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Will Ferrell Spotted DJing College Frat Party


  • Will Ferrell surprises fans by DJing a frat party at his alma mater, the University of Southern California, showcasing his talents beyond acting.
  • Ferrell’s legendary status is reinforced as he plays a song that samples his own dialogue from the film Blades of Glory, a tribute he was flattered by.
  • Will Ferrell’s DJing is sure to conjure fond memories of the actor as Frank “The Tank” Ricard in the 2003 comedy, Old School.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy star Will Ferrell has been spotted DJing a frat party. The event in question was being held at Ferrell’s alma mater this weekend, the University of Southern California, with the comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni partaking in DJ duties at the university where his son is now a student. You can check out the footage below, which finds Ferrell throwing out some subtle dad-like dance moves while achieving legendary status.

No doubt Ferrell’s status is cemented even further upon the realization that he is playing a song that samples himself. A tribute that Ferrell previously said he was “flattered” by when Jay-Z and Kanye West decided to use dialogue of Ferrell as Blades Of Glory’s Chazz Michael Michaels.

“Kanye reached out to me and I said, ‘Of Course’,” Ferrell said to MTV back in 2011. “I was completely flattered when they asked if they could sample me into the song…and when I heard it for the first time, I just started to laugh because it felt so surreal. But I really did like the song.”

Clearly a man of many talents, Ferrell is of course an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and now, apparently, DJ, who has attended events at the university many times over the years. Earlier this year, the actor and comedian addressed the USC School of Dramatic Arts students, revealing details of his gradual realization that he wanted to become an actor.

“I never really allowed myself the chance to think about doing anything in entertainment, only because my father’s a musician,” Ferrell said. “I set upon this road of going to these journalism classes. But I just loved making my friends laugh.”

After graduating, Ferrell slowly began to realize that making people laugh is all he wanted to do, and his pursuit for a career as a comedian began after seeing a performance at the award-winning Groundlings Theatre.

“I saw one of their shows for the first time, and I thought—oh, wait. That’s what I want to do.”

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DJ Will Ferrell Is Sure to Conjure Fond Memories of Old School

DreamWorks Pictures

The sight of Will Ferrell behind the decks is sure to conjure fond memories of the actor as Frank “The Tank” Ricard in the 2003 comedy, Old School. Directed and co-written by Todd Phillips, and starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, Old School begins when attorney Mitch (Luke Wilson) feels his world come undone after discovering his girlfriend (Juliette Lewis) has been participating in group sex.

He moves into a new place, which happens to be near a college campus, and tries to get his life back together. Two of his best friends, Frank (Will Ferrell) and Beanie (Vince Vaughn), start hanging out at Mitch’s house, eventually turning the place into a wild party pad, much to the ire of the college’s dean, Gordon “Cheese” Pritchard (Jeremy Piven).

While Old School received mixed reviews from critics upon release, it has since become a firm favorite among fans of Ferrell.

This year, Will Ferrell has starred in the likes of Barbie, Strays, and Hulu’s Quiz Lady. The actor will next lead You’re Cordially Invited alongside Reese Witherspoon.


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