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My Son Ending Explained, Where to Watch My Son?

My Son

“My Son” is a gripping 2021 mystery thriller helmed by director Christian Carion. The film presents a unique approach to storytelling, particularly through James McAvoy’s portrayal of his character.

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McAvoy’s performance stands out as he was not given a traditional script or dialogue to follow. Instead, he relied solely on his understanding of his character’s backstory, allowing him to improvise his way through the film. This unconventional method adds an extra layer of authenticity and spontaneity to the movie, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as the mystery unfolds.

Based on Carion’s 2017 French film “Mon garçon,” “My Son” maintains its suspenseful atmosphere while introducing English-speaking audiences to its thrilling narrative. Alongside McAvoy, the talented Claire Foy delivers a captivating performance, further enhancing the film’s intrigue.

The storyline delves into the complexities of the characters’ relationships and motivations, weaving a web of suspense and uncertainty that keeps audiences guessing until the very end.

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The film’s innovative approach to acting and storytelling, coupled with its strong performances and compelling plot, make “My Son” a must-watch for fans of mystery and thriller genres.

Carion’s direction ensures that every moment is filled with tension and intrigue, making for an exhilarating cinematic experience. Whether viewers are drawn in by McAvoy’s improvisational skills or the film’s gripping storyline, “My Son” promises to leave a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

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My Son Ending Explained

In the gripping conclusion of “My Son,” the mystery surrounding Ethan’s disappearance reaches its climax as Edmond, Joan, and Ethan find themselves in a tense confrontation with the kidnappers at Dunmore Lodge.

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With Edmond’s quick thinking and bravery, they manage to rescue Ethan just in time, but not without Edmond sustaining a gunshot wound in the process. The scene initially appears to be a moment of relief and happiness as the family reunites, but their joy is short-lived when Inspector Roy arrives on the scene.

Inspector Roy’s arrival signals a dramatic turn of events as he arrests Edmond, leaving the family’s future uncertain. While the exact reason for Edmond’s arrest is not explicitly stated in the film, hints suggest that his involvement in illicit activities related to his work in the oil industry may have been uncovered during the investigation. Additionally, Edmond’s use of extreme measures, including torture, to rescue Ethan could also contribute to his legal troubles.

Despite the somber note of Edmond’s arrest, there’s a glimmer of hope in Inspector Roy’s words. He suggests that Edmond’s cooperation in dismantling the kidnapping ring could potentially work in his favor during legal proceedings. This offers a ray of optimism for Edmond and his family, hinting at the possibility of a brighter future despite the challenges they face.

Ultimately, the ending of “My Son” leaves viewers with lingering questions about Edmond’s fate and the repercussions of his actions. It’s a conclusion that highlights the complexities of morality and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of justice and familial love.

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My Son Cast



James McAvoy Edmond Murray
Claire Foy Joan Richmond
Tom Cullen Frank Gilchrist
Gary Lewis Inspector Roy
Michael Moreland William O’Connor
Robert Jack Alan
Owen Whitelaw Fergus
Paul Rattray Steven
Max Wilson Ethan Murray

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My Son Plot

“My Son” follows the gripping tale of Edmond Murray, an estranged father, who is drawn back into his son Ethan’s life when the boy goes missing. Edmond’s journey begins when he is called to the scene of Ethan’s disappearance, where he encounters his former wife Joan and joins the search effort.

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As tensions rise, Edmond’s emotions boil over when he discovers unsettling details about Joan’s new partner, Frank, suspecting him of foul play. A series of intense events unfolds as Edmond’s suspicions lead to a confrontation with Frank, resulting in violence and a police investigation.

Determined to find his son, Edmond takes matters into his own hands, uncovering a disturbing revelation about a sinister kidnapping ring. With the help of unexpected allies and fueled by desperation, Edmond embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue Ethan from the clutches of the kidnappers.

The story reaches a climax as Edmond confronts the kidnappers at a remote lodge, engaging in a harrowing showdown to save his son. Amidst the chaos, Joan arrives, adding another layer of tension to the already volatile situation. Despite facing grave danger, Edmond’s unwavering determination and courage lead to Ethan’s rescue, but not without sacrifice.

In the aftermath, as the dust settles, Edmond must come to terms with the consequences of his actions, both legally and personally. With the kidnapping ring dismantled and justice served, Edmond bids farewell to his son, knowing that their bond has been strengthened through adversity, and he must face the repercussions of his past choices.

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My Son Review

“My Son” captivates audiences with its intense mystery and standout performances, particularly James McAvoy’s gripping portrayal of Edmond. The film’s unique approach to storytelling, with McAvoy improvising his character’s dialogue, adds a layer of authenticity and suspense.

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Christian Carion’s direction keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, weaving a narrative that unravels the truth behind Ethan’s disappearance in a compelling manner. Claire Foy also shines in her role, enhancing the film’s emotional depth.

The exploration of themes such as parental love, sacrifice, and the lengths one would go to protect their child resonates deeply, drawing audiences into the characters’ struggles.

Despite its dark subject matter, “My Son” offers moments of hope and redemption, ultimately leaving viewers with a sense of catharsis. With its gripping storyline, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes, “My Son” stands out as a must-watch thriller that leaves a lasting impression.

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Where to Watch My Son?

“My Son” is accessible for viewing on several platforms, providing options for audiences to enjoy this gripping mystery thriller. For those with an Amazon Prime Video subscription, the movie is available for streaming as part of the subscription package.

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Alternatively, viewers can opt to rent or purchase the film on Google Play Movies & TV, offering flexibility in how they access the content. Additionally, “My Son” is also available for streaming on Apple TV, catering to users of Apple’s streaming service.

With these multiple options, audiences can choose the platform that best suits their preferences and viewing habits. Whether you’re a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video, prefer renting or purchasing on Google Play Movies & TV, or use Apple TV for your streaming needs, “My Son” ensures accessibility for all audiences eager to delve into its thrilling narrative.

My Son Trailer

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