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Friday News: “Opposition to Ukraine Aid Becomes a Litmus Test for the Right”; Trump “straight up channeling Hitler”; “Trump Said to Have Revealed Nuclear Submarine Secrets to Australian Businessman”; “Youngkin takes $2M from TikTok investor despite app ban, China warnings”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, October 6.

  • Millions of children are displaced due to extreme weather events. Climate change will make it worse
  • Extreme weather displaced 43m children in past six years, Unicef reports (Crazy.)
  • Despite Climate Promises, Insurance Companies Are Still Covering Coal (“A new report finds that five major global insurers are still backing U.S. coal mines, even when they’ve promised not to.” Unacceptable.)
  • Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi wins Nobel Peace Prize for fight against ‘oppression of women’
  • Zelensky calls Hroza attack that killed 52 ‘absolute evil’ (Correct.)
  • Opposition to Ukraine Aid Becomes a Litmus Test for the Right (Totally f’ed up; they are on the side of Putin!)
  • The bruising artillery battle in Ukraine has left a scar that is visible from space (“NASA-backed researchers say that millions of acres of farmland have been abandoned due to the conflict.”)
  • Russia is taking a beating in the Black Sea. Is it plotting a new escalation? (“Britain said it has intelligence that suggests the Kremlin is seeking to target civilian cargo ships and pin the attacks on Ukraine.”)
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy Has a Message for Americans About Democracy (“The future is too important to just wait for it, and the road to it must be overcome.”)
  • The West Armed Ukraine for a Caricature of Modern War (“An outdated view of warfare helps explain why the U.S. was slow to supply long-range missiles.”)
  • Ukraine war: Every family in Hroza village affected by missile attack
  • Putin claims Russia’s war in Ukraine is not a conflict over territory but about ‘principles’ (Yeah, the “principle” that Putin gets to be a vicious war criminal, dictator, thug, etc.)
  • Hungary, Poland rail at EU migration policy as bloc leaders meet
  • U.S. shoots down armed drone flown by NATO ally Turkey
  • Turkish official says ground operation into Syria an option after bombing
  • Whales and dolphins in American waters are losing food and habitat to climate change, US study says
  • Gun Deaths Rising Sharply Among Children, Study Finds (The only “developed” country that allows this lunacy.)
  • U.S. to restart deportations to Venezuela in effort to reduce record border arrivals
  • Biden says he had to use Trump-era funds for the border wall. When asked if barriers work, he says ‘No’
  • Ocasio-Cortez on border wall announcement: President must ‘take responsibility,’ ‘reverse course’
  • U.S. transition to clean energy is happening faster than you think, reporter says
  • September Jobs Report May Be Last Good One Before Sharp Slowdown
  • U.S. Jobs Report for September Is Expected to Be Weaker
  • The high stakes in a new Supreme Court showdown over gerrymandering (“The justices may have stepped away from their unrelenting hostility toward voting rights plaintiffs.”)
  • Hispanic Catholics, unaffiliated most likely religious groups to acknowledge human-caused climate change
  • Trump allegedly shared potentially sensitive information about US nuclear subs with Australian billionaire (“Anthony Pratt, a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, allegedly shared submarine details with former Australian PMs and journalists, according to media reports”)
  • Trump allegedly discussed US nuclear subs with foreign national after leaving White House: Sources (Lock him up IMMEDIATELY.)
  • Trump Said to Have Revealed Nuclear Submarine Secrets to Australian Businessman
  • Why Trump and the Rest of the G.O.P. Won’t Stop Bashing Electric Vehicles
  • Trump’s violent rhetoric is getting muted coverage by the news media
  • To amplify Trump? Or not to amplify? There’s actually a good answer.
  • Will Voters Send In the Clowns? (“Objectively, the economy is doing well. But perceptions may not match that reality, and Americans may, as a result, vote to send in the clowns.” In which case, say goodbye to America.)
  • Many GOP anti-Trumpers are throwing in the towel
  • Hillary Clinton Shreds Donald Trump’s MAGA ‘Cult’ With ‘Formal Deprogramming’ Call (“The Democratic 2016 candidate predicted Trump will likely be the GOP’s 2024 nominee, but also suggested when the Republican fever may break.”)
  • One nation on two divergent paths (“Joe Biden and Donald Trump offer two very different lessons about America”)
  • Exclusive: Hillary Clinton says Trump is likely GOP 2024 nominee but Biden can still beat him
  • Spoiler alert: Biden world is taking third-party threats seriously
  • Trump moves to “temporarily” dismiss $500 million lawsuit against Michael Cohen
  • Trump drops suit against former lawyer Michael Cohen
  • How MAGA Corrupts the Culture of the White Working Class
  • ‘What Is Broken in American Politics Is the Republican Party’
  • Trump would accept House speakership for a ‘short period’ while Republicans decide on a permanent replacement
  • Trump considering trip to Congress before speakership election
  • Bitter GOP rivalries return with a vengeance in speaker’s race
  • Kevin McCarthy Got What He Wanted (“It just didn’t last long.”)
  • Trump endorses Jordan as he injects himself into House chaos (“The former president endorsed one of his most loyal attack dogs”)
  • “The Donald Trump show is over”: Trump’s attempt to turn his trial into a campaign spectacle fails (“Sorry, Donald: Trump wanted to look tough, but instead New York Attorney General Tish James ran him out of town”)
  • Trump’s galling immunity stunt is doomed. But it may delay his trial.
