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PHOTOS: Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Republican Nominee Bob Anderson Raises Cash With Infamous Anti-Abortion, Pro-Assad, Rabidly Anti-LGBTQ, etc. Former VA State Sen. Dick “Baby Pesticides” Black (R)

LEESBURG, VA: Today, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj condemned Republican candidate Bob Anderson for campaigning with extreme anti-choice former Sen. Dick Black, and called on Anderson to return the money raised from their fundraiser last week.

On September 30, Anderson posted on Twitter a “big THANK YOU to Senator Dick Black” for attending his fundraiser the night before. Black was the keynote speaker at Anderson’s fundraiser.

Sen. Black has been an extreme voice against reproductive freedom, comparing abortion to the Holocaust, calling birth control “baby pesticide,” and supporting a personhood bill that would ban abortion and contraception. “My goal is to end abortion,” Black said, while serving Loudoun in the House of Delegates. “I really believe abortion’s days are numbered.”

Sen. Black has also made extreme anti-woman comments including saying that marital rape should be legal. “How on earth you could validly get a conviction of a husband-wife rape when they’re living together, sleeping in the same bed, she’s in a nightie, and so forth, there’s no injury, there’s no separation or anything?” Black said. If elected Commonwealth’s Attorney, Anderson would be in charge of prosecuting sexual assault cases. Biberaj has tripled the number of prosecutors assigned to sexual assault and domestic violence cases and increased victims’ services.

“It’s no secret why Bob Anderson has been endorsed by the most extreme anti-choice legislator in Loudoun history,” said Biberaj campaign manager Shannon Sankey. “It’s clear that Senator Dick Black is fundraising for Bob Anderson’s campaign because he knows that Anderson will use the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office to prosecute women and their doctors. Bob Anderson should return every penny from this fundraiser with Sen. Dick Black. How can the women of Loudoun County trust Bob Anderson to protect them when he is campaigning with someone who believes marital rape should be legal?” 

This week, Biberaj received the endorsement of REPRO Rising Virginia PAC, highlighting her commitment to protecting women and doctors from prosecution over reproductive rights. Biberaj has vowed to do all that she can to ensure that Virginia protects the rights of women, signing a letter from prosecutors in Virginia and around the country to not prosecute abortion cases following the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision in 2022.

In addition to his bizarre and offensive anti-abortion comments, Sen. Black has repeatedly discriminated against the LGBTQ community, comparing homosexuality to polygamy and incest. He has been referred to as “the American politician who loves Assad” for his repeated meetings with and praise of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Black had to resign from his role as Sen. Ted Cruz’s Virginia campaign co-chair due to his alliance with the Syrian dictator.

In addition to campaigning with Sen. Black, Anderson has taken money from multiple Trump donors, and one of his campaign’s largest donors is on the Board of Directors of an anti-abortion advocacy organization. When he was Commonwealth’s Attorney in the 1990s, Anderson prosecuted a midwife over the objection of the family she served.

Biberaj is running for reelection to continue modernizing the office to save taxpayer money and keep our community safe. That means focusing resources on prosecuting violent crime, investing in prevention programs, and standing up for our rights. Since she’s been in office, she’s tripled the number of prosecutors in her office dedicated to domestic violence and sexual assault cases. Under Biberaj’s watch, the violent crime rate has dropped 31%.


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