrows you have so you can keep playing your way. To make your bow even better, look for chances to upgrade it in the game. You can also use different types of arrows, some are better than others. Choose the arrows that work best for how you like to play. If you follow these steps, you can use a bow as your main weapon in “Lords of the Fallen.”


Lords of the Fallen

“Lords of the Fallen” is an action role-playing video game developed by Hexworks and published by CI Games. This game is a follow-up to the 2014 title with the same name. It became accessible for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023. After its launch, it received a wide range of reviews, with some game critics giving it positive feedback while others had mixed opinions. The game offers an immersive role-playing experience, but player reactions differ. It’s a good idea for potential players to check out reviews and gameplay content to see if it matches their gaming tastes.

Lords of the Fallen Gameplay

In “Lords of the Fallen,” you view the game world like you’re watching a faraway movie. The game is about fighting with weapons and magic, and it’s tough, like games such as “Souls.” You can play with another person to follow the story together or fight against other players.

When you start the game, you can make your very own character by choosing from nine different types. In the 2023 version, the game world is much bigger than in the 2014 version. There are two places in the game: Axiom, where living things are, and Umbral, where the departed go. Even though they are in the same place, you can switch between them using special light.

If your character dies, they go to the Umbral world and have to come back to Axiom to get back their experience points. But if your character dies in Umbral, you start from where you last saved, and you lose any experience points you hadn’t used. You can’t save the game everywhere, but you can make your own save points using materials from Umbral creatures. This game is a mix of creating your character, tough battles, and a big connected world. It’s fun and challenging to play.

Lords of the Fallen Trailer

Lords of the Fallen Overview




CI Games


Cezar Virtosu


Unreal Engine 5


Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


13 October 2023


Action role-playing


Single-player, multiplayer

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