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Monster Hunter Now Drop Rate, What are the Drop Rates?

Monster Hunter Now

“Monster Hunter Now” is a mobile game that lets players hunt down monsters in the real world. Developed by Niantic and Capcom, the game uses your phone’s location to place virtual monsters in your surroundings. Players can tap on these monsters to fight them, and while battles with big monsters only last for 75 seconds, it takes just a few seconds to defeat smaller ones.

The game also has resource nodes where players can collect materials to make armor and weapons. Players can team up with friends to take down large monsters together, and there are different types of terrains like forests and deserts to explore. With its augmented reality features, “Monster Hunter Now” brings the thrill of monster hunting to your everyday life.

Since its release in September 2023, “Monster Hunter Now” has gained popularity, with millions of downloads within its first week. Players appreciate the fast paced combat and the ability to hunt monsters in their real world surroundings.  

Monster Hunter Now Drop Rate

In the world of Monster Hunter, when you defeat a monster, it leaves behind materials. These materials come from both small and large monsters. They are classified into different rarity levels, ranging from 1 to 6. Rarity 1 materials are the most common, while rarity 6 are the rarest. Each of these materials has a specific chance of dropping.

Rarity level 1 materials almost always drop, so you can count on getting them. Unfortunately, Niantic, the company behind Monster Hunter, doesn’t share the exact drop rates, but from what I’ve seen, rarity level 1 drops are very reliable.

For materials of rarity 2 to 6, there’s a chance they’ll drop, but the exact percentages aren’t disclosed. Based on my experience, rarity 2 and 3 materials tend to drop quite frequently. I’d estimate the chances to be somewhere between 30% to 50%.

Now, when it comes to rarity 4 through 6, these are the rarest materials. In traditional Monster Hunter games, a rarity 6 material has a drop rate of only 1%. It’s possible that this holds true for Monster Hunter Now as well.


Monster Hunter Now Gameplay

In the game “Monster Hunter Now,” players step into an augmented reality world where they use their real world location as the game’s map. This means that the places players go in real life become the backdrop for their  monster hunting adventures. To interact with the game, players tap on monsters they encounter, triggering battles.

These battles are quicker compared to the traditional Monster Hunter games, with large monster fights lasting just 75 seconds, while smaller monsters can be defeated in a matter of seconds. Players can also gather in game resources from special spots on the map, which they use to create armor and weapons.

Additionally, there are items available for purchase that temporarily increase the player’s interaction range with the virtual environment. The game even offers multiplayer hunts, where up to four players within 200 meters of each other can team up to take down the same large monster. It’s a unique blend of real world exploration and monster hunting that has attracted millions of players worldwide.

Monster Hunter Now Release Date

“Monster Hunter Now” was released on September 14, 2023. This augmented reality mobile game, part of the popular Monster Hunter series, was developed by Niantic and Capcom and published by Niantic. Before its global release on September 14, it had an early release in select regions on August 9, 2023, including Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden.

Upon its worldwide launch, the game quickly gained popularity, accumulating an impressive 5 million installations within its first week. Players from around the world eagerly embraced the opportunity to embark on monster hunting adventures using their real life surroundings, making it a significant milestone in the mobile gaming world.

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Monster Hunter Now Trailer

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