Antonee Robinson Ethnicity, What is Antonee Robinson’s Ethnicity?

Antonee Robinson Ethnicity, What is Antonee Robinson’s Ethnicity?

Antonee Robinson Ethnicity

 Ethnicity is the one that tells the identification of a group based on a perceived cultural distinctiveness. So here we can check what Ethnicity Antonee Robinson is American-English.

Antonee Robinson is a popular Soccer player who was born on 8 August 1997.

According to Our Latest Research, Antonee Robinson is of American-English Ethnicity born in, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. 

Real Name

Antonee Robinson

Date of birth

8 August 1997 


26 years Old


6 feet (183 cm)


70 kg (154 lbs)

Birth Place

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom




Soccer player


American, British, English



Who is Antonee Robinson?

Antonee Robinson, born on August 8, 1997, is a prominent professional soccer player who has made a significant mark in the world of football. Known for his speed, defensive prowess, and versatility, Robinson has consistently proven himself on both the domestic and international stages.

Robinson hails from England but is of Jamaican descent. He began his professional career with the English club, Everton, in 2015, showcasing immense potential as a left-back. However, it was during his loan spells at Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic that he truly blossomed. His performances garnered attention, not only from the English footballing community but also from scouts and managers worldwide.

In 2020, Robinson made a bold move to join Fulham in the English Premier League. His athleticism, adeptness at crossing, and ability to support both defensively and offensively became vital to Fulham’s squad. His contributions played a pivotal role in their promotion campaign.

Antonee Robinson’s talents extend beyond club football. He represents the United States Men’s National Team, earning his first cap in 2018. His international career has been marked by his commitment and strong performances, earning him a reputation as one of the top American defenders.


Antonee Robinson Age

As of now Antonee Robinson is 26 years old (born August 8, 1997), in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, he has already achieved remarkable success in the world of football. At this age, many players are just beginning to hit their stride, and Robinson is no exception.

With a promising future ahead of him, Robinson’s career trajectory remains on an upward trajectory. His youth and energy, combined with years of professional experience, make him an asset to his club and a crucial member of the United States Men’s National Team.

Fans and football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate what the next years will bring for this dynamic left-back, knowing that his potential is yet to be fully realized. Robinson’s story is a testament to the exciting prospects the world of soccer holds for those with dedication and talent.

Antonee Robinson Height and Weight

Antonee Robinson, the professional soccer player, has a well-balanced physique that suits the demands of his sport. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet (approximately 183 cm), Robinson possesses a physical advantage that enables him to excel as a left-back. His height not only helps him to win aerial duels but also provides an extended reach when defending or attacking set-pieces.

In terms of weight, Robinson maintains a healthy and athletic build at around 70 kg (approximately 154 lbs). This weight range aligns well with his height, allowing him to be agile and quick on the field, while also possessing the necessary strength to hold his ground in physical battles with opponents. It’s crucial for a soccer player to strike the right balance between being lightweight for agility and heavy enough to maintain physical presence, and Robinson seems to have found this equilibrium.

Physical Attributes



6 feet (183 cm)


70 kg (154 lbs)

Antonee Robinson Nationality

Antonee Robinson’s nationality is American. While he was born in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, on August 8, 1997, he represents the United States Men’s National Team in international soccer competitions. His American citizenship is a result of his eligibility through his father, who is of Jamaican descent, and the rules governing international eligibility in soccer.

Robinson’s decision to represent the United States on the international stage has added depth to the American soccer pool. His speed, defensive abilities, and versatility have made him a valuable asset for the national team. This choice has not only enhanced his own career but has also contributed to the growth and competitiveness of American soccer. As a proud representative of the Stars and Stripes, Robinson embodies the multicultural and diverse nature of American soccer, showcasing the sport’s global appeal and inclusivity.

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Antonee Robinson Career

  1. Wigan Athletic, July 2019–August 2020:

    • Robinson joined Wigan Athletic in July 2019 and made a significant impact during his time there.
    • His performances garnered attention and showcased his potential as a left-back.
  2. Everton, July 2019:

    • In July 2019, Robinson was associated with Everton, highlighting his time in the Premier League.
  3. Bolton Wanderers, 2018:

    • Robinson had a loan spell at Bolton Wanderers in 2018, which played a pivotal role in his development as a player.
  4. Fulham, August 2020–present:

    • In August 2020, Robinson made a significant move to Fulham, marking a return to the Premier League.
    • His athleticism, adeptness at crossing, and defensive prowess have been crucial for Fulham’s squad during their promotion campaign and beyond.
  5. Health Challenge:

    • Robinson’s career faced a major setback when a potential transfer to AC Milan on the January 2020 transfer deadline day fell through due to a heart irregularity discovered during his medical exam. This challenge tested his resilience and determination.
  6. Career Statistics:

    • Robinson’s career statistics include an average of 48 passes per match with an 80% pass completion rate, reflecting his ability to contribute to ball circulation and build-up play.
    • He has notched 0 assists, 0 yellow cards, and 0 red cards, showcasing his discipline on the field.
    • In the FIFA World Cup 2022 season, his average Infogol Player Rating stands at 6.09, demonstrating his consistency and overall contribution to his team.

Antonee Robinson Achievement and Awards

Award Winnings:

  1. English 2nd tier champion in 2021/22
  2. CONCACAF Nations League Winner in 2019/20
  3. U21 Premier League champion in 2016/17
  4. Everton’s Under-18 Players’ Player of the Season
  5. EFL Team of the Year in 2021/22

Notable Achievements:

  1. Robinson was a key player in Fulham’s 2021/22 title-winning campaign.
  2. He made 28 Premier League appearances in his first season with Fulham.

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