Sunday News: At West Point, “Biden urges ‘constant vigilance’ to maintain democracy”; “No Wannabe Dictators!” – Trump Booed by Libertarians; “As Trump trial hurtles towards verdict, are Americans paying attention?”; “For Levar Stoney, do more opponents mean more opportunities?”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, May 26.

  • Optimistic About the War in Ukraine, Putin Unleashes a Purge at Home
  • Ukraine Faces a Crucial Moment in the War (“Two years after Russia launched its invasion, the fighting is shifting in its favor.”)
  • Russia’s Psychological Warfare Against Ukraine (“There is a battle going on between two worldviews, but the divisions aren’t geographical. They’re in people’s heads.”)
  • Biden at West Point: “I’m determined” to keep U.S. soldiers out of war in Ukraine
  • Russia Steps Up a Covert Sabotage Campaign in Europe
  • What Hamas Called Its Female Captives, and Why It Matters (“Reading too much into the language seems, at this point, to be less of a danger than reading too little into it.”)
  • How plans for ‘the day after’ could help end war in Gaza
  • Aid trucks begin entering Gaza under agreement with Egypt to bypass Rafah
  • Israel-Gaza war: anti-government protesters clash with Tel Aviv police and demand hostage deal (“Demonstrators also called for resignation of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and for fresh elections”)
  • U.S. and Israeli officials see progress on resuming hostage talks (Do NOT hold your breath.)
  • Lithuanians vote in presidential election overshadowed by Russia
  • Polish foreign minister calls for long-term rearmament of Europe
  • China Slammed in G-7 Show of Unity Threatening Trade Escalation
  • Indians Are About to Re-elect a Dangerous Islamophobe
  • UN fears 670 people buried under Papua landslide
  • Fed’s Favorite Underlying Inflation Gauge Is Seen Cooling
  • Even as Violent Crime Drops, Lawlessness Rises as an Election Issue
  • US Offshore Wind Farms Are Being Strangled With Red Tape (“This year has seen wind farm costs rise and many projects canceled as developers struggle with opaque regulations and determined opposition—but the industry is far from dead.”)
  • Sotomayor admits some Supreme court decisions have driven her to tears
  • Justice Sotomayor Describes Frustration With Being a Liberal on the Supreme Court
  • Washington Post bombshell: Washington Post buried Alito flag story for three years
  • Wife of Justice Alito called upside-down flag ‘signal of distress’ (Samuel Alito is a nutjob – and so is his wife. Same with Clarence and Ginni Thomas. Fact is, usually if one member of a couple is f’ing bonkers, the other one is too.)
  • The rise of ‘abortion abolitionists’ targeting women, doctors and Donald Trump
  • Opinion: Would a guilty verdict doom Trump at the ballot box?
  • As Trump trial hurtles towards verdict, are Americans paying attention?
  • Trump is still pushing the limits of the gag order. It could come back to haunt him at sentencing. (“Dealing with the gag order is a distraction for both sides. But if Trump is convicted, his violations could be used as aggravating factors.”)
  • Trump’s hush money jury faces daunting deliberations
  • Biden urges ‘constant vigilance’ to maintain democracy in West Point speech
  • Biden indirectly rebukes Trump at West Point commencement
  • US president warns new army officers to be ‘guardians of American democracy’
  • What Deporting 15 Million People Would Actually Look Like (“Democrats need to make clear the ugly reality of what a fascist, Trumpist GOP will mean to America if he is allowed back in power.”)
  • Hillary Clinton Has Some Tough Words for Democrats, and for Women (“In an interview for a forthcoming book, Mrs. Clinton also suggested that if Donald Trump won in November ‘we may never have another actual election.’”)
  • Trump loudly heckled, booed at Libertarian National Convention
  • Trump, accustomed to friendly crowds, confronts repeated booing during Libertarian convention speech
  • ‘No wannabe dictators!’: Donald Trump booed at Libertarian convention
  • ‘He’s more delusional than I thought’: Libertarians jeer Trump during convention speech
  • Trump booed and heckled by raucous crowd at Libertarian convention
  • Trump to announce plans to commute ‘Silk Road’ website operator Ross Ulbricht’s prison sentence
  • Jack Smith Invites Aileen Cannon to Protect the Country Rather than Just Donald Trump
  • Pronouns and tribal affiliations are now forbidden in South Dakota public university employee emails
  • Uvalde families sue Meta and Call of Duty maker on second anniversary of school attack
  • Schapiro: For Levar Stoney, do more opponents mean more opportunities?
  • Williams: Election officials must be above reproach. Richmond’s is under investigation
  • Commentary: Tragedy doesn’t define us. Meet Huguenot High’s Class of 2024
  • Private meeting spurs new collaboration involving Virginia Tech and surrounding towns
  • Portsmouth City Council reverses city group’s decision to exclude dance, cheer groups from Memorial Day Parade
  • VCU won’t directly pay its athletes, though new state law allows it
  • D.C.-area forecast: Summer-like warmth today. Strong storms possible on Memorial Day.

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