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Monday News: “Israel formally declares war”; “McCarthy Allies Criticize Far Right for Leaderless House as Israel Is Attacked”; “Jim Jordan Tried to Help Trump Mount a Coup. Now He Gets To Be Speaker?”; “Virginia elections put messaging on abortion, crime to the test”

by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, October 9.

  • It’s a global climate solution — if it can get past conspiracy theories and NIMBYs
  • The EU Just Kicked Off Its Biggest Climate Experiment Yet (“The world’s largest single market has launched a bold plan to tax carbon at its borders. The rest of the world is paying very close attention.”)
  • Rich nations vowed billions for climate damages. They haven’t delivered.
  • The Crimes Behind the Seafood You Eat (Either don’t eat seafood or only eat SUSTAINABLE, ethically sourced seafood.)
  • Nobel Prize in economics awarded to Harvard professor for advancing knowledge of women in the labor market
  • Russia’s Economy Is Increasingly Structured Around Its War in Ukraine
  • Gen. Milley on Ukraine aid: “Dangerous situation” if Putin wins war
  • Russia-Ukraine war live: UN ‘gravely concerned’ at lack of system to return Ukrainian children taken to Russia
  • Putin banks on wavering support for Ukraine, amid a race against time
  • Oil Surges as Israel Conflict Reignites Middle East Volatility
  • Oil prices rise following Hamas attack on Israel
  • Israel Imposes Total Siege on Gaza, Heavy Rocket Barrages Fired at Israeli Cities
  • This Is What Made the Attack on Israel Possible (“Unlike the 1973 war, the failure of 2023 was systemic: It was seen in the lack of intelligence, the military’s inadequate reaction and the absent of political leadership”)
  • Trump’s Grotesque Exploitation of Hamas Invasion of Israel (“Facts have never troubled Trump. But his Biden bashing – accusing the president of appeasing Hamas terrorists – is untethered incitement”)
  • Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Over Several Weeks (“Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps gave the final go-ahead last Monday in Beirut”)
  • Netanyahu warns of long war with Hamas; Hezbollah and Israel trade fire
  • Biden plans to send additional aid to Israel
  • U.S. plans to move ships and planes closer to Israel
  • Israel formally declares war, opening the way for a major escalation
  • “Get Their Act Together”: House GOP Speakership Chaos Complicates Israel Response
  • Things are about to get much worse in the war between Israel and Hamas
  • There’s not a chief of naval operations to help Israel due to Tommy Tuberville’s protest: Retired Commander
  • At least 2 members of Congress were in Israel during attack (“Both Rep. Dan Goldman and Sen. Cory Booker have left the country, their offices say.”)
  • Verified accounts spread fake news release about a Biden $8 billion aid package to Israel (Social media is badly broken.)
  • ‘They were going tree by tree and shooting’ – Israeli partygoer describes festival attack (Pure evil.)
  • Netanyahu Bears Responsibility for This Israel-Gaza War (Editorial by Haaretz, Israel’s longest-running newspaper, founded in 1918. “Haaretz is considered the most influential and respected for both its news coverage and its commentary.”)
  • Hamas attack has abruptly altered the picture for Middle East diplomacy (“Iran wants to make it impossible for Saudi Arabia to strike deal with Israel, while others in region cannot afford mayhem in Gaza”)
  • Shock and anger: Israelis search for loved ones after Hamas attack
  • Israel ‘going on the offensive’ after retaking territories overrun by Hamas (“Military confirms 700 killed in Israel after attack described as ‘9/11 and Pearl Harbor wrapped into one’”)
  • ‘They’re only babies’: Israeli relatives of hostages plead for help (“Women, infants and disabled people among about 100 thought to have been taken by Palestinian militants as ‘insurance policy’”)
  • When Massacre Came to a Music Festival in Israel (“Music-festival attendees were dancing beneath the sky when Hamas attacked, firing into the crowd and taking hostages.”)
  • A Shocked and Frazzled Collective Mind (“The attack on Israelis is a reminder of a long history of Jewish trauma.”)
  • Nearly 1,200 dead after surprise Hamas attack and Israel’s response
  • U.S. demands condemnation of Hamas at UN meeting, but Security Council takes no immediate action
  • Hamas attack is an intelligence failure that may take Israel years to unravel
  • Israel drafts 300,000 reservists as it goes on the offensive
  • How big is this going to get? What to watch for in the Israel-Hamas battle. (“From the threat of a regional war to China’s strange diplomacy, there’s no end to the dilemmas ahead.”)
  • Biden administration scrambles to deter wider Mideast conflict
  • Schumer Confronts Xi on Israel-Hamas Statement in Rare Meeting (“Schumer urges Xi to stand with Israel, condemn attacks; China has restated support for independent Palestinian state”)
