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10 Movies to Watch Next if You Loved Saw X

The desire for spine-tingling thrills and pulse-pounding suspense is at its highest as the Halloween season draws near. The Saw franchise has long been associated with unyielding anxiety among fans of the macabre joys of the horror genre. This list is your roadmap to a cinematic voyage like no other, whether you’re an experienced horror fan fresh from a terrifying Saw X experience or a casual watcher ready to go into the shadowy recesses of fear.

Few films have made as lasting an impression on the horror genre as Saw. It’s the perfect choice for a Halloween movie marathon because of its reputation for expertly designed traps, psychological agony, and complex story twists. But what do you do when Jigsaw’s games have left you wanting more and every last drop of blood has been spilled? Here are our 10 movies that are great for the upcoming spooky season, and that will keep you captivated with horror and anticipation.

Saw (2004)

Lions Gate Films

The film that gave us the gory backdrop for it all, Saw, is at the top of our list. This movie, which popularized the sadistic Jigsaw Killer, is a masterclass in tension and psychological terror. Not only is it a good idea to watch it again, but it’s also a chance to appreciate the start of a franchise that continues to haunt our nightmares. A second viewing of Saw is similar to removing the top from a horrifying puzzle box.

You’ll pick up on minute subtleties, obscure hints, and connections that you might have overlooked the first time. The study of moral decisions and the extent people can go when forced to the extreme is what makes it so riveting. It’s a relentless trip into the human psyche that makes you doubt your own survival skills.

Hostel (2006)

Hostel 2005
Lions Gate Pictures

In the world of horror, where nightmares blend with reality, Hostel stands as a chilling testament to the relentless pursuit of fear. This harrowing film is a perfect addition to watch after Saw X, offering a terror that will leave you questioning how people can be so cruel. Hostel is a suspenseful journey through the unexpected horrors that await a group of backpackers in Slovakia.

The film masterfully lures you into a false sense of security, much like the victims themselves, before plunging you headfirst into a nightmare. Delivering visceral horror that strikes a deep, unsettling chord, this film taps into our fear of the unknown, our vulnerability in unfamiliar places, and the lurking suspicion that danger may be lurking just out of sight.

House of Wax (2005)

House of Wax 2005
Warner Bros. Pictures

In horror, where the boundary between reality and nightmares blurs, House of Wax emerges and drags us into the macabre. House of Wax earns its spot because it shares the same heart-pounding intensity and sense of dread that Saw X delivers. House of Wax is a gripping tale of a group of friends whose road trip takes a horrifying turn. The story’s descent into madness and the history behind the wax museum’s creations are truly disturbing.

It’s a reminder that sometimes the most horrifying monsters are not supernatural but born from the darkest corners of human obsession. What makes this film a standout watch is its ability to blend psychological terror with horror. It delves into deception and isolation, leaving you with a lingering sense of discomfort long after the credits roll.

Final Destination (2000)

Devon Sawa Final Destination
New Line Cinema

Our list includes the first film in the Final Destination franchise, which takes us on a terrifying journey where the webs of destiny unravel and the razor-thin line separating life and death becomes razor-sharp. The story starts with a group friends who leave their boarded plane when one freaks out after having a premonition that it’s going to crash. Then, the group watches in horror after catastrophe strikes, the exact way it did in the premonition.

Feeling like they cheated death, they have no idea that they’ve only delayed it, until death starts coming for them one-by-one. The movie really stands out because of its ideas of fate and free will. It also really excels in creating a tense atmosphere of impending doom, thriving on the fear of the unknown. Final Destination taps into our natural fear and inevitability of death.

Nerve (2016)

Nerve 2016 Emma Roberts

Nerve earns a spot on our list by launching us into a world where the rush of online fame and danger collide, showing the lengths people will go to for entertainment. Nerve explores the complex psychological aspects of an online game that has the players take extreme risks for online viewers to enjoy.

When a high school student and her boyfriend join an online game to perform dares for money and recognition, they realize quickly that it’s not what they thought. The impact of anonymity and being desensitized to violence in the age of technology are skillfully explored in Nerve.

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The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods stands out for its original take on the horror genre. It’s a witty and self-aware parody of traditional horror clichés, which makes it a wonderful pick to watch after Saw X. Even though it starts with the typical, rural cabin often used in horror, it soon goes beyond these clichés, exploring the tropes and how they can be manipulated.

The movie adopts a meta perspective when the protagonists are aware of the horror norms they’re caught up in. It gradually surprises and reveals hidden layers that challenge viewers’ expectations. Like Saw X, this movie balances themes of free will and human nature and makes the viewer question what decisions they would make in the situation.

Would You Rather? (2012)

Would you rather
IFC Midnight

Would You Rather is a gripping and intense psychological horror that’s a good follow-up after you finish Saw X. For a chance to secure their financial future, desperate people are forced to make unthinkable choices through a lethal would you rather game. This idea creates the framework for a gripping and captivating story that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The movie creates a tense, suspenseful atmosphere that provides an intense cinematic experience. As a horror film, it draws on basic worries about survival, threats, and the consequences of choices made, providing a thought-provoking and uncomfortable cinematic trip.

Belko Experiment (2016)

The Belko Experiment
Orion Pictures

An ordinary office is locked down in The Belko Experiment, and all the employees are made to participate in a bizarre game of survival; kill your colleagues or die. It plays well on the fear of turning a normal and familiar setting into a nightmare. This moral dilemma forces them to confront their deepest fears and instincts, adding depth to the story. Like Saw, The Belko Experiment plays with the exploration of what the human mind can do and how far you can go in extreme situations to save your life.

The tension escalates as the characters grapple with this gruesome task, and the film successfully keeps the audience guessing about who will survive and who will succumb to the pressure.

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Green Room (2016)

The Green Room

Green Room earns its place on the list of films to watch after Saw X for its unique blend of suspense, terror, and survival. It takes a punk rock band and throws them into a nightmare situation, where they fight for their lives against a group of neo-Nazi skinheads. When the band members are trapped in the club’s green room, the atmosphere becomes claustrophobic.

The characters are pushed to extremes, and their attempts to escape lead to really intense situations. It taps into the fear of being threatened and outnumbered. With tension and suspense building steadily, they’re faced with impossible odds that create nothing but dread, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Inhuman Resources (2012)

Inhuman Resources Redd Inc 2012
Green Light Productions

Inhuman Resources, also known as Redd INC., earns its place on our list to watch after Saw X due to the intense and gripping storytelling. Within this story, there’s a thin line between sanity and madness while diving into the twisted mind of Thomas Reddman, who says he was wrongfully convicted of being the serial killer known as the “Headhunter.” Reddman has somehow gathered the people involved with his trial, chained them to a table, and forced them to go back over all his trial evidence to prove his innocence.

The horror of the film lies in its ability to create a tense, nightmare-like environment as they’re all subjected to physical and psychological torture.


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