‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Not Interested In Reconciliation

‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Not Interested In Reconciliation

Janelle Brown is sharing her thoughts about her separation from her husband, Kody Brown, and her outlook on dating in the future.

The “Sister Wives” admitted to being in a “weird place” that made her uninterested in returning to the dating scene. Janelle and Kody married in January 1993, and the union lasted nearly three decades before they announced their decision to end their marriage.

Janelle Brown Will Require God Speaking To Her Before She’ll Accept Another Man’s Advances

Since the 18th season of “Sister Wives” premiered last month, viewers have seen multiple family dramas play out. One such drama occurred earlier in the season when Janelle and Kody had a conflict regarding the treatment of their sons, Garrison and Gabriel.

The dispute reportedly centered around Kody’s distance from and concerns that the boys were not following his COVID-related rules, leading to a heated argument between the couple. This dispute was so significant that the couple spent the 2022 holidays apart and ultimately separated. 

Now, nearly a year after that, Janelle has opened up about coming to terms with her new single status and potentially finding a new man. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the hit TLC reality series, the internet personality candidly shared:

“I’m in this really weird place right now because I don’t want Kody back at my house, and there’s no real legal mechanism that shows we’re legally divorced, but I’m not at all interested in any other kind of relationship.”

Instagram | Janelle Brown

She then touched on her reluctance to start dating again, saying, “I’m not interested in dating unless God somehow throws this guy right in my path and points with big arrows, ‘This is it, this is it, this is it.’ I’m just not interested.”

Although she had admitted missing Kody’s warm body in her bed in a previous episode, Janelle has a burning desire to keep him out of her home. “It’s a new chapter for me,” she told fellow former sister-wife Christine. The declaration prompted Christine to ask about her feelings, to which she responded: 

“I still don’t know, but I feel optimistic, and it feels like there are lots of options. This summer is looking a lot more exciting than last summer.”

Christine then reflected on the challenges they’ve encountered in their polygamous family, particularly regarding her decision to leave Kody and the family last summer. She reveals that Janelle had an emotional reaction, shedding tears when Christine announced her departure. 

“I did cry. That was rare for me,” the 54-year-old replied, eliciting a laugh from her and Christine, who subsequently reminisced about their enduring friendship. The 51-year-old confirmed:

“You cried then, but not with you and Kody, but we’ll always raise the kids together. We’re always going to be sister wives.”

Janelle Maintained That She Would Consider Reuniting With Kody If He Took Counseling Seriously

Janelle Brown Maintained That She Would Consider Reuniting With Kody Brown If He Took Counseling Seriously
Instagram | Janelle Brown

Earlier this month, The Blast observed that an episode had required Janelle and Kody to reconcile to address the issue of their marriage temporarily. After he admitted that he was “embarrassed” by his behavior during their infamous fight, Kody got a shocking response from his estranged wife.

As it turned out, the reality star had no interest in working things out with her ex, as she firmly expressed her desire to “stay separated for now.” This decision surprised Kody, as they hadn’t even spoken since their argument.

Despite that, Janelle mentioned her willingness to undergo counseling, indicating her openness to addressing their relationship challenges. She emphasized that she is “really, really willing to do some counseling if we can find somebody.”

Additionally, she made it clear that regardless of their separation, she still has “a lot of affection” for Kody,” but insisted, “Yeah, maybe some counseling is a good idea.” She reiterated her stance on the matter during her confessional, where she said:

“If he doesn’t want it, I’m not going to sit here and put all the effort into trying to create this because I think there’s something better for me.” 

Janelle’s openness to counseling became apparent following her and Kody’s clash over his reluctance to take responsibility for staying distant from their adult children.


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