Pressure Cooker Guide: Know How It Helps Cook Good Food & Preserves Food

Many of us remember being told to stay out of the kitchen when we were kids, especially when the pressure cooker was hissing away on the stove. Today’s pressure cookers have made pressure cooking much safer. They no longer make that loud, high-pitched noise and have safety features to stop too much pressure from building up. Plus, the lids lock tightly and won’t open until the pressure inside is released.

These new designs are much better than the old noisy, steam-spewing pots many people used in the past. However, these handy devices help you create delectable dishes and play a crucial role in preserving food. This article will discuss how useful pressure cookers are for day-to-day cooking purposes.

1.  How do Pressure Cookers Work?

Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of a pressure cooker? Well, imagine it as a sealed vessel that does some clever cooking magic. It starts when the water starts heating and gets converted into steam. This steam is the secret sauce behind the pressure cooker’s efficiency.

What makes pressure cookers so special is their ability to keep that steam trapped inside. The lid forms an airtight seal, preventing the steam from escaping into the kitchen. But here’s the clever part – pressure cookers also have a vent tube, a safety valve for excess steam. This way, they balance keeping the pressure right and ensuring things don’t go overboard.

This controlled pressure buildup inside the cooker is the key to its remarkable speed in cooking. Normally, water boils at around 212°F (100°C), but on heating the pressure cooker it can get much hotter. This higher temperature makes cooking much quicker, especially for foods like tough meats that usually take a long time to cook. So, pressure cooking lets you make these dishes in less time than regular methods.

2.  How are Pressure Cookers Used in Preserving Food?

Pressure cookers are not just for cooking but also for preserving food. They can be used for canning, which means storing food for later. There are larger and smaller pressure cookers for this job. Larger ones are good for huge quantities of food, while smaller ones work for everyday cooking.

One significant advantage of pressure canning is the preservation of vital nutrients in the preserved food, surpassing traditional canning methods. This method ensures that the food you store remains nutrient-rich, providing healthier meal options. Additionally, preserving food in a pressure cooker is economically beneficial for you.

Lastly, the beauty of pressure canning lies in the customization it offers. You retain full control over the ingredients and flavors, enabling you to craft personalized recipes while avoiding preservatives and additives, resulting in wholesome, tailored culinary creations.

3.  Benefits of Using Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers serve many benefits, making them a must-have kitchen appliance. Let’s discuss these benefits to understand how well they contribute to your cooking process.

·        Keeps Food Nutritious and Tasty

Pressure cookers are culinary superheroes, keeping your food both nutritious and delicious. They work their magic by cooking food quickly, which is a big win because the longer food cooks, the more it loses its precious nutrients. These nifty gadgets use less liquid and speed up cooking, allowing your meals to hang on to their essential nutrients, vibrant colours, and mouth watering flavours.

·        Saves Energy

Moreover, pressure cookers are eco-friendly cookware that helps you save energy and, consequently, money. Instead of juggling multiple pots and pans on different burners, you can go for one-pot recipes with a pressure cooker because they cook food faster and are energy-efficient.

·        Saves Time

Another fantastic aspect is the time-saving superpower of pressure cookers. They cut 70% of the cooking time, making them your saviour when you’re too exhausted to cook after a long day. Just toss in your ingredients, do a quick tidy-up in the kitchen, set the table, and boom – your nutritious meal is ready in a jiffy.

·        Less Mess to Clean

Regular pots and pans are notorious for causing messes with splatters and spills, leading to a major cleaning session. In contrast, pressure cookers come with neatly assembled fitting lids. It means no more scrubbing stovetops or walls after your culinary adventures. Plus, you’ll only have one pot to wash, simplifying cleanup and giving you more time to savour your delectable creations. It’s the kitchen cleanup dream come true!


In conclusion, a pressure cooker can last long with proper care, so choose a high-quality one. They’re usually made of aluminium or stainless steel. They are your partners in the kitchen, offering benefits like faster cooking, energy efficiency, and the retention of nutrients and flavours. They can help you cook many different types of food to meet your cooking needs.

So, say goodbye to long hours and hello to healthy and flavour-packed dishes in a snap. Don’t wait; let’s kickstart your pressure-cooking adventure right now!


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