Sydney Sweeney’s Best Performances, Ranked

Arguably one of the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood right now is Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney. At 26, Sweeney has already starred in a handful of popular TV shows and movies in addition to opening her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films. She has showcased her talents in roles ranging from a bloodthirsty vampire to a troubled teen in Sharp Objects.

Sweeny is certainly not slowing down anytime soon. Sweeney’s recent film Anyone But You has been a surprise hit at the box office since it was released during the holiday season of 2023. She is set to appear in a third season of Euphoria. Her 2024 will continue to go strong as she will play the role of Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman, in Madame Web for Sony Pictures. She will also star in thrillers Immaculate and Echo Valley and step into the role of Barbarella in an upcoming reboot. She is also set to star in the Ron Howard-directed film Eden. Clearly, her schedule is busy, and her star will only continue to rise. With so much in store for her, here are her best performances so far.

Update January 9, 2024: In honor of the release of Anyone But You, this article has been updated with even more great roles from Sydney Sweeney.

12 Night Teeth (2021)


When not working on TV shows, Sweeney has starred in a few films, including Netflix’s vampire-horror film, Night Teeth. In fact, behind her soft and angelic features, there’s a great actor who can pull off horrifying roles that could give you nightmares. Starring alongside Megan Fox as two head female vampires, both leading ladies had only a few minutes of screen time.

The film has received mixed reviews and confused lots of fans who assumed Fox and Sweeney were the stars of the film. Despite only a few minutes of screen time, we loved to see Sweeney in a badass get-up. Sweeney’s incorporation of her dark vampirical charm makes the terrifying world of vampires seem less gruesome. This role is why it’s safe to say that Sweeney does not opt for typical, one-genre-only roles and likes to keep her resume inclusive and rich. Stream on Netflix

11 Everything Sucks (2018)

Sydney Sweeney in Everything Sucks

Another of Sweeney’s 2018 TV shows came from her role as Emaline in the Netflix Original Series, Everything Sucks. The show was a parody of 90s teen culture and took place in Boring, Oregon. Although Sweeney was not the main character, she still had some memorable moments as the drama student and the object of affection for one of the main girls. The show was unfortunately canceled after one season, which left Sweeny open and available for new roles. Stream on Netflix

10 The Voyeurs (2021)

Amazon Studios

In this Amazon Prime Original Movie, Sweeney plays Pippa, who just moved into her dream apartment with her boyfriend. The view from their apartment looks directly into that of their neighbors across the street. The couple decides to spy on the other couple, which leads to them uncovering an unfortunate truth. The twist ending in this thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat. While The Voyeurs might not have received the most positive reviews from critics, it was further proof that Sweeney was becoming a star to watch as her presence was a major selling point of the film and she carries the movie that features an impressive cast which includes Justice Smith (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), Ben Hardy (Bohemian Rhapsody), and Natasha Liu Bordizzo (The Mandalorian). Stream on Prime Videos

9 Downfalls High (2021)

Sydney Sweeney Downfalls High
AS Entertainment
Moonlight Cinema

Downfalls High is another teen drama special directed by the talented and famous musician Colson Baker and based on his fifth album “Tickets To My Downfall”. The movie follows an introverted and lonely teenager called Fenix and his fateful meeting with Scarlett (played by Sweeney) a popular high school student who is instantly attracted to him despite his depressive tendencies. She believes in his musical talent and gives meaning to his gloomy life.

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However, Scarlett’s tragic accident sends Fenix back to the mental illness challenges that he thought he overcame. Sweeney’s performance as the strong, self-confident, and empathetic young teenager gives the movie its magical and dreamy aspect and also disrupts the prejudice that every popular kid is necessarily a bully. For that, this performance easily and incontestably earns its place on this list.

8 Big Time Adolescence (2019)


Big Time Adolescence is a gripping coming-of-age comedy-drama written and directed by none other than Jason Orley. The story follows the story of a college dropout who works a dead-end job called Zeke (Davidson) and Mo (Gluck), a confused and fragile teenager whose friendship with Zeke negatively influences his life and relationships. Zeke turns Mo into a drug dealer and gives him the wrong advice, ending up sabotaging his relationship. Sweeney plays the role of Holly, Zeke’s girlfriend, who ends up leaving him and developing a strong bond with Mo. After her performance in Euphoria, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sweeney makes teenage drama sound so cool and evidently irresistible. Stream on Hulu

7 Clementine (2019)

Sidney Sweeney in Clementine

Clementine is a romantic drama movie directed by Lara Gallagher that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019. It stars Sweeney and Otmara Marrero, whose unique onscreen chemistry almost turns the movie into the lesbian version of the famous queer drama Call Me By Your Name. The story is about a girl named Karen who, while going through a tough breakup, meets a teenage girl named Lana (Sweeney), and the pair slowly slips into a complex but completely refreshing relationship that takes them off guard. Although the movie’s plot was criticized for being flat and dreary, Sweeney’s performance was well-received and praised for its effortless authenticity. Watch on Peacock, Kanopy

