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Saturday News: “The Real Reason Trump Loves Putin”; “Biden announces U.S. will airdrop food aid into Gaza”; “Supreme Court Picks Up Where the Jan. 6 Mob Left Off”; Many Virginia Rs Endorse Sexual Predator and Wannabe Dictator with 91 Felony Charges

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, March 2.

  • New Research Shows Emissions From Cars and Power Plants Can Hinder Insects’ Search for the Plants They Pollinate
  • Meat Industry Using ‘Misinformation’ to Block Dietary Change, Report Finds (“Meat and dairy groups have funded adverts that cast vegan products as unhealthy, unnatural and ultra processed.” And they push an obsession with the supposed need for animal-based protein.)
  • Top Ukrainian general eyes leadership shake-up (“Gen Oleksandr Syrskyi insisted the situation on Ukraine’s eastern front ‘remains difficult, but controlled’.”)
  • The Real Reason Trump Loves Putin (“A new book explores the American right’s tendency to admire and want to emulate foreign dictators.”)
  • Navalny’s legacy and the future of Russian opposition (Excellent job by the PBS NewsHour on this story)
  • Thousands gather in Moscow for Navalny’s funeral, defying Kremlin and Russian police
  • Surprisingly Weak Ukrainian Defenses Help Russia’s Advance
  • Trump Says Little on Gaza, and Nothing About What He’d Do Differently (Trump absolutely would NOT restrain the Israelis…quite the contrary!)
  • Biden announces U.S. will airdrop food aid into Gaza
  • Questions still surround the convoy disaster as clamor grows for a cease-fire.
  • Biden says U.S. will begin airdropping aid into Gaza in the coming days
  • UN says many bullet wounds among Gaza convoy injured (“Some 760 people were reportedly injured and more than 100 died after a rush on an aid convoy in Gaza.”)
  • The New York Times stands by its reporting on the Hamas terror attack after questions are raised
  • Hunger, Desperation and Fear Turned Gaza Aid Convoy Deadly
  • Food convoy carnage distills what’s gone terribly wrong in Gaza (“A real-life version of ‘Lord of the Flies’: Israel’s war aim is to destroy Hamas, but it is also destroying any vestige of orderly life in Gaza.”)
  • Red Sea Conflict Threatens Key Internet Cables
  • CDC drops 5-day isolation guidance for Covid-19, moving away from key strategy to quell infections (That seems…not wise.)
  • Weather tracker: February heatwave breaks records in north and central US (“Heat as high as 20C above normal is replaced by cold blast causing rapid temperature swings”)
  • US Cities Could Be Capturing Billions of Gallons of Water Per Day (“American urban areas couldn’t feasibly capture all of that bountiful runoff, but a combination of smarter stormwater infrastructure and ‘sponge city’ techniques like green spaces would make urban areas far more sustainable on a warming planet.” Do it!)
  • Biden tightens chemical safety rule loosened by Trump
  • Thousands of millionaires haven’t filed tax returns for years, IRS says
  • Supreme Court Picks Up Where the Jan. 6 Mob Left Off
  • CVS and Walgreens Will Begin Selling Abortion Pills This Month
  • Trump claims he supports IVF access. The think tank behind the next GOP administration is strongly opposed. (“The Heritage Foundation is behind Project 2025 and has called Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling inhibiting IVF access an ‘unqualified victory’”)
  • It Can Happen Here (“A new project tracking creeping authoritarianism.”)
  • What “Project 2025” Would Do to America
  • Trump trials timeline: Jan. 6, Georgia and docs cases all in limbo
  • As Trump’s Criminal Trial Approaches, He May Be His Own Worst Enemy
  • Judge in Mar-a-Lago case likely to delay trial in boon for Trump (Why is Cannon even on this case at all?!?)
  • Florida judge considers timing of Trump classified docs case, does not issue ruling
  • The Fani Willis Evidentiary Hearing Was a Joke
  • Mitch McConnell Couldn’t Fend Off Trump’s Populist Takeover
  • Liz Cheney Nukes the Supreme Court Over Trump Delay—and Hands Dems a Weapon
  • How do you say ‘impeachment is dead’ in Russian?
  • Trump’s controversial remarks raise questions about Black voter push (See what the media does? In this case, they call Trump’s remarks “controversial” instead of RACIST, which is what they were!)
  • Voters Doubt Biden’s Leadership and Favor Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds (If that stays the case through the November election, then the U.S. is toast.)
  • Voters cannot ignore Trump’s racism (“The cycle of bigotry points to an un-American MAGA movement.”)
  • Biden campaign, reproductive rights groups hit Trump after he raises 15-week abortion ban
  • Biden-Harris 2024 Response to Another Trump “Interview” on Fox (“Here are the facts: Under Trump, crime SKYROCKETED while crime rates have come down under President Biden.”)
  • Rick Scott ‘seriously considering’ run for Senate GOP leader (Rick Scott is Voldemort, pretty much.)
  • Maria Bartiromo’s Fox shows pushed the indicted FBI informant’s story more than 200 times in 2023
  • ‘I don’t know’ if Trump would follow the Constitution in a second term, Nikki Haley says (Yes, we know – Trump absolutely would NOT follow the constitution or the law.)
  • Haley Warns That Trump Will Bury His Criminal Cases If They’re Not “Dealt With” Before the Election (“She’s not wrong!”)
  • The big question for Nikki Haley is what to do about Trump after she drops out
  • Appeals court ruling that vacates Capitol rioter’s sentence could impact dozens of Jan. 6 cases
  • Donald Trump says Greg Abbott is “absolutely” on vice president short list (Abbott is a sociopath.)
  • Businessman Pleads Guilty to Bribing Sen. Bob Menendez (Menendez should resign immediately.)
  • University of Florida eliminates all DEI positions due to new state rules (Crazy.)
  • Garvey now in statistical tie with Schiff in California Senate race: Poll
  • Wisconsin high court rejects bid to revisit congressional maps
  • Why Trump’s Richmond rally is politically tricky for Youngkin (“Youngkin clearly appreciated the potentially destructive effects of the optics of video or still photography of the two standing together”)
  • With Virginia’s Presidential Primaries on Tuesday, Roanoke College Poll Finds Trump Leading Haley by 62 Pts. Among Rs; Haley Up 10 Pts. Among Independents
  • Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02) Signs Onto “Pro-IVF” Measure That Does Nothing To…*Checks Notes*…Protect IVF (Kiggans is the same person who called abortion a “shiny object” and compared having one to getting a “nose job.” )
  • Number of Virginia schools that ‘need support’ under federal law doubled
  • Video: VA State Sen. Ghazala Hashmi Discusses Her “Right to Contraception Act” on MSNBC as Bill Heads to Governor Youngkin’s Desk
  • An earned sentence credits bill is still alive in Richmond
  • New vape laws, tax likely headed to the governor’s desk
  • Virginia could allow closed hearings on decertification of law officers
  • Virginia bill could limit student transcript withholding
  • Fairfax bus strike, in its second week, takes a toll on commuters
  • Former employee files whistleblower complaint against city of Richmond
  • Land donation to African American burial ground in jeopardy amid power line dispute in Loudoun
  • Williams: The Shockoe Project is about our past and our future
  • Lawyers clash over care of Natural Bridge Zoo’s giraffes
  • D.C.-area forecast: Rain winding down this morning, and nicer weather Sunday

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