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SurrealEstate Cast and Character Guide


  • The performances from the main cast drive the series, giving it dimension and making it a must-watch for fans of paranormal stories and subtle comedy.
  • Tim Rozon, who plays Luke Roman, has had a successful acting career, with notable roles in Schitt’s Creek and Wynonna Earp. He also co-owns a restaurant in Montreal.
  • The diverse and talented cast includes Sarah Levy, Adam Korson, Maurice Dean Wint, Savannah Basley, and Tennille Read, each bringing their own unique qualities to their respective roles in the show.

The wonderful SyFy original TV series SurrealEstate follows the dealing of the Roman Agency, which specializes in selling haunted real estate. The show has recently entered its second season and has found a dedicated fan base thanks to its unique premise, attention to detail, subtle comedy, and many twists and turns throughout.

Critic Lauren Busser writes in her review of the show’s first season that “the performances from the main class are what drive the series,” adding that the cast is what gives the show “dimension.” The incredible cast of SurrealEstate makes up the team of paranormal hunters and house sellers of the Roman Agency. Here’s what the characters get up to and where the actors have starred before.

Tim Rozon as Luke Roman


Born on June 4, 1976, in Montreal, Quebec, actor Tim Rozon‘s first significant role came via the TV Drama Instant Star, where he played the role of Tommy Quincy, a former boy band member-turned-producer who falls for upcoming singer Jude Harrison (Alexz Johnson). The series lasted four seasons for a total of 54 episodes. The award-winning TV show would help jumpstart the actor’s career, and before joining the cast of SurrealEstate he would land notable roles as Mutt Schitt in Schitt’s Creek and Doc Holiday in Wynonna Earp.

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Outside of acting, Tim Rozon is an entrepreneur who co-owns the Montreal-based restaurant “Garde Manger” with celebrity chef Chuck Hughes. He has been married since 2015 to equestrian Linzey Govan Rozon; they have one son, born in 2020.

Tim Rozon plays the main character of Luke Roman in SurrealEstate. Luke is the head of the Roman Agency, which specializes in paranormal real estate sales. A troubled character due to incidents that happened in the past, Luke relies on his psychic abilities combined with the support of his team to run his business and deal with any harmful paranormal activity.

Sarah Levy as agent Susan Ireland

Sarah Levy SurrealEstate

Born on September 10, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, into Canadian comedy royalty, Sarah Levy is the daughter of icon Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine. She would make her acting debut in 2011 in the action-crime TV show XIII: The Series followed by a supporting role in the comedy-drama film Larry Crown. Her first significant role would come in the TV Series Schitt’s Creek, where she joined her father and brother, Dan Levy, playing the role of Twyla Sands.

Beyond acting, Sarah Levy is an author, with her first book, Drinking Games, an essay collection exploring sobriety and the effect alcohol has on modern society. In addition, Levy has acted as the COO at Nickelodeon for over a decade, focusing on expanding the network through new acquisitions. In her personal life, Sarah Levy is married to actor Graham Outerbridge. The two have one son, James Eugene Outerbridge, born on July 5, 2022.

Sarah Levy plays the role of Susan Ireland in SurrealEstate, an agent brought in by Luke Roman to help with the sales of paranormal real estate. Susan Ireland is an intelligent and independent woman who provides stability to Luke Roman. She also has pyrokinetic abilities, which act as a catalyst for shifting the tone of the series from season one to two after an incident involving her powers sees her taking over the primary role of running the Roman Agency.

Adam Korson as Phil Orley

Adam Korson SurrealEstate

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Adam Korson took to acting at a young age. After graduating high school, he attended York University for a year before transferring to Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. Here, Korson began studying acting, singing, and dancing with his eyes on entering the film and TV world. His early career was highlighted by guest appearances in TV shows such as the teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, 2 Broke Girls, and The Glades. His first leading role would come via the TV series Seed where he played a bachelor and bartender looking for love, Harry.

Adam Korson plays the role of Father Phil Orley in SurrealEstate. Father Phil is a former Catholic priest who acts as a research specialist for the Roman Agency, aiding the team in establishing potential threats. He is considered reflective and wise, making him a valuable asset to the team and ensuring their safety.

Maurice Dean Wint as August Ripley

Maurice Dean Wint SurrealEstate

Born in Leicestershire, England, stage, screen, and voice actor Maurice Dent moved to Canada in 1967 with his family and went on to become an established figure in the industry. Maurice Dean Wint is best known for his role in the cult Canadian horror sci-fi horror movie Cube, where he played one of the escapees, Quentin. In addition, Maurice Dean Wint has been involved in multiple notable TV Series and movies, including LGBTQ+ classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, Blue Murder, and Diggstown.

Maurice Dean Wint plays August Ripley in SurrealEstate. August Ripley acts as the Roman Agency tech expert, helping develop devices to help aid the team. The instruments he creates allow the agents to detect, evaluate, and (in some cases) dispatch with the ethereal entities that haunt the houses the agency is trying to sell.

Savannah Basley as Zooey L’Enfant

Savannah Basley SurrealEstate

Born on October 26, 1993, in Toronto, Ontario, Savannah Basley is the youngest actor to join the cast of SurrealEstate. Still, the Canadian actor has been making a name for herself since her TV debut in The Art of More. Basley has also appeared in Wynonna Earp alongside SurrealEstate’s Tim Rozon, and the horror-comedy series Reginald the Vampire.

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Savannah Basley plays the role of Zooey L’Enfant in SurrealEstate. Zooey L’Enfant is the front desk clerk for the Roman Agency and handles the administrative duties and welcoming clients. Zooey is known for her quirky personality and love for horror movies, making her a perfect fit for the paranormal-focused estate agency.

Tennille Read as Megan Donovan

Tennille Read SurrealEstate

Born on June 9, 1979, in Toronto, Ontario, Tennille Read would make her screen debut in 2004 with a minor role in the comedy Versus Ivan. Other notable roles that Read has been in include the TV Series Working Moms, a starring role in the Tubi Original movie Good Wife’s Guide to Murder, and a role in Atom Egoyan’s Guest of Honour alongside David Thewlis, Laysla De Oliveira, and Rossif Sutherland.

Tennille Read plays Megan Donovan in SurrealEstate​​​​​​. Megan Donovan is the girlfriend of Luke Roman, the owner of the supernatural real estate company, Roman Agency. Megan plays an essential role in the first season, with her home, the Donovan House, containing a direct portal to hell, which causes her to come face to face with the paranormal when the vengeful spirit of a roadie possesses her.

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