Tuesday News: “Zelensky Compares Assault by Hamas on Israel to Moscow’s Invasion of Ukraine”; “Republicans Are Weaponizing the Crisis in Israel”; “House Speaker chaos threatens GOP majority”; “Democrats lay out stakes of Virginia state legislature races in memo to donors”

Tuesday News: “Zelensky Compares Assault by Hamas on Israel to Moscow’s Invasion of Ukraine”; “Republicans Are Weaponizing the Crisis in Israel”; “House Speaker chaos threatens GOP majority”; “Democrats lay out stakes of Virginia state legislature races in memo to donors”

by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 10.

  • These are the places that could become ‘unlivable’ as the Earth warms (“In the hottest parts of the world, high temperatures and humidity will, for longer stretches, surpass a threshold that even young and healthy people could struggle to survive as the planet warms, study says”)
  • Study: Climate change to drive temperatures too hot for humans
  • Vessel Strikes on Whales Are Increasing With Warming. Can the Shipping Industry Slow Down to Spare Them?
  • Climate crisis is ‘not gender neutral’: UN calls for more policy focus on women
  • Nobel economics prize awarded to Claudia Goldin for women’s role in workplace
  • IMF Warns of Stubborn Inflation and Weaker Global Growth in 2024
  • Fragile Global Economy Faces New Crisis in Israel-Gaza War
  • Zelensky Compares Assault by Hamas on Israel to Moscow’s Invasion of Ukraine
  • Ukraine war live updates: Ukraine urges the West to remain united behind it as Israel distracts global attention
  • Fate of more than 100 Israeli hostages consumes, unifies a terrorized nation
  • Israel Was Prepared for a Different War (“A focus on intelligence, air power and technology left it vulnerable to a low-tech ground assault”)
  • Israel and the West reckon with a high-tech failure (“The Hamas onslaught wasn’t supposed to be possible: A massive, deadly 2G attack on a 5G security state. The consequences are still reverberating.”)
  • Putin Offers Muted Response to Attack on Israel. That Speaks Volumes.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu failed Israel (Netanyahu and his far-right government have been DISASTROUS for Israeli national security, democracy, etc, etc.)
  • Joint Statement on Israel (“Today, we — President Macron of France, Chancellor Scholz of Germany, Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, Prime Minister Sunak of the United Kingdom, and President Biden of the United States — express our steadfast and united support to the State of Israel…”)
  • UK, US and allies offer Israel ‘steadfast support’ in joint statement
  • What an Israeli ground offensive in Gaza could look like
  • The White House and lawmakers weigh linking Ukraine and Israel aid
  • Hamas received weapons and training from Iran, officials say
  • Israel steps up Gaza strikes and battles Hamas fighters as deaths near 1,200
  • ‘No evidence or proof’: Israel and U.S. uncertain of Iran link to Hamas attack
  • How Hamas duped Israel as it planned devastating attack
  • White House pushes Senate to confirm a U.S. ambassador to Israel
  • Statement from President Joe Biden on American Citizens Impacted in Israel
  • McConnell calls for allies to impose new severe sanctions against Iran
  • The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation (” People who have turned to X for breaking news about the Israel-Hamas conflict are being hit with old videos, fake photos, and video game footage at a level researchers have never seen.” Musk is heavily responsible for this.)
  • Scoop: Netanyahu tells Biden “we have to go” into Gaza
  • Israel’s Calamity—and After (“October 7, 2023, will be a date etched in Jewish history.”)
  • Israel May Decimate Hamas, but Can It “Win” This War? (“The scale of the violence, death, and destruction has triggered alarm about a wider regional conflict.”)
  • What Went Wrong? Questions Emerge Over Israel’s Intelligence Prowess After Hamas Attack
  • As The GOP Slams Biden On Israel, No One Mentions Trump’s Dangerous Intel Leak (The Republican attacks are COMPLETELY dishonest/lies.)
  • There Are No Rules (“States and quasi-states are using extreme, uninhibited violence against civilian populations.”)
  • Hamas’s Attack Confounds Middle East Experts (“Even those who understand the fundamentalist group best are struggling to understand what they are trying to achieve.”)
  • Gaza ‘soon without fuel, medicine and food’ – Israel authorities
  • Israel Latest: Military Builds Forces Near Gaza as US Sends Aid
  • Hamas Attack on Israel Deals Blow to Saudi Prince’s Grand Vision (“Crown Prince had a goal of normalizing relations with Israel; Escalating conflict between Israel, Palestine is major barrier”)
