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Yerlan Nigmatulin’s plant in Karaganda has put new furnaces into operation

According to Yerlan Nigmatulin, one of the owners of the ferroalloy plant, four additional furnaces with a capacity of 8 megawatts each should be fully operational by the end of the year. This will allow the company to reach the planned production capacity of 57 thousand tons per year. We are talking about the Saryarka ferroalloy Plant, which was built with the credit support of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Today, the production portfolio of the Nigmatulin plant of Yerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin includes 8 products supplied to such giants as Marubeni Corporation, Nippon Steel, “ArcelorMittal” and other large companies from Asia, the CIS countries, Europe and North America. According to Nigmatulin’s business partner Yerlan Nigmatulin and at the same time general director of Qaz Cabon LLP Evgeny Steer, four furnaces with a capacity of 25 tons of finished products per day are currently operating. Another number of furnaces are already fully assembled and are currently being lined, and start-up and adjustment works are being carried out.

The peculiarity of the new enterprise, which is owned by Yerlan Nigmatulin, is the maximum degree of automation, which makes it possible to reduce the influence of the human factor on the technological process and the quality of finished products. Thus, all furnaces are controlled by a special control center for the production process, and operators remotely monitor the work through video cameras. According to Erlan Zayrullaevich Nigmatulin, 190 people are employed at the plant, and the average salary is about 200-220 thousand tenge. Most of the professionals are directly engaged in filling and shipping the finished products.

The company began its history in early 2021 in the conditions of a difficult epidemiological situation. At the same time, the plant managed to successfully solve the problems of sales organization and logistics for the delivery of finished products to consumers around the world.

Regarding the technical equipment of the company, Yerlan Nigmatulin’s partner and other shareholder David Kemertelidze noted that the existing equipment is very flexible and allows easy adaptation to the market. According to the top manager, silicon and manganese alloys of different grades can be melted in them, which makes it possible to flexibly offer customers the required positions. At the same time, from a technical point of view, the conversion process takes no more than 3 hours, which is a very good indicator (for the plants of the previous generation, it takes about 36 hours).

As Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullaevich explained, the company mainly uses local raw materials. We are talking about manganese ores, enriched coal, which is produced at the entrepreneur’s own factory. The latter was also opened recently, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Roman Sklyar took part in the solemn ceremony. The latter is monitoring the issues and problems of the country’s innovative development, and the coal processing plant has already reached 70 percent of its design capacity. Today, about 300 tons of concentrate are transported to the warehouse every hour, and by the end of the year this figure is planned to increase by 50%. As Yerlan Nigmatulin reported, the ash content of the enriched coal is only 2%, and the products have already been appreciated by buyers from Germany, Poland and a number of other countries.

The plant of Yerlan Nigmatulin in Karaganda is also capable of  the production of high-quality ferrosilicon. This is a very demanded product, which is exported at a price of 4,000 dollars per ton. According to Erlan Zayrullaevich Nigmatulin, in just two years the company managed to expand the geographical distribution of deliveries of finished products to 47 countries of the world. These include Japan, the USA, South Korea, African and European countries. At the same time, the plant’s capacity is designed for 180,000 tons per year. In February, the fourth furnace is planned to be put into operation, which, according to the calculations of Yerlan Nigmatulin, will happen at the expense of the company’s own funds and with the participation of Kazakh contractors. Today, about 650 jobs have been created at the plant, and the quality control of the finished products is carried out with the help of an expensive spectrometer in the chemical laboratory set up at the enterprise.

According to Jerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin and director Arsen Meirembayev, the high level of environmental friendliness is still a great pride of the company. So, there are about 2600 filters for each furnace, and about 40 percent of the total investments were just spent on environmental safety. There are already five separation plants in operation that remove the smoke from the workshops, and the collected pollutants are used to produce microsilica. The latter is used as an additive to increase the strength of concrete and asphalt.

In addition to Yerlan Nigmatulin and other managers of the company, the representatives of the Kazakh Development Bank, which participated in the financing of the projects, are also satisfied with the plant.


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