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Old Hollywood Haunted by Ancient Curses in New Los Angeles Theatre Show

Enter the light — if you dare! MovieWeb was recently on hand to try out a new immersive horror experience at the iconic Los Angeles Theatre, and just in time for the Halloween season. Angel of Light is an original storyline that transports attendees back to the classic Old Hollywood era. The theatrical immersive experience, created by ODEON in collaboration with Fever, will make visitors shriek, laugh (nervously), and more. Attend with your Halloween-loving friends, especially those you’re close enough with, where it won’t be awkward if you have to clutch each other in a moment of terror. Here’s a closer look at the exciting new experience, with tickets available for purchase starting this coming weekend. Learn more here, and read about the experience below.

60 Minutes of Terror!

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm are two longstanding frightfests that have become iconic attractions in Southern California around this time of year. But Angel of Light is a solid change of pace, given that it’s confined to the historic LA Theatre’s walls, with an actual theatrical performance to cap off your 60 minutes of terror. Anyone who has experienced the timeless Tower of Terror inside Disney World will feel a similar tone with Angel of Light. The year is 1935 in this interactive tale, a gripping and terrifying story laced with “ancient curses, sonic secrets and demonic possession.”

The producers behind Angel of Light provided the following synopsis, to help paint a picture of what to expect upon entering the theater:

“The story unfolds in the early 19th century when a hexed girl, Rota Krisha, plagues a small rural village. The villagers turn to Father Nicolai, a priest known for his “spiritual sound healing,” who discovers that specific structures elicit a binaural effect when singing or chanting is performed within them. Hoping to summon an angel to counter the evil presence, the villagers bring Rota into the ancient catacombs for a special ceremony.

“However,” continues the story, “it takes a dark turn when Satan himself is unleashed, wreaking havoc among those present. The events unfold in a cataclysm of horror and chaos, but Rota Krisha manages to escape to America, where her life remains uneventful. That is, until she marries a sound engineer in Los Angeles…”

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At first, you think you’re there to simply see the Rota K. Preston debut performance, as advertised. But as you walk in, some in-character hostesses circle your group, offering a delightfully vintage spread of cigarettes and cigars. But something is off here — in glorious horror-movie fashion, of course. They don’t exactly engage with you if you try to carry a conversation. Instead, they might just repeat the same line over and over again (“Cigar? Cigarette?”), laugh in your face in the most sinister of ways, and then walk away. You’ll ultimately make your way through the front lobby into a larger ballroom area, closer to the grand-finale auditorium, where food and drinks are served (by actual servers, not characters this time).

Setting the Stage for a Feature Film


But don’t get too comfortable — let’s not forget that the whole thing is cursed. If you’re wondering where the title “Angel of Light” comes from, there’s your answer (it refers to Satan). The curse has been revived, which you find out the hard way, and you’re in for a treat as your inherent curiosity will lead you to explore certain rooms that are set up adjacent to the ballroom area. These include theater dressing rooms and even underground catacombs, which will definitely throw you for a whirl. Do explore, though, despite said hypothetical scares. It’s worth it!

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The technologically advanced combination of effects with live performance make the interactive experience unique, especially compared to other Halloween-type events around town. The end result is a thrilling combination of everything that theater can offer. You don’t have to be a Broadway snob to appreciate what’s happening around you. And finally, the experience comes to a head with the actual performance by Rota in the auditorium, which might just shake you to the core. But I won’t spoil what happens here. It’s simply magical — in a dark sort of way, mind you.

The fun doesn’t stop with this 60-minute spectacle, however. As it turns out, the Angel of Light storyline here serves as a prequel to the upcoming film Hex, which is set for a 2025 release as part of an anthology from Parma Pictures. It helps that the creators behind Angel of Light launched this new experience from an original storyline, rather than piggybacking off an already successful franchise. Angel of Light and Hex are the start of what they’re calling an “unholy anthology” that focuses on a mysterious cursed character. After this experience, I can’t wait to find out more!

From ODEON and Fever, the Angel of Light experience will offer food and beverage items for guests and a special limited VIP experience kicking off Friday the 13th through Oct. 31st.


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