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Why It’s Time To Start Worrying About Kate Middleton

In the original statement from Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton asked for privacy regarding her ongoing health situation. “She hopes that the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible,” the statement read, “and her wish that her personal medical information remains private.” Despite this, social media has been filled with speculation about the details of Middleton’s condition and the reasoning behind her recovery time.

While some have taken the positive updates about the princess’s health to heart, with Kensington Palace reporting that she successfully returned home from the hospital on Jan. 29, this undue attention can, unfortunately, be a cause for concern. Studies have found that psychological stress can prolong recovery time after an injury or surgery. As royal family members have expressed how stressful intense media attention can be, with Harry and Meghan’s cry for privacy coming specifically to mind, the undue focus on Middleton’s health details and recovery journey, especially after she requested privacy, could harm her healing process.

In addition to this, excess questions about her prolonged recovery time could pressure the princess into ending her convalescence early, an issue that Dr. Max Pemberton mentions in his essay with Daily Mail. “Getting better was once part of being ill. Now it’s just assumed that with wishful thinking and gritted teeth you’ll be right as rain,” Dr. Pemberton wrote. “I hope Kate makes a speedy recovery, but also hope she doesn’t return to duties until she’s good and ready.”


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