  • Destroying Hamas a priority for Israel, ambassador says, after militant group threatens hostages
  • Enter an Emergency Government, but With Conditions
  • Republicans Are Weaponizing the Crisis in Israel (Disgusting and, of course, totally dishonest.)
  • Thousands of Americans have loved ones in Israel. I’m one of them.
  • China’s Country Garden Succumbs to Debt Crisis
  • China Mulls New Stimulus, Higher Deficit to Meet Growth Goal
  • Speaker race has no clear favorite as GOP tensions rise
  • House Speaker chaos threatens GOP majority
  • ‘Rudderless and leaderless’: House GOP lurches forward after Israel attacks
  • GOP holds emotional meeting on next speaker — but fails to unite on one
  • Kevin McCarthy says he’s willing to return as House speaker
  • GOP braces for messy fight over speakership as McCarthy doesn’t rule out a return to power
  • Republican Divisions Risk Dragging Out US House Speaker Vote
  • “Project 2025 shows us that the old Right has left the building”: GOP’s surrender to Trump complete (“Power expert explains how MAGA is ‘consciously manipulated’ by ‘a fear and loathing of liberals’”
  • Moms for Liberty meets its match: Parents in this swing suburban district are fighting back (“Republicans hope to use education wars to turn purple suburbia red. In one Pennsylvania district, that backfired”)
  • Turns Out RFK Jr.’s Independent Bid Could Do Trump More Damage Than Biden
  • Republicans turn on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as he launches independent bid
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Promises to Spoil the Election
  • RFK Jr. Is Officially Running as an Independent—Prompting Siblings to Once Again Disavow Him
  • Newsom signs landmark emissions, climate risk disclosure laws
  • California governor signs bill to speed utility interconnections
  • Video: At NATO Meeting in Copenhagen, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) Says He’s Hearing “Horror at the attacks in Israel,” “Resolve in our support for Ukraine,” “Worry about political instability in the U.S.” (Rep. Connolly: “instability in Washington doesn’t make things helpful, and Republicans really ought to be looking at themselves”)
  • What’s at stake if RGGI disappears in Virginia?
  • Democrats lay out stakes of Virginia state legislature races in memo to donors (“The good news is that Democratic candidates are keeping pace in their fundraising against Republicans…For Democrats to succeed, it will take a combination of elements: (A) Voters have to know the consequences of total MAGA control – abortion bans, weaker gun laws, higher costs, fewer voting rights, and more; (B) Black, Latino, and young voters across the commonwealth have to be energized and engaged to elect Democrats and reject Republican extremism; (C) Suburban voters, specially suburban women, will be critical to stopping the MAGA takeover in Richmond, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia”)
  • Virginia delegate with family ties to Israel backs its response to attack (“Del. Dan Helmer’s grandfather, Mike, came from a Zionist family that had rooted in the British Mandate for Palestine more than a century ago, joined the Haganah paramilitary group and fought in Israel’s war of independence in 1948.”)
  • Va.’s General Assembly gets new offices befitting Jefferson’s capitol (“The new, $292 million General Assembly Building opens Wednesday in Richmond, home to offices, public meeting spaces and committee rooms.”)
  • “Threats To Democracy: Race For The VA Statehouse Edition” (“Overall, of the 116 Republicans running this year in Virginia, over 80 candidates either supported or indicated their support for anti-democracy legislation… or spread conspiracy theories around election fraud and January 6th.”)
  • Dozens of Republican Virginia Legislature nominees spread false election fraud claims
  • Senate District 16 race: Democrat VanValkenburg vs. Republican incumbent Dunnavant
  • Candidates Anne Ferrell Tata, Cat Porterfield vie for new 99th District in Virginia House of Delegates
  • The Quietly Anti-Abortion Extremist vs. the Commonsense Auditor: Kimberly Pope Adams (D) for HD-82
  • Virginia Kaiser Permanente workers join the growing number of those going on strike
  • Southside Virginia is a ‘child care desert.’ This program aims to change that.
  • These Arlington teens want more youth voices in local news. Now they’re adding their own
  • D.C.-area forecast: Mild and pleasant until a rainy Saturday

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