What if Ryan Reynolds Is Mac’s Boyfriend?

Now that Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are best friends after purchasing the Wrexham AFC football club, doesn’t it follow that Reynolds should appear on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? A lot of people are starting to think so.

Welcome to Wrexham has become an overnight sensation, with its first season being so successful that a large part of the second season was devoted to showing fans visiting the town of Wrexham in Wales just for television tourism. There’s a whole group of people who are bigger fans of the documentary than they are of the sport. And for them, it’s obvious to see that McElhenney and Reynolds are more than just business partners now.

Recently, when both stars were present in an interview, they were asked if Reynolds would want to have a cameo on Always Sunny. The ideas that came up seemed to imply a little more than just a cameo, and Reynolds seemed fully agreeable to the possibility. They talked about other Sunny characters pairing up in one of Reynolds’ movies as well, but that seemed a little less likely. The best idea, and the one fans can’t seem to let go was: what if Ryan Reynolds was Mac’s boyfriend?

The Interview

YouTube/BuzzFeed Celeb

In a BuzzFeed interview where celebrities play with puppies, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were put in front of a camera together and had a tiny contingent of golden retrievers unleashed upon them. As the puppies swarmed over both of them, they were asked questions covering the breadth of both of their present careers. Eventually, it came to the subject of whether or not Reynolds would ever appear on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, to which he responded: “I’m personally offended that I was never asked.”

It seemed like McElhenney and Reynolds had never really thought about the possibility before. As both sat there musing on where Reynolds would show up, there were a few ideas thrown out. Reynolds said that he would love to have an insignificant part, one like “guy number four,” where he just sits at the bar drinking an Aviation gin. But eventually, McElhenney came up with the idea that “Mac needs a boyfriend.” And Reynolds says, “Great, let’s do it.” It would certainly be a sight to behold. Whether Reynolds comes on the show playing himself or playing some random guy, the Always Sunny gang would no doubt be astounded.

If Reynolds were Mac’s boyfriend, the characters in the bar would be amazed. If moviegoers haven’t seen Reynolds with his shirt off, they’ve definitely seen him in a superhero costume. Mac would probably introduce Reynolds to the gang nonchalantly like he and the newcomer had been dating for months, and he never thought to mention it. Of course, this would all come right after the gang had been making fun of Mac for being single.

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If Ryan Reynolds Were Mac’s Boyfriend

Ryan Reynolds as Guy in Free Guy 2
20th Century Studios

Reynolds would walk out onto set sporting something completely flaming to the point where his clothes would be a parody of themselves. Imagine Reynolds with a lollipop in his mouth, wearing bright neon booty shorts and a shirt that was only sleeves as he enters this dingy bar in Philadelphia. He immediately attaches himself to Mac’s arm and pulls the lollipop out of his mouth with a little more flare than necessary. Reynolds plants a big wet kiss on Mac’s cheek and says hello, greeting him using a pet name none of us have heard before.

As the rest of the Always Sunny gang are completely floored by the LA-quality model that just entered the room, Mac doesn’t bat an eye. In fact, he might push his new boyfriend off him, telling him to wait in the back so he can get ready for their date. While Mac is completely under Dennis’ bootheel during the daytime, it seems at night, he is the king of his own private country.

Mac tells the rest of the group they wouldn’t understand and leaves for his date. When he exits, Dennis is left confounded and reasons he must go to a gay bar himself to prove he can pick up a man simply for the sake of his ego. Dee does the same, confused as to why she feels she has to prove herself to her brother. Frank and Charlie end up going to a gay nightclub, discovering that the world of techno music, glow sticks, and scantily clad men might be more fun than they expected.

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By the end of the episode, Dennis will have tried his D.E.N.N.I.S. system on several men, to no avail. Dee will have explored places she never wanted to go. Frank and Charlie will have accidentally ended up having sex with each other. And Mac’s boyfriend would have dumped him because his friends were just too weird.

Always Sunny has already done several episodes revolving around Mac’s homosexuality and LGBTQ+ ideology as a political issue; they even one where they turned Paddy’s into a gay bar. But there hasn’t been an episode where the gang goes out into the wild and explores the LGBTQ+ community and culture. There’s a lot there to explore, and it would be perfect with Ryan Reynolds tagging along.


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