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The Crow Remake Replaces John Wick Spin-Off Ballerina in Lionsgate Summer Release Shake-Up


  • Ballerina
    ‘s release date moved to 2025 to enhance action scenes with
    John Wick
    director, Chad Stahelski.
  • The Crow
    reboot replaces
    ‘s slot, aiming to breathe new life into the dark story.
  • Lionsgate’s strategic switch benefits
    , allowing a year of improvement.

The eagerly awaited John Wick spinoff, Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas, has seen its release date shift from a very busy summer 2024 to June 6, 2025, with Lionsgate’s remake of The Crow flying into the vacated slot to release on June 7, 2024.

While delays are nothing new recently and often come from some kind of industry disruption, this time it seems that the delay to Ballerina is being done in order to give the film a bit of an overhaul before it makes its way into the world. According to Deadline, Chad Stahelski, the directorial force behind the John Wick series, is joining the project to oversee some “additional action sequences” that will be added to the movie as it currently is. If this means that the spin-off movie can achieve the kind of wild action movie vibes that has seen the John Wick franchise grow and become more popular with every installment, then it is hard to argue with the delay.


John Wick 4 Director Provides Insights into Keanu Reeves’ Involvement in Ballerina

John Wick 4 director, Chad Stahelski, has revealed Keanu Reeves’ role in the upcoming spin-off, Ballerina.

Len Wiseman, who directs Ballerina, is certainly not new to the industry and can bring a wealth of experience to the new movie, but having masterminded the look and feel of the franchise so far, Stahelski coming on board can bring some kind of continuity to the action scenes in the movie and help tie everything together in its style. His involvement is seen as a crucial enhancement, bringing his signature eye for action to the spinoff.

The Crow Replaces Ballerina in Lionsgate’s Schedule

Brandon Lee in The Crow

This strategic delay also allows Lionsgate to reshuffle its summer lineup, slotting the reboot of The Crow into the June 7 slot that Ballerina previously occupied. The reimagining of the 1994 cult classic features Bill Skarsgård stepping into the shoes of Eric Draven, a character famously portrayed by Brandon Lee, in a tale of love and revenge from beyond the grave. Directed by Rupert Sanders and boasting a cast including FKA twigs and Danny Huston, the reboot aims to breathe new life into the beloved story, and has its work cut out for it.

The original version of The Crow became part of many “cursed movie” lists due to the tragic death of Brandon Lee who was fatally shot while filming the dark thriller. Although the franchise has since gone through a TV series and three panned sequels, the new reboot will have to do something special to rise above the legacy of the 1994 movie and the mystique that continues to surround it.


John Wick’s Ian McShane Unveils Intriguing Details on the Anticipated ‘Ballerina’ Spinoff

John Wick star Ian McShane revealed new details about the upcoming Ballerina.

Whether a release this summer in the middle of several big blockbusters will work out for The Crow or not, it seems that Lionsgate’s switch around will definitely be of benefit to Ballerina, which now has a year to become the best movie it can be. After the disappointment of the TV event series The Continental, the John Wick franchise will need to prove it can deliver without its titular assassin as the lead character – even if Keanu Reeves will be putting in an appearance as Wick in the film.

will now release on June 6, 2025.
The Crow
is released on June 7, 2024.


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