Mani Chandra Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, Who Is Mani Chandra?

Mani Chandra Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, Who Is Mani Chandra?

Mani Chandra Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7

Mani Chandra has become a participant on the seventh season of the reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil. In this popular television program, individuals from various backgrounds live together in a specially designed house, facing challenges and tasks while being observed by cameras 24/7. Mani Chandra, like the other contestants, will be in the spotlight as he interacts with housemates and takes part in tasks, all while vying for the title of Bigg Boss champion.

Being on Bigg Boss offers contestants a chance to showcase their personalities, emotions, and skills to a wide audience and often involves drama, conflicts, and friendships. Mani Chandra’s journey on the show will be filled with twists and turns, and it will be exciting to see how he navigates the unique environment of the Bigg Boss house in hopes of winning the season.

Who is Mani Chandra? 

Mani Chandra is a famous dancer and choreographer in the Tamil television industry. He’s earned recognition for his dynamic and multifaceted dance skills, and he’s won various reality shows on Tamil TV. His performances are known for their enthusiasm and versatility, demonstrating his deep love and talent for dancing.

In addition to being a dancer, Mani Chandra has choreographed routines for numerous celebrities and television programs that aired on Vijay TV. His dance moves and creativity have added excitement to various shows. Now, in an interesting turn of events, Mani Chandra has entered the seventh season of the reality TV series Bigg Boss Tamil.

This show puts contestants in a house where they live together and face challenges, all while being watched by cameras around the clock. It will be fascinating to see how Mani Chandra’s dancing skills and charismatic personality unfold in this unique and competitive setting.


Mani Chandra

Date of Birth

June 16, 1994


29 (as of 2023)


Dancer, Choreographer


Bangalore, India


Mani Chandra Age

As of 2023, Mani Chandra is 29 years old. He was born on the 16th of June in 1994. Mani Chandra is a well-known dancer and choreographer who has achieved recognition for his dynamic and versatile dance performances. He has also participated in and won various reality shows on Tamil television, showcasing his passion and talent for dancing.

Additionally, he has worked as a choreographer for many celebrities and TV shows on Vijay TV. Now, Mani Chandra is a contestant on the seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil, a popular reality TV series. In this unique house, contestants live together, face challenges, and are constantly monitored by cameras, providing audiences with an opportunity to witness his journey on the show.

Mani Chandra Career

Mani Chandra embarked on his dancing journey by taking part in various cultural events during his school and college days. His inspiration came from two prominent figures: the renowned Tamil actor Vijay and the well-known choreographer Sandy Master. In 2015, he made his first television appearance in the 10th season of Maanada Mayilada, a show aired on Kalaingar TV.

Following this, in the years 2016-2017, he joined Jodi season 9 on Vijay TV, where he was teamed up with actress Priya, and together they clinched the title. He also featured in Kings of Dance season 1, also on Vijay TV, as part of the Kings Squad, reaching the semi-finals.

Currently, Mani Chandra works as a choreographer for various shows on Vijay TV, including Super Singer, Dance vs Dance, and Cook with Comali. He’s had the privilege of choreographing for several well-known celebrities like Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Anirudh Ravichander, and others.

Mani Chandra Family

Mani Chandra hails from a middle-class family in Bangalore. His father is named Ramesh Chandra, and his mother goes by the name Shobha Chandra. He has two siblings, a brother named Ravi Chandra, and a sister named Nisha Chandra. Mani’s family is incredibly supportive of his love for dancing and wholeheartedly encourages him to follow his dreams.

In his family, he found a strong foundation and unwavering backing for his passion. Their support has been instrumental in his journey as a dancer and choreographer. It’s evident that the Chandra family’s encouragement has played a crucial role in shaping Mani’s career and helped him pursue his dreams in the world of dance and entertainment.

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