Wednesday News: “2023 smashes record for world’s hottest year by huge margin”; “Trump team argues assassination of rivals is covered by presidential immunity”; “13 things to watch in the 2024…General Assembly session,” Including VA’s First-Ever Black Speaker

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, January 10.

  • 2023 smashes record for world’s hottest year by huge margin (“Rapid reduction in fossil fuel burning urgently needed to preserve liveable conditions, say scientists, as climate damage deepens”)
  • Last Year Was the Hottest One in Recorded History
  • Earth shattered global heat record in ’23 and it’s flirting with warming limit, European agency says
  • Researchers find a massive number of plastic particles in bottled water (“Researchers found roughly 240,000 detectable plastic fragments in a typical liter of bottled water. Most of them were nanoplastics — particles less than 1 micrometer in size.”)
  • Diet for a Sick Planet: Studies Find More Plastic in Our Food and Bottled Water
  • How the West’s waffling undermines Ukraine’s war effort
  • How Ukraine Must Change If It Wants to Win (“A beleaguered country needs more than volunteerism and chutzpah to protect its version of democracy.”)
  • Ukraine’s War Effort Is Stuck. This Heroic Battlefield Failure Shows Why. (“The deadly rout of elite Ukraine forces in last year’s counteroffensive against Russian invaders is a lesson in why the country’s war effort is stalled after nearly two years.”)
  • In shelter where Hamas killed trapped Israelis: smell of blood and a mother’s grief
  • Blinken urges Israel to engage with region on postwar plans that include path to Palestinian state
  • Israel’s Far Right Calls for Palestinians to Resettle Outside Gaza
  • Gaza is shattered. Here’s how to ease the suffering — and offer some hope. (“Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s mission to alleviate the despair in Gaza is as critical as it is challenging.”)
  • Scoop: Top Biden adviser quietly visits Qatar to discuss hostage talks, regional tensions
  • Israel faces a genocide case, and comments on displacing Gazans could complicate its defense
  • U.S. forces report shooting down barrage of Houthi missiles, drones in Red Sea
  • US and UK navies repel largest Houthi attack on Red Sea shipping
  • Ko Wen-je: the provocative outsider who could tip Taiwan election balance (“Some say he lacks values, but the gaffe-prone former mayor is big online and many voters see him as a breath of fresh air”)
  • China satellite launch causes pre-election political storm in Taiwan
  • China tells U.S. it will ‘never compromise’ on Taiwan as the island’s election draws near
  • Exclusive: Iraq seeks quick exit of US forces but no deadline set, PM says
  • Wind power turbine fleet output grows 25 pct in Germany over five years
  • Ecuador’s escalating gang violence is broadcast live to the nation as masked gunmen storm TV studio
  • Ecuador declares war on armed gangs after TV station attacked on air
  • More delays for NASA’s astronaut moonshots, with crew landing off until 2026
  • Deadly winter storm causes power outages, disrupts travel across U.S.
  • U.S. climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions declined slightly in 2023 (“Climate-warming greenhouse gasses in the U.S. declined 1.9% last year, but that’s only a third of what’s needed to meet Paris climate change goals.”)
  • US climate pollution fell in 2023 as country shutters coal-fired power plants, new data shows
  • US Inflation Is Set to Fade in 2024 as Goods Prices Keep Falling (“Thursday’s CPI report will give preview of coming disinflation.”)
  • SEC’s X Account Hacked to Falsely Say Bitcoin ETF Approved
  • Top House conservatives see little hope in upcoming spending fight (Stupid headline; in fact, all House Republicans are conservatives, the “Freedom Caucus” types are far-right EXTREMISTS. Why won’t the media say that?!?)
  • Trump Is Campaigning From Courtrooms Now
  • Religion scholar on how Donald Trump has activated “the Christian enemies of democracy”
  • Both Biden and Trump speeches make the stakes clear: 2024 is a battle over white supremacy (“There is a reason why Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis pander to racists with false histories of the Civil War”)
  • One of Trump’s Oldest Tactics: I’m Rubber. You’re Glue. (“Whenever Donald Trump is accused of something, he accuses his opponent of the same thing. The idea, our columnist writes, is to suggest that everyone is dirty.”)
  • Trump Has Ushered in the Age of the ‘Great Misalignment’
  • Trump Does Not Want to Be Contained. He Wants to Be Obeyed.
  • Can Trump Break the Courts, Too? (“His appeal asks for immunity from prosecution. If that doesn’t work, he will try to use the legal system against itself.”)
  • A Thought Experiment About SEAL Team 6 Goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong (“Pressed in court, Trump’s lawyers made an argument that would destroy nearly all limitations on presidential power.”)
  • How Trump’s Unhinged Immunity Demand Could Unleash a Second-Term Crime Spree
  • Trump warns of ‘bedlam,’ declines to rule out violence after court hearing (WILDLY irresponsible.)
