Sunday News: “US agrees to send long-range missiles to Ukraine in military boost for Kyiv”; “Was McCarthy distracted from governing by impeachment inquiry?”; “Clarence Thomas’ Koch Party Is Latest Shocking Ethics Breach”; “Right-Wing Activists Are Trying to Take Over Virginia’s Schools”

by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 24.

  • Climate change threatens some of the world’s most coveted real estate
  • Richard Branson to climate change deniers: ‘it’s a fact of life’
  • Largest Asteroid Sample Ever Collected Is Coming Down to Earth
  • Russia Learns From Its Mistakes on Ukraine Battlefield (Too bad.)
  • McCarthy reverses on Ukraine aid as GOP scrambles on funding bills (“Speaker Kevin McCarthy is backtracking on his plan to remove Ukraine aid from a massive military spending bill”)
  • McCarthy backtracks, says he will keep Ukraine aid in Pentagon funding bill
  • US agrees to send long-range missiles to Ukraine in military boost for Kyiv (“America will supply the ATACMS weapons, enabling Ukrainian forces to target Russian military logistics way beyond the frontline”)
  • Ukraine claims Sevastopol strike hit navy commanders
  • The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, explained (“The future of Armenia and Azerbaijan’s feud is uncertain — and could destabilize the region.”)
  • Blasting Bullhorns and Water Cannons, Chinese Ships Wall Off the South China Sea
  • The U.S. Is Pulling Back From China. How Far Is Too Far?
  • Keir Starmer to call for UK clean energy action in New York City address (“Exclusive: Labour leader pledges party would stand ‘strong on the UK’s climate commitments’ in contrast to Sunak’s net zero reversal”)
  • Biden to host Pacific island leaders, ‘no question’ China’s influence has role in summit
  • Biden to Announce New US Embassies in Cook Islands, Niue: AP
  • U.S. Provided Canada With Intelligence on Killing of Sikh Leader
  • What Really Happened at the Biden-Netanyahu Meeting
  • Rooftop solar meets all of South Australia demand in major new milestone
  • U.S. Economy Could Withstand One Shock, But Four at Once? (“A year of surprisingly strong growth is about to be tested by a strike, the possibility of a government shutdown, student loans and oil prices.”)
  • Things Republicans Say (and Don’t Say) About the Auto Workers’ Strike
  • How the UAW strikes could impact car shoppers
  • Joe Biden Is About to Go Where No President Has Gone Before (“A picket line”)
  • Clarence Thomas’ Latest Pay-to-Play Scandal Finally Connects All the Dots
  • Clarence Thomas’ Koch Party Is Latest Shocking Ethics Breach
  • Speaker McCarthy Is Giving Hard-Right Republicans What They Want. But It Never Seems To Be Enough. (“Speaker Kevin McCarthy has turned to a strategy that so far has preserved his tenuous hold on House leadership, but also marked his tenure by chaos.”)
  • With House Republicans in turmoil, colleagues implore GOP holdouts not to shut down government
  • McCarthy works through weekend but no progress on short-term fix with just one week until shutdown
  • Was McCarthy distracted from governing by impeachment inquiry?
  • McCarthy stares into the shutdown abyss
  • Biden Allies Seize on Impeachment as Weapon Against Republicans
  • Williams: Who, exactly, is doing the indoctrinating in public education? (“I’m not a politician, so I can say it: This misguided “parents’ rights” movement has been destructive to public education, diversity and democracy.”)
  • Misinformation research is buckling under GOP legal attacks (Appalling.)
  • For Trump, ‘Stop the Steal’ Never Gets Old (The “Big Lie” continues.)
  • Cassidy Hutchinson Reappears. She Has More Trump Stories to Tell.
  • Democrats are running on abortion everywhere — even in Kentucky
  • Rep. Andy Kim to challenge Sen. Menendez in 2024 after bribery charges
  • New Jersey rep. announces challenge to unseat Menendez following indictment (Good, get him the hell outta there.)
  • Fetterman calls for Menendez to resign (Good for John Fetterman; all of his Democratic colleagues should join him, as we should not and must not tolerate this type of behavior in the Democratic Party.)
  • ‘This is horrifying’: Top New Jersey Democrats call on Bob Menendez to resign after his second indictment
  • US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter abortion pills
  • Norfolk woman who facilitated daughter’s illegal abortion sentenced to prison (Don’t let Virginia ever get like dystopian, “Handmaid’s’ Tale” “red” states like Nebraska.)
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Flirts With the Libertarian Party (Of course he does…)
  • Rupert Murdoch’s Retirement Has Fox Insiders Stunned (“The 92-year-old’s abrupt announcement is fueling speculation about his health, a yet-unknown scandal, or the possibility that another 2020-election lawsuit could’ve triggered the move.”)
  • National Cathedral unveils racial justice-themed windows, replacing Confederate ones
  • Video: Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Says “Absolutely,” Sen. Robert Menendez Should Resign Immediately; What He Did is “Shameful,” Sounds Like Espionage (Spanberger also rips “extraneous voices within the Republican Party doing the bidding for Vladimir Putin”)
  • Video: On ’The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart,’ Rep. Jennifer McClellan says Virginia is the ‘First Test’ of Political Fallout for a Possible Shutdown (“[Voters] blamed Republicans then and they’re gonna blame Republicans now”)
  • With Virginia Early Voting Underway, “Sabato’s Crystal Ball” Looks at the Key State Senate, House of Delegates Races That Will Determine the Future of Reproductive Freedom, Voting Rights, etc. in the Commonwealth
  • Photos: VA House, Senate Dems Host Events Across the Commonwealth to Kick Off Early Voting (VA House Dems Leader Don Scott: “We have an opportunity here to make sure that we protect Virginians and make sure Virginia does not become Florida or Texas.”)
  • Right-Wing Activists Are Trying to Take Over Virginia’s Schools
  • Editorial: New funding, governor’s plan have potential to raise student performance (New funding thanks to DEMOCRATS.)
  • The Democratic Workhorse vs. the Know-Nothing GOP Sheriff: Monty Mason’s Must-Win Senate Race (SD-24)
  • What Richmonders need to know before casting their casino ballot (“Dave Dominique, community activist, writer and William & Mary professor, has been an adamant opponent of the project since its initial proposal three years prior. For Dominique, the laundry list of promises is a bigger indication that the entities understand the problems associated with casino operations. The planned project may bring in tax revenue; however, Dominique argues the harm it will cause is not worth the payout — essentially, some get rich as a result of the suffering of others.”)
  • Parents who want Youngkin’s transgender policies enacted sue the Virginia Beach school board
  • Tropical Storm Ophelia to move inland, bringing more rain to central Virginia early Sunday
  • D.C.-area forecast: Rain tapers to drizzle today; cloudy and cool through midweek

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