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Sunday News: “Once Mr. Security, Netanyahu failed to meet Israelis’ most basic security needs. How?”; “US ready to offer Israel support after attacks- Biden”; “Here’s how we know the Republican Party has become an autocratic movement”; Virginian-Pilot Whitewashes GOP Extremism

by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, October 8.

  • The 15-minute city climate solution spreading from Paris to Cleveland
  • Opinion | Africa Needs Its Debts Paused So It Can Prepare for Climate Catastrophe
  • Pope Francis’s synod is radical – but not in the way his critics think (“The meeting is an effort to manage simmering tension in the church.”)
  • Putin banks on wavering support for Ukraine, amid a race against time
  • Top generals, Milley and Zaluzhny, forged a bond in Ukraine’s fight – The Washington Post
  • As Ukraine reels from attacks on land, conflict at sea signals hope (“Drones and missiles keep Russian fleet at bay and supplies and trade flowing at ports”)
  • Ukraine’s Zelenskiy calls for world solidarity with Israel
  • ‘Humiliated and defeated’: Fear, shock grip Israel after Hamas assault
  • Netanyahu’s unforced error could come with heavy costs
  • Hapless Netanyahu Was Totally Unprepared for Attack
  • Once Mr. Security, Netanyahu failed to meet Israelis’ most basic security needs. How?
  • Netanyahu Bears Responsibility for This Israel-Gaza War
  • Netanyahu’s Recklessness Has Brought War Upon Israel (“While the failure is first and foremost that of the Military Intelligence and the Shin Bet security service, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be able to wash his hands of this travesty”)
  • Analysis: ‘Pearl Harbor’ moment. Why didn’t Israel’s sophisticated border security stop the attack?
  • Netanyahu, Lapid and Gantz Discuss Emergency Unity Government Amid Hamas’ Shock Infiltration (“Opposition leaders Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz expressed their willingness to join Netanyahu’s government, but Lapid demanded far-right leaders and ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir be removed. Gantz agreed to join alongside the two”)
  • Israel-Gaza War: A Catastrophic Failure That Will Send Political Shockwaves
  • Hamas Attack Prompts Blame Around Israeli Intelligence
  • As Israel War Rages, Oil Traders Are Focused on Iran
  • Analysts See Iran Role in Attack on Israel as it Seeks Saudi Ties
  • Iran’s support for Hamas fans suspicion it’s wrecking Israel-Saudi deal
  • Shock Incursion on Weakened Israel Imperils Regional Geopolitics (“Implications will be enormous if conflict spreads elsewhere”)
  • Biden decries the ‘unconscionable’ Hamas attack and warns Israel’s enemies not to exploit the crisis
  • The significance of why Hamas chose to attack Israel now (“Former U.S. officials say the group and its Iranian backers tried to exploit Israeli political divisions and to derail historic negotiations between Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S.”)
  • ‘There’s Going to Be a Lot of Soul-Searching in Israel When This Is Over’
  • Netanyahu says Israel ‘at war’ after Hamas attack; air force kills nearly 200 in Gaza air strikes
  • US ready to offer Israel support after attacks- Biden
  • This is Israel’s 9/11. The consequences will be dangerous — and unforeseeable.
  • A Hamas attack on Israel terrifies — and clarifies
  • Biden Condemns Hamas Attack on Israel
  • Hamas surprise attack out of Gaza stuns Israel and leaves hundreds dead in fighting, retaliation
  • G.O.P. Candidates Use Attacks on Israel to Criticize Biden for His Iran Deal (This NY Times headline, as usual, fails, because it doesn’t say that the Republican attacks are completely “in bad faith” or “dishonest” or whatever. Why not?!?)
  • Israel confirms soldiers and civilians taken hostage by militants
  • A Devastating Attack by Hamas (“How did Israel not see it coming?”)
  • A Historic Cataclysm in the Middle East (“Hamas’s attacks could be a daring single-day raid or the start of a regional war of a scale not seen since 1973.”)
  • Missiles From Lebanon Threaten to Blow up Wider Israel War
  • Israel attack is Hamas imposing itself on wider Middle East diplomacy
  • Pentagon says it will support Israel after Netanyahu declares war
  • Lack of Speaker poses unique challenge in Israel talks
  • Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran say Israel has only itself to blame for Hamas attacks (That’s absurd. Sure, there were massive failures by the Likud government, Israeli intelligence, etc., but Israel is “ONLY” to blame?!? Terrorist group Hamas, which carried out the vicious attacks/atrocities, bears ZERO blame? Iran, which supports Hamas, bears ZERO blame?)
  • Israel’s Defense Failures May Change Strategy Toward Hamas and Gaza
  • Waking to an Attack from Hamas (“A state of war is declared in Israel, fifty years after the country was caught flat-footed in the Yom Kippur War.”)
  • Israel’s Worst Day at War
  • After Hamas Attack, Israel Wrestles With What Went Wrong (It starts with the right-wing government of Bibi Netanyahu, which has divided the country, weakened/alienated the military and intelligence services, etc., etc.)
  • Biden administration grapples with broad repercussions of Hamas invasion
  • Earthquakes kill over 2,000 in Afghanistan. People are freeing the dead and injured with their hands
  • Here’s how we know the Republican Party has become an autocratic movement
  • Trump Is Lying About Another Election Being ‘Stolen’ From Him — The One Still A Year Away
  • Pence slams Trump, GOP ‘voices of appeasement’ as Israel comes under attack
  • Trump says he has a ‘better body’ than Biden, could beat him in fight (Hahahahaha.)
  • Opinion: How not to cover Donald Trump’s bizarre 2024 campaign for president
  • For Trump, the New York Fraud Trial Is Personal (“Friends say the case is the one that hits closest to his business and self-image” It should!)
  • The Republican party is at last paying the price of its Faustian pact with Trump
  • Biden Allies Try to Squash Third-Party Candidates
  • Amazon’s Alexa has been claiming the 2020 election was stolen (WTF???)
  • Should you believe the polls or the special elections? There’s a third way: Virginia. (“The close race for control of the state legislature will tell us a lot about which party has the upper hand going into next year.” Is that actually true?)
  • A Dozen of the Most Extreme, Batsh*t-Crazy Republicans Running in Key Virginia General Assembly Races This Year (Plus, some of the worst who are running in “deep-red” districts…)
  • Editorial: Annual report urges greater economic diversity in Hampton Roads
  • Kevin Adams and Aaron Rouse face off again in competitive Virginia Beach Senate race (HORRIBLE article, almost completely whitewashes Adams’ extremism. Seriously, this article by the Virginian-Pilot SUCKS; why even have a newspaper or be a journalist, at all, if you’re going to do this crap?)
  • Williams: On Confederate monuments, Roanoke and Richmond took different paths
  • Off-duty Loudoun Co. sheriff’s deputy arrested for domestic assault
  • D.C.-area forecast: Breezy and rather cool today, gradually warmer tomorrow through midweek

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