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How Soundproof Curtains Can Help In Enhancing Focus at Your Workplace

A noisy office can have far-reaching implications on your employees and overall workplace productivity.

It’s difficult to concentrate in a noisy environment. And reduced mental focus translates to a slow working pace, ultimately decreasing workplace productivity.

A noisy office also affects communication among coworkers. Messages that would have been quietly passed must now be shouted across the room to reach the intended audience. This can further lower staff morale and affect overall employee efficiency.

It’s only worse for offices situated in densely-populated neighborhoods or along busy freeways. Even if the distraction doesn’t come from within the office precincts, you’ll always have to contend with noisy neighbors or the unsettling sounds of cars racing along the highways.

But while it’s challenging to achieve 100% silence at the workplace, you can implement specific interventions to reduce the noise levels significantly. One such method is installing soundproof curtains.

Let’s have a look at what soundproof curtains are and how they can reduce noise levels at the workplace.


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What Are Soundproof Curtains?


Soundproof curtains, as the name implies, are basically curtains designed to sound-proof a space by blocking or reducing ambient noises. These curtains go by many other names, including sound blankets, soundproof blankets, soundproofing curtains, acoustic curtains, acoustic drapes, acoustic barriers, acoustic screens, and sound screens.

Acoustic curtains have become popular in the recent past due to their incredible ability to block distracting noises and instill a sense of calm in a room. A simple online search of the best soundproofing curtains will reveal many outlets where you can purchase these utility drapes.

Sound blankets are especially popular in places where maximum concentration is paramount. These include offices, learning institutions, hospitals & hospices, churches, theaters, and restaurants. The drapes are also common in some residential homes, especially those situated in busy neighborhoods.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

Soundproof curtains may differ considerably in aspects like size, color, and thickness. However, these drapes share certain defining features, including how they operate.

Acoustic drapes are made from heavy, thick fabrics like polyester, suede, or velvet. The material contains a porous surface that absorbs sound waves as they pass through different mediums.

Sound blankets are typically 1 – 4-inch thick and weigh ½ – 2 pounds. The combination of mass and weight is what aids in sound blocking.

Many acoustic barriers work by reducing the intensity of the sound penetrating a room. Others absorb the sound and affect how it bounces around the room. Either way, the common objective of any soundproof curtains is to minimize noise distractions and improve the room occupant’s mental concentration or sleep quality (in the case of residential sound barriers).


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How Can Soundproof Curtains Enhance Your Focus at Workplace

Soundproof Curtains Can Address Noisy Coworkers

Some offices are wired to be noisy. Examples include call centers and banking halls. It’s only worse for open-plan offices where it may be difficult to concentrate on your work with the next coworkers consulting too loudly.

Multiple studies have shown that acoustic drapes can reduce noise levels remarkably. Some reports indicate that these curtains can deflect sound transmission by up to 29 decibels (dB).

If you work in a closed office, all you need to do is replace your regular drapes with sound blankets. For open offices, you can create makeshift screens using soundproof blankets to muffle the noise coming from your adjacent colleagues.

Soundproof Curtains Are Perfect For Downtown Offices

Most offices are located downtown, which is the busiest and noisiest segment of a city. Even if your office is reasonably quiet, traffic noise and bustling commercial activities across the street can significantly affect your concentration.

This is another area where soundproof curtains may come in handy.

Installing acoustic drapes in all your office windows can help deflect much of the noise and make every moment in the office worthwhile.


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Soundproof Curtains Can Reduce Machine Noise

Office noise doesn’t only come from coworkers or the general vicinity. Machines are also to blame.

Machine noise is common in virtually all industries, from construction and automotive to manufacturing, processing, and packaging. Even consultancy offices have to contend with noise from HVAC equipment and printers. Using soundproof curtains in the workplace can go a long way in reducing the noise emitted by this equipment.

Simply install an acoustic drape on the windows next to the noisy machines. In the case of heavy machinery, you can create an acoustic barricade that separates the noisy room hosting the equipment from the rest of the office. This lets you focus on the tasks, even when working near the appliance.

Soundproof Curtains Can Minimize Heat and Glare

Most offices receive sunshine at some point during the day. The light or warmth coming into the room can be a potential distraction, especially from mid-morning to early afternoon.

Sound blankets can address excessive glare and warmth coming into your office. That’s due to their relative thickness compared to regular drapes.

If your office already has acoustic drapes installed, all you need to do is draw the curtains to block the heat and glare. This can make your office more comfortable in addition to enhancing your privacy, both of which are essential to workplace productivity.

Soundproof Curtains

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Wrap Up

The benefits of soundproofing curtains in the workplace are immense. As a parting shot, always insist on high-quality acoustic drapes and hire a professional to install them.



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