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Tuesday News: “Biden says he hopes there will be a ceasefire in Gaza by next Monday”; “The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason.”; “Senate GOP fears Speaker Johnson headed toward shutdown wreck”; “Biden goes full ‘Dark Brandon’ with Seth Meyers”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, February 27.

  • New Research from Antarctica Affirms The Threat of the ‘Doomsday Glacier,’ But Funding to Keep Studying it Is Running Out (“In a worst case scenario, rising global temperatures and marine heatwaves could melt enough of the Thwaites Glacier and other Antarctic ice to raise sea levels 10 feet by the early 2100s.”)
  • Producers of “Forever Chemicals” Knew They Were Toxic, Say UN Experts
  • Kremlin warns of conflict with NATO if alliance troops fight in Ukraine
  • Russian defeat in Ukraine vital for Europe – Macron
  • What’s life like for Russia’s political prisoners? Isolation, poor food and arbitrary punishment
  • NATO’s chief says the alliance has no plans to send troops to Ukraine
  • Navalny aides say the Russian opposition leader was close to being freed before his death
  • Zelensky says Trump doesn’t understand Putin because he has never fought him
  • House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a defining dilemma on Ukraine
  • Sweden will complete its ‘long farewell to neutrality’ with Nato accession
  • While the World Was Looking Elsewhere, North Korea Became a Bigger Threat
  • Hamas leader hiding in Gaza, but killing him risks hostages, officials say
  • Biden says temporary cease-fire in Gaza could come next week
  • Biden says he hopes there will be a ceasefire in Gaza by next Monday
  • Why the U.S. and Saudis Want a Two-State Solution, and Israel Doesn’t
  • Italy’s Meloni suffers setback as centre-left claims Sardinia election win
  • South Australia fast-tracks 100 pct renewables target to 2027
  • The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason.
  • Fed Rate Cuts Are Likely to Be Slow — But Not Necessarily Steady
  • Vast swaths of US will be exposed to polluted air by 2054, says report
  • Justices question Texas and Florida efforts to restrict social media companies
  • The Supreme Court Is Grappling With the Nuances of the World Wide Web
  • Brett Kavanaugh—Yes, Really—Just Stood Up For the Internet as We Know It
  • Senate GOP fears Speaker Johnson headed toward shutdown wreck
  • Scoop: GOP fears snowballing shutdown
  • Republicans who say they support IVF backed a bill protecting life ‘at conception’
  • Trump Gave Evangelicals Dobbs, but They Don’t Seem Satisfied
  • Trump’s plan to use Judge Cannon to block Judge Chutkan and avoid trial
  • Donald Trump’s con-man hustle for the Black vote is not going to work
  • Jack Smith says Trump’s handling of classified docs was far worse than Biden’s (Correct; a million times worse!)
  • Trump seeks to block Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen from testifying at NY hush money trial
  • Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg asks for gag order in Trump hush money case after dozens of threats
  • “A doomsday scenario”: Former DOJ prosecutor warns Trump could profit from classified docs trial
  • Trump Says He’s Too Rich To Post Bond In Carroll Defamation Case
  • The MAGA enemies list is growing, and so are the odds that you’re on it
  • The Back Channel Talks to Secure McConnell’s Endorsement of Trump
  • Ron DeSantis Is Still Holding Out Hope Trump Will Go to Prison and He’ll Step In to Become the Next President, Claims GOP Operative
  • Trump’s victories overshadow weaknesses in reelection bid
  • The Mystery of White Rural Rage
  • Biden goes full ‘Dark Brandon’ with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler on ‘Late Night’
  • OMG, Chesebro’s Secret Handle Was ‘BadgerPundit’
  • Exclusive: Key figure in fake electors plot concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators (“Kenneth Chesebro, the right-wing attorney who helped devise the Trump campaign’s fake electors plot in 2020, concealed a secret Twitter account from Michigan prosecutors…”)
  • The Top Muslim State Lawmaker in Michigan Wants You to Turn on Joe Biden (That makes zero sense on any level.)
  • Nikki Haley Is Defiant Ahead of Expected Loss in Michigan Primary
  • Imagine if Nikki Haley had started out this way
  • Biden and Trump will face tests in Michigan’s primaries that could inform a November rematch
  • Hannity once touted Smirnov’s bribe claims as “the biggest story of the year.” Now he’s running for cover. (Hannity is pure scum.)
  • Ex-F.B.I. Informant to Be Held in Custody Indefinitely, Judge Says
  • GOP Rep. Scott Perry Wants to Cancel Biden’s SOTU Address Over Border (Scott Perry is an insurrectionist/extremist/nutjob.)
  • You Must Read Jay Rosen On NBC’s Trump Coverage
  • I Was a Heretic at The New York Times (“I did what I was hired to do, and I paid for it.”)
  • Extremist talking points dominated scant abortion talk at CPAC
  • An Insane Missouri Law Prevents Pregnant Women From Getting Divorced—Even If They’re Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Alabama is using the notion that embryos are people to surveil and harass women
  • New York Democrats reject bipartisan congressional map for a chance to draw their own lines
  • Donald Trump Jr. receives death threat and white powder in envelope at Florida home
  • Students Walk Out Of Oklahoma High School To Protest Nex Benedict’s Death
  • The Supreme Court appeared lost in a massive case about free speech online (“The justices look likely to reinstate Texas and Florida laws that seize control of much of the internet — but not for long.”)
  • In Wake of Alabama Supreme Court Ruling, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Supports “Access to Family Building Act” to Protect Access to IVF (Spanberger: “This Ruling Sets a Dangerous Precedent”)
  • CASEY: Reps. Cline, Griffith, Good and the much-bandied ‘Biden Crime Family’ (In short: Cline, Griffith and Good are disgraces to Virginia, to America and to Congress.)
  • Rep. Cline might not get chance to present impeachment case to Senate (Cline is one of the worst Republican members of Congress, and that’s really saying something.)
  • [UPDATE: Video added] Progress VA: “Lt. Governor Winsome Sears Misgenders Senator, Offers Non-Apology Apology” (“Senator Danica Roem was gracious in the face of the Lieutenant Governor’s disrespect, but the fact is that she shouldn’t have to deal with that nonsense in her workplace”)
  • Virginia lieutenant governor misgenders Danica Roem, calls her ‘sir’
  • Va. lieutenant governor: ‘No intent to offend’ in calling transgender senator ‘sir’
  • Virginia Moves Toward Removing Tax Breaks for Confederate Heritage Group (And by “Virginia,” they mean “Virginia Democrats.” We’ll see what Youngkin does with this legislation once it hits his desk.)
  • Virginia elected officials in Washington and Richmond push IVF protections
  • In this arms race, the public loses (“If legislators can count on an easy $200,000 by taking Dominion money, or a just-as-easy $200,000 by not taking Dominion money, there’s a growing danger of small donors and small voices becoming irrelevant.”)
  • An effort to add training on Virginia’s red flag law is moving through the General Assembly
  • Virginia college sports betting proposal off the books for another year
  • Virginia lawmakers look for ways to address rising mental health challenges
  • New hub to bring ‘transportation entities in Hampton Roads into one location’
  • A Tribute to Bill Limpert: Virginia Tree Protector and Pipeline Fighter (“I’m no spring chicken but I have every intention of stopping this pipeline and outliving the fossil fuel era.”)
  • A sailor recently based in Hampton Roads charged with espionage
  • Fairfax Connector strike will enter sixth day after fruitless negotiations between union, contractor
  • More than 100 years after its founding, a former segregated school will get a historic marker
  • D.C.-area forecast: Windy and warm today with showers developing

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