6 Sharp Objects (2018)

Sydney Sweeney in Sharp Objects

In the first of three HBO series on this list, Sweeney landed the role of Alice in the TV miniseries adaptation of the novel Sharp Objects written by Gillian Flynn. Sweeney made sporadic appearances as Alice, who met Amy Adams’ character at a psychiatric hospital where they were both being treated for self-harm. Sweeney appeared in flashbacks and helped to truly define the chaotic background of Adams’ character. Their relationship leads to one of the more emotional scenes in the TV miniseries. It was an early role for Sweeney (alongside a couple of appearances on The Haidmaid’s Tale) and one that cemented her as someone to watch out for, and people clearly did, as her career would only grow from here. Stream on Max

5 Nocturne (2020)

Sydney Sweeney in Nocturne
Prime Videos

Sweeney does not shy away from roles that bring out the worst in people. Her role in the supernatural drama Nocturne is that of a jealous, vindictive, and conscienceless piano prodigy called Julie, who secretly resents her sister for her undeniable and exceptional talent in music. Julie is depicted as a talented pianist who aspires to get into the most prestigious music school, the one in which her sister was already accepted.

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In a climate of ceaseless, dark, and disturbing sibling rivalry, Julie tries to be exactly like her sister, taking away her boyfriend, her concert, and her teacher. However, we see that as things start working out for her, she starts losing control over her thoughts and emotions. Finally, her unhealthy competition sends her into a downward spiral that is painful to watch. Julie’s hate is orchestrated and fueled by the music agenda that belonged to a previous piano student who committed suicide and that has a certain demonic power in it. Sweeney certainly outdid herself in this profoundly touching performance of a young girl tortured by her uncontrollable dark desires. Stream on Prime Video

4 Reality (2023)

Sweeney in Reality

In one of her serious roles, Sweeney plays the role of real-life American Air Force US veteran and previous NSA translator, Reality Winner, who was responsible for the unauthorized leaking of sensitive information regarding the Russian interference in American elections. The movie Reality was directed by Tina Satter, who based most of the dialogue on the FBI transcript of Reality’s formal investigation. The movie was well-received and scored 93% in Rotten Tomatoes. Sweeney’s effortlessly perfect performance of the protagonist’s reaction to the shocking turn of events received high praise and can be considered one of her top performances. Stream on Max

3 The White Lotus (2021)

Sydney Sweeney in White Lotus
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Starring in yet another HBO-produced show, Sweeney plays the almost cruel, unlikeable character Olivia Mossbacher in the hit series, White Lotus. Her character is one of the many who are staying at a tropical resort. The show is a twisty drama that centers around these many characters. Sweeney’s characters are usually ones that people can empathize with, but her role as Olivia is not one of those such roles. She still effectively plays the character, which helps show the actress’ depth.

While Sweeney did not return for season two of White Lotus, she left an impression on the series for sure that has bleed into various other seasons in terms of casting. With season three having just revealed its lineup that includes Parker Posey, Michelle Monaghan, and Jason Isaac, the series is going strong, and Sweeney can be said to be part of that rich legacy. Stream on Max

2 Anyone But You (2023)

Sydney Sweeney as Bea and Glenn Powell as Ben in Anyone But You
Sony Pictures Releasing

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Anyone But You is a romcom starring Sydney Sweeney as Bea and Glen Powell as Ben in a modern-day retelling of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. They meet and have a great date together, but then Bea leaves without telling Ben. When she returns, she overhears him badmouthing her to his friend Pete and turns around to never look back. But when Pete’s sister and Bea’s sister get engaged and plan a destination wedding in Australia, they are forced to face one another and their incredible connection.

Sweeney once again proved that she is equipped to handle any role. She has great chemistry with star Glen Powell and easily sells her disdain for him but also the eventually blossoming feelings for him. Sweeny is having a great time doing both banter, physical comedy, and long recurring bits that showcase her talents as a comedic star that had largely gone unnoticed. The film has been an impressive hit over the holiday season, hopefully ushering in a new era of romantic comedies. It might also cement her as a movie star, and possibly could make her the next big name in romantic comedies. Anyone But You is playing in theaters.

1 Euphoria (2019 – Present)

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie, all dressed up, in Euphoria

No surprise here that her best role to date is that of the chaotic teenage cheerleader Cassie Howard. Throughout the first season of Euphoria, fans watched Cassie be a loving friend and girlfriend with a bit of a promiscuous background. In season two, her drama got the better of her when she decided to sleep with her best friend’s “ex” boyfriend. Her downward spiral left fans trying to decide between Team Maddy and Team Cassie.

Underneath all the drama, Cassie is an empathetic daughter and friend. Sweeney’s ability to play all the facets of Cassie helps prove the young star’s ability. It is the series that launched her into stardom. With season three not expected to air on HBO until 2024, fans will have to make do with re-watching the series while they wait for the many open questions to be addressed. Stream on Max


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