Unicorn Overlord Localization, Yasumi Matsuno’s Perspective on RPG Localization

Unicorn Overlord

“Unicorn Overlord” is an upcoming tactical role-playing game created by Takafumi Noma in 2014 and developed by Vanillaware. Published by Atlus, the game is set to release on March 8, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The storyline unfolds on the war-torn continent of Fevrith, where exiled prince Alain strives to reclaim his kingdom from the Zenoiran Empire led by the rogue General Valmore.

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Players will guide Alain and his army through real-time large-scale battles, involving both field movement and combat. The concept, nurtured by Noma with the approval of Vanillaware founder George Kamitani, aimed to revive the essence of classic tactical games from the 1990s.

Taking on the roles of director, programmer, and lead artist, Noma devoted a decade to the project, with production overlapping other Vanillaware ventures. The game’s music, composed by Mitsuhiro Kaneda’s team from Basiscape, complements the immersive experience. “Unicorn Overlord” promises a modern take on nostalgic tactical gaming, combining strategic gameplay with a captivating narrative.

Unicorn Overlord Localization 

Unicorn Overlord’s localization has sparked discussions among players due to differences in dialogue between the original Japanese version and the English adaptation. A player raised concerns on social media, emphasizing that the English script often adds a fancier touch to the dialogue, potentially at the expense of accuracy.

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For instance, when comparing a direct translation from Japanese, such as “I think fighting Renault with our current strength would be difficult,” to the English version, which reads, “Casting the gauntlet at Renault’s feet would only send us all to an early grave.” The debate brings attention to the complex task of game localization, where striking a balance between cultural adaptation and preserving the original intent poses challenges.

Some argue for a more faithful translation, while others, including industry figures like Yasumi Matsuno, acknowledge the need for alterations to convey meaning accurately in a different language or cultural context. Despite the controversy, it’s evident that the localization team aimed to enhance the gaming experience with expressive language, adding an artistic flair to Unicorn Overlord’s narrative, even if opinions on the matter remain divided among players.

Yasumi Matsuno’s Perspective on RPG Localization

Yasumi Matsuno, a prominent figure in the world of role-playing games (RPGs), shared his views on the localization of RPGs, emphasizing the importance of respecting the original creator’s intent. Matsuno acknowledged that direct translations might not always capture the intended meaning, especially when dealing with cultural and linguistic differences.

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He expressed the necessity for some degree of alteration in the localization process, particularly in cases where humor or context might be lost in a strict translation. However, Matsuno stressed the significance of obtaining approval from the original creators for any alterations made during localization. Drawing from his own experiences, Matsuno cited instances from his acclaimed work, Final Fantasy Tactics, highlighting the challenges faced in translation, such as character limitations and tight schedules.

He also noted that, while adjustments may be necessary, the responsibility lies not with the translators but with those assigning the task. Matsuno’s perspective adds depth to the ongoing debate in the RPG community about balancing fidelity to the original work and adapting to different markets, encouraging a thoughtful and respectful approach in RPG localization discussions.

Unicorn Overlord Gameplay 

In the game “Unicorn Overlord,” players step into the shoes of exiled prince Alain, leading the Liberation Army through the enchanting realm of Fevrith. The gameplay features exploration where players guide Alain across an overworld, visiting towns, interacting with services like blacksmiths and merchants to equip the army, and participating in both story-driven and optional battles.

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The overworld is filled with sprites representing enemies, and players can freely roam, deciding the order in which they tackle events. Additionally, towns offer side quests for gathering materials and events that let Alain strengthen his relationships with other characters.

Combat in “Unicorn Overlord” unfolds in real time, with movement across vast battlefields and encounters triggering combat. Players can pause to strategize and check on units during battles. Parties consist of up to six characters with specific classes, each influencing their abilities on a grid-based battlefield. The game introduces a resource called Valor, earned by completing battles, determining the number of deployable units.

Various character classes, with different attack ranges and skills, add depth to the strategic aspect of the game. Battles play out automatically based on character attributes and player-set behaviors, with outcomes leading to victory or defeat. “Unicorn Overlord” offers players three difficulty options, and there’s even an online multiplayer arena unlocked after a certain point in the story for additional challenges.

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Unicorn Overlord Overview




Sega JP: Atlus


Takafumi Noma


Akiyasu Yamamoto


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


March 8, 2024


Tactical role-playing


Single-player, multiplayer

Unicorn Overlord Trailer

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