  • Nancy Mace Solicits Campaign Funds on Fox, Flouting House Rules
  • GOP knives out for Nancy Mace
  • McCarthy allies quietly undercut Scalise’s speaker bid
  • A Broken Congress Is What MAGA Always Wanted
  • During an online fundraiser, Matt Gaetz denounced the Biden impeachment effort as unserious
  • Some of Matt Gaetz’s Republican Colleagues Are Getting Sick of His S–t
  • Rep. Jared Moskowitz calls for Palm Beach County to tax Mar-a-Lago at rate Trump claims it’s worth
  • I.R.S. Puts Lien on Giuliani’s Palm Beach Condo for $550,000 Tax Debt
  • Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Floats Civil War Because ‘Elections Don’t Work’ (Has he been fired yet? If not, why not?)
  • How Long Will the RNC Keep Its Trump-less Debate Charade Going? (“Even some committee members are grumbling about putting on a third presidential debate sans Trump, whose commanding lead in polls suggests he’s still a shoo-in for the GOP nomination.”)
  • Adam Frisch reported a massive nearly $3.4 million third quarter haul in his second bid to defeat Lauren Boebert.
  • Linda Yaccarino again claims advertisers are returning to X. Here are the facts. (“The majority of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers pre-Musk have spent at least 90% less on ads in the last 12 weeks than they did in the 12 weeks before Musk took over” Nobody should be advertising on Twitter/X.)
  • Elon Musk under investigation by US agency for $44bn takeover of Twitter (“Securities and Exchange Commission inquiring whether Musk broke federal law in 2022 when he bought stock in the platform”)
  • ADL signals truce in feud with Musk, will resume advertising on X (That’s bizarre and unacceptable.)
  • Twitter Is at Death’s Door, One Year After Elon Musk’s Takeover
  • “X” Axed Headlines. That Sucks For Accessibility.
    Sen. Ed Markey has called out Elon Musk’s “disregard for the needs of disabled people.”
  • Cornel West drops Green Party bid to run for president as an independent (Nutjob.)
  • The Attack on Wisconsin’s Governor Perfectly Sums Up Our Gun Problem
  • Man with handgun seeking governor arrested in Wisconsin Capitol, returns with assault rifle
  • Rep. George Santos’ former campaign treasurer will plead guilty to a federal felony, prosecutors say
  • Influential Anti-Woke Activist Is Open to Working With Racists and Fascists (“Christopher Rufo has the ear of Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s also refused to close the door to partnering with the worst elements of the right in his culture war against the left.”)
  • How RFK Jr.’s Media Paranoia Shapes His Worldview (He’s completely unhinged.)
  • Let’s Talk about ‘PodiumGate’ (“The governor’s office paid almost $20,000 for a podium it purchased from a company called Beckett Events, LLC. No one has seen the new podium and there seem to be all sorts of irregularities tied to how the thing was expensed.”)
  • Late Sen. Dianne Feinstein remembered at funeral in California
  • MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says his lawyers in defamation lawsuits have dropped him after he stopped paying them (Hey, maybe Lindell’s pal Amanda Chase can do a fundraiser for him? LOL)
  • Tobacco: With fewer smokers, Va. growers, cigarette makers seek new markets (Disgusting business.)
  • Virginians Get Financial Relief as Biden Cancels More Student Debt
  • Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) and Sen. Tim Kaine Call for Urgency in Release of Vladimir Kara-Murza, Virginian Wrongfully Detained in Russia
  • Video: Unrig Our Economy Launches Ad Campaign Holding So-called “Moderate” Republican Jen Kiggans Accountable for Voting for Harmful Cuts for Working Americans (“Constituents need to know that Rep. Jen Kiggans voted to screw them over.”)
  • Mike Clancy announces campaign for Congress to succeed retiring Rep. Jennifer Wexton
  • Scoop: Vindman twin eyes congressional bid as a Democrat
  • Youngkin takes $2M from TikTok investor despite app ban, China warnings
  • Out-of-state donors are bankrolling Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s anti-abortion crusade (“Youngkin is under fire for taking $2 million from a top investor in TikTok.”)
  • After Banning TikTok, Youngkin Takes Their Investor’s Money
  • Youngkin administration says it’s fixing issue that improperly removed some voters from the rolls
  • Youngkin’s Department of Elections Under Fire for Illegal Voter Roll Purge
  • Virginia Dems demand Youngkin probe expulsions from voting rolls
  • Pope & Schapiro: Washington drama’s impact in Virginia
  • FOIA Friday: State employee salaries and shielding university presidents’ papers
  • Va. attorney general opposes Dulles Greenway toll increase in Northern Virginia
  • Hanover supervisor resigns to join state workforce department
  • Video: New Ad Compares Josh Cole’s Pro-Choice Stance with Lee Peters’ Anti-Choice Extremism (“In the recent debate between Cole and Peters, Peters even went so far as to say ‘Everybody is not concerned or worried about women’s rights’”)
  • Gov. Youngkin’s Virginia Beach roots show up in his relationship with Bruce Thompson
  • Dulles Metro station used by 1 million passengers since opening
  • New General Assembly Building brings more office space, newer technology — and a pizza oven
  • The new Virginia General Assembly building opens next week. Here’s a look inside.
  • Commentary: ‘Barely heard of’ Christopher Newport University is making a difference
  • Roanoke College women’s swim team objected to trans athlete, faults school for lack of support (“The trans athlete later quit the team, but the swimmers called on the Roanoke College administration, the NCAA and state lawmakers to prevent trans athletes from competing in women’s sports.”)
  • VCU Library’s namesake once subject to book ban
  • Fairfax Co. police creating stronger policy on foot chases following deadly shooting
  • Girl who was sexually assaulted in Va. school bathroom sues district
  • D.C.-area forecast: Cloudy and a chance of showers through tonight

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