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Sydney Sweeney Takes Shots at Madame Web and Glen Powell Affair Rumors


  • Sydney Sweeney humorously addressed
    Madame Web
    flop on the
    monologue, poking fun at the box office bomb.
  • Sweeney took shots at media speculation, denying affair with Glen Powell and joking about past roles in TV and movies.
  • SNL
    monologue included satirical responses to online gossip, denying working at Universal Studios and other rumors.

Sydney Sweeney turned up to host this week’s Saturday Night Live fully prepared to humorously address her appearance in Sony’s recent Spider-Man Universe dud, Madame Web. She did not disappoint, and took a jokey shot at the film’s terrible box office and reviews in the opening line of her monologue.

Madame Web


Release Date
February 14, 2024

1hr 57min

Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)


Saturday Night Live has frequently set up its hosts to open the show with a humorous, self-aware look at themselves in the name of comedy, and Sweeney’s appearance was no different. As well as name-checking Madame Web, Sweeney also took aim at the persona she has become known for in her movies, along with the media speculation over her alleged relationship with Anyone But You costar Glen Powell. Sweeney began:

I am so happy to be here. My name is Sydney Sweeney. You might have seen me in Anyone But You or Euphoria. You definitely did not see me in Madame Web.

Sweeney is not the first star of Madame Web to appear on the series recently, and follows in the footsteps of the movie’s lead, Dakota Johnson. She hosted an episode back in January, when she lamented on her discovery that she is “not good at talking to journalists.” At the time she added, “I say stuff, and they write it down.” Her appearance aired prior to the movie’s catastrophic theatrical debut.

Getting back to Sweeney’s monologue, she continued with a bit of humility, calling herself, “the girl on TV who screams, cries and has sex. Sometimes it’s all three at the same time.” This is something that is hard to deny with many of Sweeney’s movie and TV appearances backing up the description, but that doesn’t mean the actress will want to be pigeonholed into that kind of role in the future.

Sydney Sweeney’s SNL Monologue Hit Back at Glen Powell Affair Rumors

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You
Sony Pictures Releasing

Of course, SNL is also known for some of its cutting comedy, when a little satire is called for to deliver social commentary and address some pressing issues. This included Sweeney comically responding to a recent TikTok video that accused her of lying about previously working as a Tram Tour host at Universal Studios. She continued:

“Someone online accused me of lying about that, which is insane … if I didn’t work there, how would I know all of the Universal characters, like Shrok, the Munions and Harry Porter.”


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Perhaps the most direct response to recent online gossip came with her denial of an alleged affair with her Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell. Sweeney said in relation to speculation:

“That’s obviously not true. Me and my fiancé produced the movie together and he was there the entire shoot. And I just want to let everyone know, he’s the man of my dreams and we’re still together and stronger than ever.”

However, in the usual style of the show, when Sweeny then said that her fiancé was there to support her and asked for the cameras to cut to him, they instead cut to Powell, who was ready and waiting in the audience. Sweeney quickly cleared up that his was not her fiancé, and he was actually in her dressing room.

Madame Web
Anyone But You
are both currently playing in theaters.


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