  • German state elections: voters turn to the right in rebuke to Scholz’s coalition (“Worries about the economy and migration pushed up share for far-right AfD in Hesse and Bavaria, while coalition parties did worse” Not good at all.)
  • Xi Jinping’s wants a ‘multipolar world’, as China accelerates its shift away from the west
  • America’s political turmoil hampers its capacity to lead through yet another global crisis (“Swift efforts by lawmakers to quickly register support for Israel and to rush extra aid to its government could be hampered by the collapse of the Republican Party’s ability to govern in the House after the ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy last week by his party’s extreme elements.”)
  • Afghan earthquakes kill 2,445, Taliban say, as deaths mount
  • A toxic mix of tech and hate threatens India’s democracy
  • A 7th man accused of killing an Ecuador presidential candidate is slain in prison
  • It’s clearer than ever that we’re pushing the Amazon rainforest to its dreaded demise (“Stopping deforestation now is the only way.”)
  • Top Republican urges party to end ‘civil war’ and elect House speaker this week (“Texas congressman Mike McCaul calls on House to unify and ‘move quickly’ because ‘we cannot paralyze democracy’” That’s exactly what Republicans are doing.)
  • Outrage TV: critics condemn Gaetz and co for performance over politics (“Experts say removal of Kevin McCarthy was in large part to keep rebels relevant on Fox News and other rightwing networks”)
  • Jim Jordan Tried to Help Trump Mount a Coup. Now He Gets To Be Speaker? (“There are lots of problems with the far-right congressman. But January 6 stands out.”)
  • The Republican Meltdown Shows No Sign of Cooling Off
  • The right is getting weirder about sex (“Cults always police their followers’ sex lives, but the right wants to impose their bizarre beliefs on everyone” Dangerous freak show.)
  • If Republican ‘moderates’ ever acted, plenty could get done (Yeah, “moderates” in air quotes.)
  • McCarthy Allies Criticize Far Right for Leaderless House as Israel Is Attacked
  • Biden Is “Laying the Groundwork” for a Rematch Against Trump
  • Most Americans yearn for a third party. Don’t hold your breath. (What on earth would a third party accomplish?)
  • Liz Cheney is right about Jim Jordan’s involvement in Trump’s plot to overturn the 2020 election
  • Special election wins fuel Democrats’ hopes ahead of 2024
  • White House condemns ‘cruel and unacceptable’ posts about Interior spokesman
  • Tuberville won’t bend on military blockade amid Israel crisis (This is TOTALLY unacceptable; Mitch McConnell needs to take action, NOW.)
  • ‘I’d still vote for’ Biden if he was ‘dead’: Pa. voters react to Trump-Biden 2024 rematch
  • As false war information spreads on X, Musk promotes unvetted accounts (Among his MANY other really bad qualities – racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, promoting crazed conspiracy theories, you name it – Musk also is WILDLY irresponsible. Just a horrible, HORRIBLE person in every way.)
  • Elon Musk Deletes Tweet Telling People to Follow Antisemitic Account for War Updates (Yep, after posting it in the first place, leaving it up for hours, then deleting it with no explanation to his millions of followers – damage already done.)
  • Yes, Trump’s a “sick, sick person” and “beyond pathetic” for Spreading the Disgusting “Abortion AFTER Birth” Lie. But It’s Not Just Him, It’s Also VA Republicans Who Have Done That… (This should motivate everyone to VOTE, Democratic, on or before 11/7.)
  • Virginia elections put messaging on abortion, crime to the test
  • A political forecaster looks at four toss-up General Assembly races (“Democrats are slight favorites in both chambers to win a majority, with a ‘Lean Democratic’ rating for each. However, the Toss-Up districts this year will be imperative in determining who will come out on top.”))
  • With 30 Days Until VA Election Day 2023, Chaz Nuttycombe’s Latest Ratings Have Dems with 71% Chance of Senate Majority, 57% Chance of HoD Majority (Chaz has 8 ratings chances (6 in the “blue” direction and 2 in the “R” direction) in this latest update…)
  • A closer look at fundraising in some tight races this fall
  • ‘Dear Kevin’: What Youngkin might say to ex-Speaker McCarthy after a huge yet costly favor
  • House District 82 race: Democrat Adams vs. Republican incumbent Taylor
  • State’s financial commitments to Hampton-Roads Bridge-Tunnel expansion could increase with delays
  • SCOTUS to weigh in on case with implications for Virginia predatory loan law
  • Virginia’s blue crab commercial harvest period extended
  • Cardinal Conversation: Another hiccup for the Mountain Valley Pipeline
  • Editorial: Not so sure about systemic racism? Head down to Ettrick
  • D.C.-area forecast: Cool today, then a gradual warmup

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