  • Violent political threats surge as 2024 begins, haunting American democracy (It would be very helpful if the WaPo would state, right in the headline, that these violent political threats are coming overwhelmingly from the RIGHT. Why doesn’t the WaPo do that?!?)
  • Trump team argues assassination of rivals is covered by presidential immunity (Completely deranged – and very dangerous.)
  • Legal Experts Show How Donald Trump’s Claim ‘Makes No Sense’ (“They burst the former president’s bubble over his ‘ridiculous’ and ‘shocking’ argument, saying it’s not one ‘any real lawyer would have come up with.’”)
  • Judge Signals Trump Is Doomed in New E. Jean Carroll Trial
  • The question of Trump’s corruption should be front and center
  • Trump’s sly ‘I’m immune from prosecution’ claim finally runs aground (Why the word “sly” as opposed to “dishonest” or “shameless” or whatever?)
  • Trump intends to deliver part of closing himself, say sources (“Former President Trump intends to personally deliver part of the defense’s closing argument at the conclusion of his civil fraud trial in New York on Thursday, sources familiar with the former president’s strategy tell ABC News.”)
  • ‘He doesn’t give a damn about people:’ Biden campaign hits Trump comments on economy crashing
  • Lou Dobbs’ North Korean-style propagandist schtick is exactly what Trump wants from press coverage
  • Fani Willis, Prosecutor in Trump Georgia Case, Subpoenaed to Testify in Colleague’s Divorce
  • Pizzagate, QAnon and the ‘Epstein List’: Why the Far Right Is Obsessed with Sex Trafficking (“Rothschild pointed to a toxic stew of age-old antisemitism; the worst incentives of today’s social media; and the right’s unending obsession with Bill and Hillary Clinton.”)
  • Republican Officials Openly Insult Women Nearly Killed by Abortion Bans
  • Everything is on the line for Haley and DeSantis at tonight’s debate
  • Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • Republicans Are In Hysterics Over Lloyd Austin’s Urinary Tract Infection
  • Why impeaching Mayorkas would violate the Constitution
  • RFK Jr. backs out of his own birthday fundraiser gala after Martin Sheen, Mike Tyson said they’re not attending
  • X’s fresh temporary ban of several prominent journalists raises alarm
  • Meta profited from ads featuring Alex Jones, despite banning Infowars content from its platforms
  • Facebook and Instagram ran content sexualizing minors next to corporate ads, lawsuit says
  • US Rep. Greg Pence of Indiana, former VP Mike Pence’s older brother, won’t seek reelection
  • REVEALED: Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles faces ethics complaint, comparison to George Santos
  • Exclusive: Investor Ackman backs bid by dissidents for Harvard board seats
  • Once in Va. Gov. Youngkin’s position, Tim Kaine says agreement can be found with divided government
  • Don Scott will be first Black Speaker in Virginia Legislature’s 400 year history
  • Virginia’s General Assembly set to convene for 60-day session
  • Virginia General Assembly set to open 2024 session with Democrats in full control of the Capitol
  • 13 things to watch in the 2024 Virginia General Assembly session
  • General Assembly opens with bipartisan skepticism of Youngkin’s proposed sales tax increase
  • The VA General Assembly Kicks Off Its 2024 Session Wednesday. Here Are a Few of the Best…and WORST Bills So Far.
  • The 2024 General Assembly is in session; what can we expect?
  • Virginia House Democratic Caucus Announces Additional Leadership Positions (Del. Jeion Ward will serve as Vice Chair for Operations & Policy; Del. Shelly Simonds as Vice Chair for Outreach; Del. Holly Seibold as Secretary; Del. Betsy Carr as Treasurer, Del.-elect Michael Feggans as Sergeant-at-Arms. )
  • Democratic legislator wants to fill environmental justice council vacancies
  • Youngkin, Dems back overhaul of Virginia’s K-12 funding formula
  • Leaf blowers disturbing your peace? You’ve got company – and now, reason for hope
  • Virginia Restaurant Association aims for legislative meals tax fix
  • Bipartisan group of Virginia legislators push to legalize and regulate skill games
  • These state parks in Virginia reuse Christmas Trees to help fish
  • From abortion to tax reform, here’s a rundown of regional lawmakers’ legislative proposals (“General Assembly members from Southwest and Southside have filed a flurry of bills, with more likely to come.”)
  • Editorial: Hampton Roads legislative delegation must stick together to deliver for region
  • Former fire chief declares victory in Virginia Beach City Council District 1 race
  • Southside voters choose Republican candidates in 2 special elections
  • Mulchi wins special election, heads to Richmond to represent 9th Senate District (She’s MAGA all the way.)
  • Republicans win both special elections in Southside
  • Alexandria substitute teacher projected to win open school board seat
  • Police say DNA links man to killings in ‘Colonial Parkway murders’ case
  • Scooter and e-bike operators leave Arlington amid micro-mobility industry woes
  • D.C.-area forecast: Drying out today with a gusty breeze. Next storm arrives late Friday. (“Thursday looks like the pick of the week as temperatures stay on the mild side before turning colder this weekend.”)

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