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VA House Dems on Trump Rally in Richmond: “House Democrats Reject MAGA Extremism; VA GOP Welcomes It”

From the VA House Democratic Caucus:

Virginia House Democratic Caucus Statement on Trump Rally in Richmond 

House Democrats Reject MAGA Extremism; VA GOP Welcomes It

RICHMOND, VA – Ahead of Donald Trump’s Rally in Richmond, the Virginia House Democratic Caucus released the following statement:

“Today, the MAGA Extremist Virginia GOP will welcome disgraced former president Donald Trump just weeks after House Republicans claimed not to stand with the most extreme wing of their party. This is a man who boasted about his role in the fall of Roe and, consequently, the downfall of women’s healthcare across the nation.

His haphazard governance has poisoned the roots of his party and has led to the detriment of people in this country and in this Commonwealth. The nation recently witnessed how the latest aftershock of his ‘leadership’ devastated the women in Alabama and their ability to choose when and how they want to start a family. We’ve seen Trumpism manifest in our very own General Assembly with the introduction of bills that would limit access to the ballot box, threaten our democracy, and end access to abortion and healthcare services for women in Virginia.

The Va. House Democratic Caucus is committed to standing in the face of extremism and will continue to protect the rights and freedoms of all Virginians. There is no place in the Commonwealth for Trump’s rhetoric, for his extremist ideals, and for his dangerous policies.

Virginians rejected this extremism last November and they will do so again this year.”


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