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Michael Fassbender Talks Taking the Lead in David Fincher’s The Killer


  • Michael Fassbender is thrilled to be working on David Fincher’s crime drama “The Killer,” describing it as the kind of film he was eager to do.
  • Fassbender spent 10 weeks training and researching to prepare for his role as the contract killer, even learning how to assemble a sniper rifle.
  • Fincher praises Fassbender’s acting ability and discipline, saying he can hold conflicting emotions and has great ideas about behavior, making him the perfect fit for the film.

In an interview with Empire Magazine (conducted prior to the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike), star Michael Fassbender opened up about working on The Killer, admitting that the upcoming David Fincher crime drama was “the type of film I was salivating to do.”

Fincher’s highly anticipated action thriller is based on a French graphic novel of the same title that was written by Alexis “Matz” Nolnet and illustrated by Luc Jacamon. In addition to Fassbender The Killer also features Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Kerry O’Malley, Sophie Charlotte, Emiliano PernĂ­a, Gabriel Polanco, Sala Baker, and Endre Hules. The movie follows an assassin (played by Fassbender) known only as The Killer who finds himself being hunted by his employers after job mishap.

While chatting with the outlet, the X-Men: First Class star spoke about taking on the lead role in Fincher’s latest project, saying, “This is the type of film I was salivating to do. There’s suspense and intrigue. A slow drip. I love that kind of movie.”

While preparing to play the contract killer in the upcoming film the Prometheus star spent ten weeks training in order to get into top fighting form. Fassbender also learned how to assemble a sniper rifle and researched some real-life killers.

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Michael Fassbender Said That Preparing for His Role Meant “Trying To Understand the Mind of a Sociopath”


While reflecting on his prep for The Killer, the Steve Jobs star said, “There’s just trying to understand the mind of a sociopath. I try and put together a lifespan, to where the character is now.”

Fassbender added that the film’s source material gave him plenty to ideas in terms of exploring his character.

The actor said, “What I loved about the comics is there was a lot to pull from.”

Additionally, the Gone Girl director shared his thoughts on working with the Shame star and revealed why Fassbender ended up being the perfect fit for The Killer.

The Fight Club director said, “Michael’s eyes betray a lot. He can hold a lot of conflicting things in his mind and his eyes allow you access to it.”

Fincher went on to say, “He’s like Daniel Craig [the director’s male lead in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo] in that way, saying, ‘I can do it better.’ Tell him to stop 1/3 inch shorter and he can fine-tune that technical stuff, while on top of that he’s got really good ideas about behaviour.”

While complimenting the Alien: Covenant star, The Social Network director added, “He has this gift as an actor, but clamped on top of it is this incredible discipline about how he subdivides his next move.”

In a separately released interview with Empire Magazine, Fincher offered additional details on Fassbender’s character in The Killer saying, “He’s not James Bond. Our guy flies coach.”

The Killer is scheduled to start a limited theatrical release on October 27th before making its way over to Netflix on November 10th.


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